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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump


  • Labour pledges £2.5bn for 'overhaul to primary care estate'

    copernicus's comment 13 Nov 2019 7:47pm

    Keepthredflag 9:32 are you a stooge?

    Personal allowance? What’s that
    Most full timers don,t get personal allowance (or CHB for the kids they never see)
    Many of us are clobbered by the marginal tax rate, and tax on pension growth to boot, and 29% of income to superannuation if you are not at the cap.

    I own a share of my premises (or more correctly have a huge second mortgage), and have reinvested tens of thousands into it over the years for a lift, roof repairs, double glazing, heating, air conditioning, and shower curtains around the couches to keep the CQC happy. New money into the NHS Estate won’t benefit me at all, but the extra tax is at least twice your estimate, at around an extra month,s take home pay.

  • DNA testing plans to 'brand' children at birth without their consent

    copernicus's comment 07 Nov 2019 3:50pm

    What a terrifying prospect. Apart from the ghoulish right wing eugenics that this conjures up, there would be no end of unintended and detrimental consequences:

    Doctor, why is my child's paternal haploid different to her sister's?

  • GPs expected to vaccinate schoolchildren as flu programme is delayed

    copernicus's comment 07 Nov 2019 3:44pm

    And what work are we going to cancel in order to fit this in?

  • This election needs proper initiatives around GP workload

    copernicus's comment 06 Nov 2019 6:46pm

    Why the Welsh proposal has no chance of being adopted:

    ambulance call out £180 (says the Independent newspaper)
    Expensive, scarce resource, limited availability
    Ambulance presence increases chance of admission £2000+
    GP home visit £0, free unlimited calls

  • How can practices fight unfunded transfer of work?

    copernicus's comment 31 Oct 2019 0:08am

    Dr G, I'm sure you are a hardworking and well-meaning chap, but sending these templates back has become pointless. I've been sending at least one a week for the past couple of years and nothing changes. Don't take my word for it, look at the figures, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

    'Get a sick note from your GP'
    'We don't have any medical input to the [chemotherapy] ward, get a prescription from your GP'
    'GP to refer to specialist'
    'GP to chase results of tests', no longer even a please, just an instruction
    'missed the appointment [that hospital cancelled] go back to your GP and get referred again'
    unhappy with the wait for appointment 'go to your GP and ask him to write to us to expedite'

    I'm sure you know all these and many more. GP is the dog of every specialist nurse, radiologist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, podaitrist, consultant, doctor-in-training, medical secretary, bus-pass-issuer, optician etc

    RCGP, BMA and all their LMC's, Federations, CCG's, locality groups, PCN's, none of you have made any difference. Don't keep telling us to send in the templates, it is the very definition of insanity to keep doing something that doesn't work

  • RCGP chair: 'It takes 17 minutes to log on to my surgery on a Monday morning'

    copernicus's comment 30 Oct 2019 0:11am

    6:55pm CensorshipDistorts (are you a Culture warship?)

    I thought that was just me
    I've had some random pop-up from NEL commissioning support unit (whatever the hell that is) rebooting my computer several times every day for the past 2 weeks. If you try to close the pop-up it eventually jams and stops you reading the bottom right corner of your screen

    The IT system NEVER works in its entirety, there's always some part down: Docman, EMIS, DXS, EPS, most often the referral forms bit making it impossible to refer anyone

    On the days when the whole system is down everything seems to run much more smoothly

  • Final stage of electronic prescriptions service to be rolled out in November

    copernicus's comment 22 Oct 2019 9:46pm

    By the way, every script is printed out by the receiving pharmacy to allow the techs to pick the meds off the shelves, and to provide a hard copy for the patient to sign so it’s not really paperless at all

  • Final stage of electronic prescriptions service to be rolled out in November

    copernicus's comment 22 Oct 2019 9:42pm

    Until we can flag an EPS script to show that it’s urgent, the pharmacy can’t pick it out from the hundreds of others they receive, so we’ll still be printing out acutes

    And what about all he times the system fails ? Server failure, router failure, spine failure...

    I’m a big fan though

  • CCG mergers ‘reduce the voice’ of practices, warns LMC

    copernicus's comment 22 Oct 2019 9:36pm

    When my local CCGs merged, I strongly argued against and said that I wanted to vote against. However, vote was one vote per practice so no individual voice. CCG instructed the few that put their hands up that they must vote yes as there was no alternative. Usual CCG tactics of token show of hands to rubber stamp a done deal. CCG board stay on long past their ‘elected’ terms. Results of votes never published (always result with no honesty about number of votes cast for or against). It’s apparently ‘better for everyone’ that those with the power hang on to it.

  • Lower GP practice ratings due to workforce and demand issues, says CQC

    copernicus's comment 15 Oct 2019 6:34pm

    Don't tell them, but no-one really gives a monkey's what the CQC says. Stop stressing about it. My best tip is to schedule your annual leave for the week that they are coming.

    If you like your GP and you like your practice what would you care what a poster in the waiting room says about the curtains?

  • Government stockpiles 400,000 adult flu vaccinations in case of no-deal Brexit

    copernicus's comment 10 Oct 2019 9:16pm

    Prof Majeed,

    How come all the practices you are speaking to are well supplied when my first delivery of quadrivalent vaccine is scheduled for 11th November, and may be delayed beyond that?

    If there is plenty of vaccine around can we have some please

  • Over 150 overseas doctors join NHS from international recruitment scheme

    copernicus's comment 10 Oct 2019 2:11pm

    10:57 oops non sequitur
    think I posted on the wrong thread
    sorry folks

  • Over 150 overseas doctors join NHS from international recruitment scheme

    copernicus's comment 10 Oct 2019 10:57am

    Lets just be honest with people. Your GP practice gets about £100 to look after you for the year, that's got to cover all your appointments, admin, phone-calls, nurse doctor other HCP appointments, and pay all the staff, heating lighting etc. You've got about 68 minutes of time available for you for the YEAR, use it wisely.

  • Professor Simon Gregory: ‘I want GPs to feel valued – that’s not universal yet’

    copernicus's comment 09 Oct 2019 5:16pm

    After 25 years in GP, every working day I still draw on experience that I gained in hospital jobs: especially womens health and paediatrics, but also management of acutely poorly old folks and the odd life-threatening emergency.
    Some registrars dont seem to have the breadth of basic skills that they need: can't inject a joint, can't chop out a seb cyst, dont seem to be able to sign repeat prescriptions, can't take blood. But more importantly don't seem to know about claiming a fee for items of service, minor injuries, locally commissioned services, or capturing disgnoses and QOF codes in the records.
    They are heading for salaried jobs, so the bottom line of the practice is of no interest to them. HEE is not teaching them or testing them on the right stuff. They aren't being taught how to be partners in a small business, because HMG has no intention of there being any in the near future, just PCNs ripe for selling off to Trump's cronies with all the usual sweeteners from the tax-payer

  • Over 150 overseas doctors join NHS from international recruitment scheme

    copernicus's comment 09 Oct 2019 4:54pm

    How much has it cost?
    If it's £150,000 then it's really delivered,
    If it's £1,500,000 then practices could have found an overseas doctor for themselves if they had been given the money directly.
    If it's anything more than that, then it's been a waste

  • The Government has been covertly capping GPs’ pensions

    copernicus's comment 04 Oct 2019 3:00pm

    Jaimie, this is in effect what is happening. Those (full-time GP) that saw the bus coming stepped out of the road and out of the scheme when they got to 50. Those that didn't are paying for their inattention.

    What you don't say is what a betrayal of trust this is. We agreed to work for 40 years and put up with the nights, the OOH, the appraisals, and all the bullying and mistreatment in return for a promise and understanding of a decent pension at the end. We're 30 years in, and the final pension has been capped from a projected £60K to £40K effectively - that's a reduction of £500,000 projected pension income for those of us that don't drop dead from burn-out.

    No wonder that we're all walking

  • Revealed: Why you are earning less than your neighbouring GP practice

    copernicus's comment 03 Oct 2019 0:20am

    It’s a pittance, whether you’re at the top or the bottom. Taxpayer is getting a very good deal!

  • GPC chair says shared patient records are increasing workloads

    copernicus's comment 30 Sep 2019 11:38am

    Daily problem.
    This morning patient came to ask for results of CT done last week by hospital team. Incidental findings of critical stenosis iliac arteries; gallstones; renal cysts, lung atelectasis, osteoporosis all need explaining and actioning
    No extra resource. 10 minutes to sort
    Hospital appointment in 3 months

  • I've learnt to put my needs ahead of patients'

    copernicus's comment 25 Sep 2019 3:06pm

    My greatest fear was realised yesterday when my child returned from school having been told by their teachers that they should apply to medical school.

    In order to do this they were advised that they must start volunteering at the local hospital, work in a nursing home, and arrange to shadow a GP at work. This is apparently a requirement for application to med schools now.

    What kind of message is this? We have selected you to work yourself to death as we’ve identified that you’re smart and have an altruistic flaw. We’re going to make you start now, working for free, while you’re already striving to get top exam grades. Get used to it now as the system is going to shaft you, and keep on shafting you.

    During a career in general practice I’ve collected more painful memories and dealt with more traumas than most soldiers would experience on the battlefield. I rarely go on a (long haul) flight without having to give medical care. When I’m out shopping or out for dinner, patients continually pester me for appointments and prescriptions

    I’m not kidding. I don’t have any colleagues who would be happy about their kids going into medicine at the moment. And yet our colleges are starting the abuse of a ‘vocation’ before the kids have even started.

    More people at the top need to start telling the truth about what is going wrong with the NHS . Well done Samir

  • Opioid prescribing in primary care on the rise in England

    copernicus's comment 19 Sep 2019 7:44pm

    perhaps more prescriptions for shorter intervals?