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James Weems

  • Why I hate the Pulse Power 50

    James Weems's comment 31 Aug 2019 11:36am

    Great piece Pete. In agreement.
    Influential certainly. It seems odd that you can tweet incessantly (and respond contemporaneously to the first 30 responses) about your ‘good GP deeds’ (or whatever) and this can land you a place in the top 50.
    I’m not sure I’d have time.
    Too busy going the day job. You know, seeing patients?

  • GP referrals being knocked back by referral management system

    James Weems's comment 27 Aug 2019 5:14pm

    At the end of the day, when some non clinical Scrooge blocks my referral for a patient with clinical need, it can be their responsibility to instruct the patient of such a decision, and at the same time, take on all the clinical responsibilities that I carry with me all the time.

  • GPs should not prescribe antibiotics for impetigo, says NICE

    James Weems's comment 27 Aug 2019 4:55pm

    I shall continue with what I did before, thanks.

  • CCG's plans for PCN deputy clinical directors set to exacerbate workload

    James Weems's comment 08 Jul 2019 4:22pm

    Wow. More layers please.

  • Superpractices looking to take leadership roles on GP networks across England

    James Weems's comment 13 Apr 2019 7:51am

    Agree, nothing I’ve seen so far looks at improving continuity which we know actually keeps patients away from secondary care. It’s just a vehicle for funding new staff in primary care that will work across networks. Cheaper alternatives toGPs which no one can get for love nor money.

  • Networks will be great! (As long as you don't like seeing patients)

    James Weems's comment 10 Apr 2019 5:32pm

    Yep. That sounds about Right!

  • Networks 'should include' pharmacies, optometrists and dental providers

    James Weems's comment 01 Apr 2019 3:21pm

    Do these folks get the payment for participation too then? I dont really fully understand. Optometrists. Do they have lists? How will they contribute? The PCNs go live very shortly. We haven’t had any representatives from these professions in our meetings as yet. Why weren’t we told about this a ‘long’ time ago? How can we plan properly when we just get drip Fed Info?
    So many questions.

  • Welsh practices set for £2.88 per patient cut to global sum

    James Weems's comment 30 Mar 2019 8:29am

    Surely they have cut more than it would have ordinarily cost to fund the indemnity!? What a joke. A complete joke.

  • Primary care networks will not have to be led by GPs, says NHS England

    James Weems's comment 17 Mar 2019 9:02pm

    Still can’t quite find the evidence to suggest these networks will actually work (for the patient and clinician, no one else).

  • CCGs halving targets of 'extremely disappointing' international GP scheme

    James Weems's comment 17 Feb 2019 7:29am

    Im 35 this month. I became a GP partner 6 months ago. Things that would make me stay.

    1. Contract - just pay for what you get. All you can eat buffet doesn’t work on 150 quid a year. Ship messsing around with various funding streams.
    2. Bolster community care - don’t just say it, actually do it. Provide the funding for a proper community care team with the money to pay the staff on a recurrent basis.
    3. Scrap CQC.
    4. Scrap revalidation.
    5. Make appraisal more light touch. (MUCH more).
    6. Sort pensions. It’s crazy that some GPs even as young as I am are looking at restricting work as doing the extra simply doesn’t pay after all the tax and tax on extra pension contributions. It’s a no brainer. This may help retain some more experienced doctors too.
    7. Stop reorganising.
    8. ‘Rebrand’ as primary cate consultants on a par as specialists with our secondary care colleagues.
    9. Promote general practice in universities and foundation schemes by making primary care the place to be, ending the intolerable derision we seem to get from colleagues in the hospitals and universities.
    10. Offer protection for the ‘last man standing’ situation that can occur in practices where a max exodus of GPs can leave one GP dealing with all the financial handles at the end. We have to make the partnership role the pinnacle of our profession again. It’s time and time again the view that this role offers the best bang for buck in terms of efficient care in the NHS.

  • GPs asked to prescribe drugs and chase test results for secondary care inpatients

    James Weems's comment 17 Feb 2019 6:57am

    The BMA provide template letters for all use kind of issues. The change in the hospital contract means that these tests results and follow ups and onward referral or discharge letters should be dealt with by the hospital, contractually. It’s not our job. I’ve been sending these letters for two years now. They go to the CCG and to the LMC. Admittedly the requests still come and I’ve not heard of any action being taken.

  • Matt Hancock’s vision for IT is the worst idea I’ve heard in a long time

    James Weems's comment 20 Jan 2019 0:07am

    Upgrade what we have. What we have works. It’ll be a waste of money to overhaul. But maybe that’s the point? He wants to overhaul to ‘waste’ money in a certain direction? Just a thought. Won’t hekp health and social care to constantly overhaul. Please. Let’s not overhaul again.

  • Hancock in discussions with Treasury about changing GP pension tax rules

    James Weems's comment 11 Jan 2019 12:09pm

    St least he’s Sukh something and showing signs of listening. More than what the other chap did.

  • GPs to be offered 'shared savings' from cutting A&E attendance

    James Weems's comment 08 Jan 2019 11:57am

    Actually GPs are not the primary reason for people rocking up at A&E.

  • GPs should review stable prostate cancer patients every six months, suggests NICE

    James Weems's comment 19 Dec 2018 10:24am

    Fund it or fling it

  • New measures against fake medicines set to hit workload, warn GP leaders

    James Weems's comment 19 Dec 2018 10:23am

    Oh goody

  • NHS England should stop blaming GPs for its failings

    James Weems's comment 21 Nov 2018 9:53pm

    On the money nick

  • GP leaders to vote on new workload limit of 1,500 patients per GP

    James Weems's comment 06 Nov 2018 3:02pm

    So this would in effect cap your earning potential too then? Some practices can cope with 2k per GP as they employ the right staff to help them.
    Indiscriminately applying this would mean a hit on income and therefore make the job look less attractive yet again. Properly funded general practice that’s well supported and rumunerated is all that we ask. Support the ‘bedrock’ of the NHS as Hancock puts it. This is cutting your nose off to spite your face in my opinion.

  • Our generals need to put on their helmets and join us at the front

    James Weems's comment 28 Oct 2018 7:57am

    Absolutely spot on Alan. As usual you capture the feeling amongst hard working front line general practice. I am too completely bemused by the crowd that head straight into leadership training rules before their feet are under the table doing the job that they trained for so many years for! I am not against any fledgling practitioners feeling they may eventually have a flare for leadership but I really do feel they need to work their way up, learning the systems in place in their locality, getting involved in the commissioning groups, what happens in their LMCs, and now more recently, their local cluster meetings or GP alliances. They should be, primarily, doing the job and appreciating the work that needs to be done at the front line.
    I work 8 clinical sessions. In 2019 I will be 7 years post CCT. A few years back I started to get involved with the CCG and then the local cluster as the organisation of the way work behind the scenes is done. Clinical engagement is absolutely vital. The complaints often from CCGs is that they find it hard to get any meaningful engagement from their frontline GPs. This is generally because they are knackered with the 12 hour days. I now find myself with engaging in the monthly cluster meetings and helping with the so called ‘provider’ side (as it once was) and gradually learning, persuading management and trying to learn how to fuse appropriate clinical leadership with my day job, not fitting the day job in around my leadership responsibilities.
    First 5 should cocentrate purely on clinical and the day job. I feel my experiences in the first 6 years of full on 8 session partnership mean I am better prepared for standing up for GPs locally. Why would any GP put their supper and trust in a wet behind the ear first 5? No offense. You just really need to knuckle down and do the job. If you want leadership, learn it the long way. It will work out for you in the future. You will be respected and valued by your local ‘whatever management organisation exists’.
    Thanks for continuing to stick up for general practice Alan. It’s not hot air. It’s proper action.

  • No partnership ‘myth buster’ can escape the truth about funding

    James Weems's comment 28 Oct 2018 7:36am

    I woof exactly say it’s gullable to go into GP. There’s far too much work to be done, there will always be the majority of doctoring being done in this country in primary care. We may not be valued as much by politicians but we are valued by the general public (the majority). We need to just adapt what we do to meet the demands of integrated working as that’s filfillig the zeitgeist. It’ll change again soon.