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A faulty production line


  • NHS 111 still 'directing patients with potential coronavirus to consult their GP'

    KTMrider's comment 13 Feb 2020 6:12pm

    111 born of NHS Dire, the devils spawn.
    111 will say they are not directing the patients to GP practices it is the other, counterfeit, 111 that is responsible.
    CQC needs to look closely at the fit for purpose aspect of 111. It's not.

  • LMC agrees fee with CCG to pay practices £90 per hour for safeguarding reports

    KTMrider's comment 05 Dec 2019 5:12pm

    Currently getting nothing, so quit wingeing.
    This is a duty which needs to be done and done well.
    And now we will enter into a bidding war - they get £90, you are offering this or that or the other. I want that and I want more.
    One of the reasons GP is in such a mess is that GP's are always shouting about £££'s if you wanted to be rich become a barrister and get your £1200/hr
    It is the NHS, N for national, the problem now is that it has become a LHS, L for local - divide and rule wins every time, now we will be seen a squabbling, once again about £'s

  • We need to be more positive about general practice, says new RCGP chair

    KTMrider's comment 28 Aug 2019 10:03pm

    This diatribe says it all, we are skrewed.
    If this is a cross section of opinion about the (ill) health of primary care then we might as well retire en mass, and perhaps that is what is needed.
    Currently the State pays primary care to provide whatever it, the State, asks for and primary care one way or another does what the State asks. To say "no" results in complaints and little or no support from CCG's PCN's or anyone else.
    Time to say "no" to the State. The RCGP is of course the State's lapdog, a useless fat pug that needs to be sent on a short walk or be carried to the vets for a wee injection. (there will be a charge for euthanasia of a pet)
    Mass resignations and do not encourage the young to sacrifice their talent on a doomed venture, how gloomy is that.

  • Merging practices into larger centres could increase A&E visits, finds study

    KTMrider's comment 09 Feb 2019 1:08pm

    Northwestdoc:- People are not lazy they are just frustrated and disillusioned with what many GP's consider a service but is in fact anything but.
    See them(GP patients) in A+E, use the facilities, X ray, bloods etc sort them out at a one stop shop not multiple (almost impossible to get) GP and nurse appointments with multiple locums/ANP's/PAM's this is the 21st century, Dr Finlay died yrs ago.
    Primary (sometimes) care(s) is moribund if not actually dead in the UK.

  • Pulse 2018 review: The growing attraction of early retirement

    KTMrider's comment 07 Jan 2019 5:08pm

    KTM990 great but not cheap to run, Suzuki Gixer 750 ace track weapon, Enfield Bullet for fun and laughter (from others) and a run back to it's manufacturing site. Life's a bike ride it.

  • GPs 'will need to keep own indemnity subscriptions' despite state scheme

    KTMrider's comment 18 Sep 2018 8:58pm

    If I am not paying £9000+ indemnity a year I am not getting tax relief on that figure so I presume that I will pay my top rate of tax on whatever is the difference between the old rate and the new.
    If as suggested the new rate to cover legal advice etc is say £1000 then HMG will get 40% of my £8000 "saving", so I'm about £4000 better off - not bad? and HMG funds my new indemnity from my tax (bulk purchase deals) so really I'm still paying!
    Is that about right?

  • Majority of GPs intend to retire before the age of 60

    KTMrider's comment 16 Aug 2018 7:44pm

    Age 63 next month and still at work, only not in practice.
    Practice was not a sustainable option left 4yrs ago after 27yrs of partnership and a two year period as a salaried GP in the same practice.
    No regrets only some guilt about leaving my patients who I really did like and who I still see and chat to non professionally on occasions.
    You get only one life, as far as I know, there is no point in being unhappy so if work is not a rewarding experience then find something that is.
    Message to HMG - make our job rewarding, not just in £'s, and we will stay, keep making it sh1t and you have only yourselves to blame.

  • Government urges 25m holidaymakers to ‘contact their GP’ about medicines

    KTMrider's comment 13 Jun 2018 11:15pm

    What a great way to stop prescribing tramadol (or other useless medication which helps you get high) - Holiday or tramadol - you choose.
    Then-If you can go on holiday for two weeks without your tramadol you can manage the rest of your life without it!
    Is this the real meaning?

  • GP workforce shrunk over the past year in major blow to 5,000 target

    KTMrider's comment 25 Jan 2017 1:02pm

    The job is shit- why do it?
    The job is a blight on my life - why do it?
    These two statements say it all and nobody is listening. As a patient I want to be treated by a doctor that actually wants to come to work.
    If there are registered doctors prepared to publicly state that they effectively hate what they are doing the NHS is in much deeper trouble than any of us know.
    I resigned from my practice 3 years ago, it was the best move ever.
    I still work in the NHS but I do a job I want to do and hours that are fixed. For me more hours = more pay but I only work these additional hours if I want to not because I am forced to. It's time to call a halt to the bullying and denigration, resign and see what happens - people will always need a doctor it just might not be a NHS doctor.

  • This is it. From now on, I choose life

    KTMrider's comment 22 May 2016 9:22am

    Do not doubt it, you have done the right thing by yourself and to your partners and patients. Many of us keep turning up at the practice at the start of the week, is there actually an end, because, just because. Many of us used to want/love/need to be at our practice to feel complete but when the want/love/need goes or has gone it's time to leave.
    I left my the practice after 27yrs but it took a prolonged period of leave, doing something completely different to open my eyes and make me realise that I had reached the end of my time at the practice but not in medicine.

  • 'Striking is just something doctors should not do'

    KTMrider's comment 20 Jan 2016 9:29pm

    I fully support the Juniors
    Since leaving my partnership and working as a GP in A+E I have met many "junior" colleagues I have been helped, supported, educated and amazed by how hard these young doctors work.
    We, more senior in years, need to respect the next generation, they will, after all, be looking after us when we need them.