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A faulty production line

Mayur Lakhani

  • Ten challenging patients (and how to tackle them)

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 09 May 2016 5:00pm

    excellent advice and very useful for training

  • How the GP Forward View has split opinion

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 21 Apr 2016 8:36am

    Disappointed to see the knee jerk reactions.

    I am more generous. I have now looked at this in detail. I believe it is significant progress. It is time for GPs to embrace this new funding and make the most of it. As Pulse has said there is tribalism in general practice.

    In my view disunity is a major barrier to progress. At the end of the day, it is about choices. Complaining and cynicism are not a strategy!

    Please keep an open mind.

  • General practice set for 14% increase in funding as NHS details support package

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 21 Apr 2016 8:28am

    I can understand the cynicism expressed by above commentators of yet another central announcement, HOWEVER, I would urge everyone to keep an open mind and look at the details. I genuinely believe this is a extremely positive development representing a shift in how general practice is perceived and valued. The majority of initiatives are what the profession has been asking for.

    The increase in core NHS funding for general practice is a historic achievement - specific result of the RCGP campaign. It is now time for local GP leaders to get together quickly and plan how best to utilise these new benefits.

  • It’s time to play the DH at its own game

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 21 Sep 2015 9:34am

    Zoe Norris has done us a great favour by shining alight on this issue. The current system does not serve anyone well - patients, GPs or consultants and contributes to fragmentation of care. We are under enormous pressure in primary care but also need to be aware of pressures faced by our colleagues in secondary, community, mental health and social services who also face major workforce, support and financial challenges. There are no easy solutions, and this is a serious issue that deserves greater attention. A constructive and innovative approach is essential to sort out these ‘wicked’ interface issues so that patients get the care and follow up that they undoubtedly need.

  • GPs told to inform patients of suspected cancer... or hospital administrators will do it for them

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 25 Aug 2015 2:45pm

    Paul Roblin makes a very helpful suggestion, such an approach works well in my experience. Also there are useful leaflets that are available in each area:

    I also find the macmillan toolkit useful

  • GP surgeries build up network to support end-of-life care

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 29 Jul 2015 5:13pm

    Great leadership from practices, well done for an innovative scheme

  • 'I am ready to lead and champion general practice'

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 28 Apr 2015 2:14pm

    I would urge all members to vote in the RCGP elections for president and council which commence on May 5th.
    please feel free to contact me to discuss issues that matter to you or @Doctormayur or for more information visit, click

  • CCGs tell patients to question their GPs

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 17 Dec 2014 8:49am

    Hello everyone, I am very pleased to explain the background. This is the result of a mortality reviewed carried out in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. This showed serious endemic cultural issues especially across interfaces. For example patients where were at the end of life may not have been identified as such. Or patients with serious illness may not have been aware of the implications.

    These cards are meant to be used in all settings including hospitals, and not just for GPs - in the context of a serious diagnosis being made e.g. dementia, or MND or cancer.

    They are part of a Shared decision making initiative which as the Health Foundation shows has an evidence base for it.

    As a practising GP (in surgery now!) please be assured I am fully aware of the time pressures, these questions do not need to be dealt with in one sitting but support GPs to break bad news.

    I do hope people will accept and look at the research around this, In the long term this sort of initiative improves the d-p relationship and helps to achieve higher standards of modern medical practice. Engagement with patients which general practice is excellent and is the key to the cultural change needed in all parts of our health and care system.

    From my experience, this is exactly the sort of information that health care professionals might want to know/ask ((and do ask) if they were diagnosed with a serious illness.

  • If your neighbouring practice is in crisis, watch out

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 08 Aug 2014 1:56pm

    excellent and perceptive article, Well done

  • 24 hours in general practice: the day in full

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 02 Apr 2014 10:02am

    Brilliant portrait of general practice. It shows the breadth and depth of the contributions made by GPs, day in day out, in so many ways to support the NHS, from delivering clinical care, to leadership, extended access and being advocates for their patients and communities. Working well beyond 'core'. The NHS would collapse without this dedication from GPs and practices

  • Forget the spin - here’s what we know about the out-of-hours plan so far

    Mayur Lakhani's comment 29 May 2013 12:14pm

    Excellent and helpful, best analysis to date that I have come across