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  • GP at Hand receives ‘good’ rating from CQC

    copernicus's comment 24 May 2019 8:06am

    ‘The operation was successful, but the maharajah died...’

    ‘The Tiger King’
    (A satire on the pride and stubbornness of those in power). Now republished as the Matt Handcock Handbook

  • Pulse opens nominations for most influential GPs

    copernicus's comment 22 May 2019 8:20pm

    What exactly have these stars been influencing? If they are in any way responsible for the dire state of GP partnership in the U.K. then they should be sanctioned, not celebrated.

  • 15-minute appointments are the ‘future of general practice’, says RCGP

    copernicus's comment 21 May 2019 10:54am

    We have done 15 minute slots for a few years. In practice this means that I work slightly less intensely but for much longer. Morning surgery 8:30 -13:00 afternoon 14:30 -18:00. That's 7 hours of face to face, and then around 3 hours of admin. Throw in an hour of meeting at 'lunchtime' and quickly becomes a 12 hour day with 30 min downtime. That's a 60 hour week.

  • Pension tax changes 'coincide' with spike in early retirements, says minister

    copernicus's comment 20 May 2019 8:35am

    Now aged 50, having contributed 30 years to the State Pension, tell me that I have to contribute another 8. That seems to be 3 years more than everyone else in society.

    Have no hope of ever collecting a state pension, or my NHS pension for that matter. Death in chains

  • GP petition threatens RCGP resignation due to 'controversial' conference speaker

    copernicus's comment 18 May 2019 11:25am

    Will Danny Baker be handing out the gongs?

  • 200 pharmacists recruited to tackle overprescribing in care homes

    copernicus's comment 17 May 2019 7:01pm

    Wow, super-pharmacists. They are going to be busy!
    416,000 care home residents
    200 pharmacists
    2000 care home patient per pharmacist
    (except there is churn on those care home beds
    so 2500 patients per pharmacist over the year more like it)

    Our experience with similar scheme from local CCG is that pharmacist needs a lot of time with a GP to take responsibility for all the changes they make and amending the EMIS record, and then isnt around to deal with the fall-out (ie angry relatives writing complaints about elderly person being taken off statin/being put on statin/stopping vitamin D/starting vitamin D/ having to buy own moisturising cream etc).

    The associated costs of 'free' GP time are never measured. Admission avoidance is claimed, but never measured and never proven. Vitamin D tablets not resulting in many admissions so far.
    Are these anyway just the same pharmacists that PCNs will be employing and paying VAT for, just reannounced in a different way? Where are they all going to come from?

  • The pitfalls of speed dating

    copernicus's comment 15 May 2019 9:04pm

    It’s like a chimps tea party down my way, with the alpha males strutting around and refusing to share the cake, and a few Billy no mates sulking in their donuts. Vested interests, delusions of grandeur, spats and name-calling are the order of the day. The whole thing is a shambles and looks doomed to failure.
    No money coming once you do the suns, just an obligation to do extended hours. What a swizz

  • NHS should provide fitness trackers for vulnerable patients, says think tank

    copernicus's comment 13 May 2019 6:27pm

    And what of all the unnecessary consultations and anxiety generated: 'my fit bit says my heart stopped for 2 hours last night doctor' etc.

  • CCG to cut urgent care centre hours following GP at Hand deficit

    copernicus's comment 13 May 2019 6:22pm

    48 patients a week
    2500 appointments a year
    that's £106 per appointment

    that's more than capitation payment for GP to look after single patient for a year, unlimited appointments, free buffet

    no wonder they're shutting it down!

  • GPs urged to inform hospital staff of patient advance decisions

    copernicus's comment 09 May 2019 11:13pm

    And how does the GP find out that the patient is being kept in a vegetative state in the hospital? I usually find out that my patient has been in hospital about 6 weeks after they go home, when the discharge summary finally arrives with a list of jobs for me to do.

  • NHS England instructs GPs to do more hep C testing after blood scandal

    copernicus's comment 03 May 2019 10:56am

    Surely the responsibility of the organisations that administered the contaminated products. Blood banks should have records of all the people give transfusions, I certainly don’t have a way of finding them. Agree with all above, this sounds like a public health job

  • Only 9p per patient of global sum uplift is new funding

    copernicus's comment 01 May 2019 1:59pm

    I'm giving myself a 20p/patient payrise by resigning from the BMA

  • Urine test for HPV as sensitive as cervical smear testing, researchers find

    copernicus's comment 30 Apr 2019 8:18pm

    I’m old enough to remember a time when I did all my patients smear tests. We wrote to them, I chased up the occasional defaulter and we caught up with them opportunistically. I got my own results back to me within a few days, and if the result was abnormal I referred. If the smear was inadequate, my bad, and my job to follow up. Participation was high. Then came Training, numbers, chaperones, and the job Of recall was taken away from us. Since then it’s become a dogs dinner, and no one knows who is doing what. Participation has plummeted as no one has ownership. A simple procedure has developed a mythology.
    Now I spend my time trying to return phone calls to people who let their mobiles go straight to answerphone

  • GPs will be required to collect annual patient feedback under GMC plans

    copernicus's comment 30 Apr 2019 7:54pm

    Very difficult to actually register and complete this consultation. Asks questions about your name email sexuality and religion before you can comment. The questions are either ambiguous or leading, and it’s clear that the decisions are already made and that the ‘consultation’ is nothing of the kind.
    When I made negative comments about appraisal in the Umbrella consultation I was intimidated by emails from the GMC asking me if they could video my (confidential) appraisal to learn more about me. I’m expecting the same treatment for daring to question this latest assault
    It will take hours to collate, upload, reflect and make any sense of the dogs dinner of feedback that they are demanding. At least the current offering is standardised, and measurable
    Hopefully the BMA will send them another strongly worded letter...

  • The dreaded words: 'Mum, I want to be a doctor'

    copernicus's comment 29 Apr 2019 7:25pm

    He sounds like a wonderful kid. But tell him that There are easier ways to have a good quality of life, good income and emotional reward than public servitude in the NHS. I suggest dentistry, or interior design. Good luck to him whatever he does, but tell him to steer clear of GP partnership

  • How GPs went on strike to enforce a safe limit on patient contacts

    copernicus's comment 29 Apr 2019 5:39pm

    Will NHS last 4:09

    Lucky for you there are still a few ‘fools’ out there, propping up their practices so that locums like you have somewhere to work.

  • Practices should 'think twice' before signing PCN contracts, warn accountants

    copernicus's comment 26 Apr 2019 11:23am

    Usual back of a fag packet contract changes, with little if any thought to the unintended consequences.

    I’m just looking at changes to this years QOF: mental health review now costs more to do than generates in income as some points removed. Diabetes targets adjusted for frailty, but no advice on how frailty to be measured or coded...

    We will get the flawed searches and IT halfway through the year, and then the all restrospective coding and exempting will doubtless be needed.

    This PCN business though trumps all the usual ill-conceived meddling. ‘New money’ to be squandered exclusively on HR managers, dodgy IT, management consultants, solicitors (and possibly the odd pharmacist if you can find one), or just handed straight back to the government as VAT. Pariah practices nobody wants to buddy-up with, more clashes of egos than GOT, and extended hours leveraged in with no funding.

    The only thing that can save GP is a stronger letter from the BMA

  • Half a million missed measles doses in the UK is ‘incredibly concerning’, says BMA

    copernicus's comment 25 Apr 2019 6:36pm

    Schools. These are places where the children are all day.
    Pizza or cinema vouchers for parents would seal the deal

    Oh. Can’t be done for £5 a head? Who knew?

  • Treasury is ignoring doctors' concerns over pensions tax charges, says BMA

    copernicus's comment 25 Apr 2019 6:22pm


    Yes, you can leave the scheme like many of us 50 something full timers are forced to do. It takes some perseverance to get Crapita to process it. However, you do lose some death in service benefits, and if you need to retire early through I’ll health your pot won’t be made up to normal pension age. You will obviously pay a lot more income tax, and if you’re not already in the deadly 110k marginal tax rate trap, then you surely will be.

    Hopefully the BMA will do something really decisive and send the government another strongly worded letter.

  • OTC medication rationing only made a quarter of its targeted savings

    copernicus's comment 17 Apr 2019 6:22pm

    How does Seema calculate that this has ‘reduced number of GP appointments’? If anything, it has increased appts as the punters come in to find out why they can’t have their paracetamol caplets. As usual there has been no measurement of the opportunity cost