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Audoen Healy

  • Junior doctors to stage full walk-out under BMA plans for industrial action

    Audoen Healy's comment 16 Nov 2015 7:57am

    As a dentist I can tell you that there is great sympathy within my profession for the plight of the junior doctors.
    I posted the following on a dental blog this morning, and it might be of interest to your readers.
    The GMC has just demonstrated the fact that it is no longer mainly a professional regulator whose main purpose is to promote high standards and protect the public from unethical and/or incompetent doctors.
    It is now more an enforcement arm of governmental and departmental policy, paid for by the doctors themselves.
    This is something that we dentists have known about our own regulator for some time, but it is nevertheless deeply depressing to see the GMC engage is such bullying tactics, clearly under political instruction from the DH.
    Given that for all medical graduates in the UK the NHS is the only viable employer which provides any real prospect of career advancement in medicine, the GMC's statement that any doctor going on strike runs the risk of facing a FtP process for "harming patients" makes medical careers in the UK the nearest thing to indentured servitude in the modern western world.
    Recent (and not do recent) graduates with huge student debts have in reality only three choices.
    Get out of medicine, get out of the country, or work within the NHS.
    Because medicine, like dentistry, is a very specific training the graduates are not well placed to compete with other graduates for jobs in different fields.
    The GMC has stated that any doctor who goes on strike runs the risk of facing FtP if "any" patient who would be presumed to have been denied care as a consequence came to harm as a result.
    That is not logical. It is blatant bullying tactics.
    It is like charging every firefighter with manslaughter if anybody dies in a fire when they are on strike.
    It effectively makes striking illegal for all doctors, turning them into modern day slaves, whose only option is to quit a profession that they have worked extremely hard over a decade or more and paid a small fortune to enter.
    It could be equally claimed that any doctor working within the NHS is currently putting all patients at risk by working within a system that is so inadequately funded, and where the combination of long hours and poor pay so reduces their own morale as to make them less than adequately safe and effective.
    In their words, it could be considered to be unethical not to go on strike, because a short period of denial if serve could result in a far better service in the longer term.
    The GMC itself, just like the GDC, could be accused of putting patients at risk by supporting such a poorly funded service and by helping the DH to drive the morale of the relevant professions into the dirt.
    If the regulators are going to continue to act as the enforcers of the DH's bidding, then at least we should no longer be required to pay an ARF to fund our own persecutors.
    Audoen Healy

  • Alzheimer's 'may be infectious' and 'middle classes robbed of eight years' because of health inequalities

    Audoen Healy's comment 10 Sep 2015 4:32pm

    Sorry, correction, the 3000+ figure for recipients of pituitary extract should have read 1848, but this doesn't detract from the point that many non-CJD infected survivors would surely have also succumbed to Alzheimer's if it was being simultaneously transmitted and causing "infection".
    Remember, batches infected with CJD and amyloid would not necessarily have been the same.

  • Alzheimer's 'may be infectious' and 'middle classes robbed of eight years' because of health inequalities

    Audoen Healy's comment 10 Sep 2015 4:22pm

    This sensational news report could just be some people trying to detract attention from the £billions wasted on chasing the Loch Ness Prion, the "epidemic" that never was, as vCJD rates have now dropped to effectively zero.
    The much anticipated "second wave" never occurred, and there aren't even any early outlying examples to suggest an impending storm.
    So the vCJD outbreak isn't developing along the lines of the KURU epidemic, and is most likely almost completely burnt out by now.
    So this this might be just a smokescreen, put up regardless of the huge costs in money, anxiety and physical suffering that it is likely to cause.
    Bizarrely, the good prof suggests that there is no risk from blood transfusion, but that there is from dental interventions, despite the fact that the only proven iatrogenic cases of vCJD were from transfusions, and absolutely zero, in actual cases or even circumstantial evidence, from dentistry throughout the whole world, almost thirty years since the first outbreak of vCJD.
    This is just another example of the dental profession being an easy target for anybody trying to whip up a hysterical reaction.
    I think the way this evidence has been reported is grossly irresponsible and misleading.
    If only 77 of the 3000+ persons who were given pituitary extract contracted acquired CJD, and Alzheimer's can be acquired by the same route of transmission, then surely we would have a very high proportion of the other 3000 or so who didn't get CJD going down early in life with Alzheimer's?
    But he has produced no such evidence, which would be pitifully simple to glean epidemiologically, do I can only assume it doesn't exist.
    The fact that ameloid plaques turned up in the same brain samples from CJD victims could be explained by the fact that ameloids were transfused in high concentrations at the same time.
    Such proteins would almost certainly also be present in small concentrations in blood, but don't represent a risk to the recipient.
    But in these cases it was possibly the CJD itself that predisposed to their development subsequently in native plaques.
    I suspect that this hysterical hypothesising will be roundly condemned and refuted in coming days and weeks, but like in the Andrew Wakefield MMR scandal, the damage will already have been done and the legacy will cause major problems for many clinicians and their patients for decades to come.
    Audoen Healy

  • Sod off CQC – you clipboard-wielding Nazis

    Audoen Healy's comment 30 May 2013 7:27am

    We dentists have had the pleasure of the attentions of these clipboard wielding Nazi quankers for the last three years now, with an annual fee of £800 as opposed to the £550 payable by a comparably small general medical practice.
    To get a taste of pir affections for the CQC, you must see the following;
    No explanation has been received as to why it is so much more costly to "police" a dental practice, other than that we are a soft target.