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Independents' Day

John Taylor

  • Are there too many posh doctors?

    John Taylor's comment 05 Dec 2019 2:53am

    Angus Podgorny -no doubt you worship at the temple of Corbyn-a politician wishing to overthrow the establishment but with a total lack of economic intelligence

  • I'm a German GP and I'm having to review my circumstances

    John Taylor's comment 29 Sep 2019 12:59pm

    It perplexes me why after working in the UK for 25 years you didn't apply for British citizenship. I have two friends with similar stories who similarly to you feel very bitter about the bureaucracy. I'm afraid as you are an EU citizen you simply have to swallow this process and accept it. It is entirely necessary as we are leaving the EU.

  • GMC criticised for quinoa consumption

    John Taylor's comment 01 Nov 2018 9:01pm

    The doctors in the GMC are a bunch of self appointed reactionary tossers who love nothing better than to sit tn judgement over the misdeeds of their peers .When did they last do a
    hard days work at the coal face?

  • 'Inadequate' GP practice avoids CQC deregistration by appealing to tribunal

    John Taylor's comment 15 Oct 2018 1:35pm

    This story is indicative of the inherent prejudice that useless organizations like the CQC have against single handed practices . Single handers are often much beloved of patients -you always see the same GP!

  • Child mental health services ‘not fit for purpose’, says top psychiatrist

    John Taylor's comment 26 Sep 2018 11:16am

    What happened to the phrase "parity of importance between mental and physical illness" bandied around by politicians several years ago-never happened-
    and in the meantime social media, academic pressures and austerity have conspired to create a perfect storm for our children and adolescents.

  • A no-deal Brexit threatens the very existence of the NHS

    John Taylor's comment 31 Aug 2018 11:17pm

    such a lot of shroud waving bullshit. Brexit will not affect medical recruitment -we will be free to decide who we want in our country based on the skills they have to offer.

  • Enough already with the natriuretic peptides

    John Taylor's comment 20 Aug 2018 10:09pm

    My sympathies Anonymous Doctor-did you immediately refer her to Euthanasia Outpatients ? If only....

  • This partnership is on the rocks

    John Taylor's comment 07 Aug 2018 7:19pm

    The time is ripe for change -the partnership model is well and truly broke for many practices . As a free wheeling locum Ive seen all sorts and the most agreeable practices are the low demand small population practices. Everything else is impossible at least as regards being in partnership . Huge high demand inner city practices are best serviced by salaried doctors with no responsibility for management., Forget the romantic notions of health promotion ,strategic planning -leave that to others and get back to the core of general practice -the patients. Even better become a locum when you can get high satisfaction by being totally focussed on the patient and then at the end pushing off with a clear conscience.

  • GPs able to offer additional 200 appointments after stopping home visits

    John Taylor's comment 11 Jul 2017 5:54pm

    For the time it takes to visit an isolated patient in rural Suffolk one could see 3 or 4 patients in surgery . There must be a better way even for the Billy no mates /no car / no money type patient such as a patient participation group volunteer taxi service.Reserve home visits for palliative/terminal care .

  • We must be forced to care for ourselves

    John Taylor's comment 03 Apr 2017 11:49am

    Someone (one of her senior colleagues) should have spotted that she was struggling to cope. There is conscientiousness in ones work and then there is obsessive pathological conscientiousness which is ultimately
    self destructive. Where were her mentors?

  • The most pointless consultation I'll ever have

    John Taylor's comment 30 Jan 2017 1:51pm

    Brave man Copperfield using irony on the entitled thick who sadly are becoming more widespread.

  • Smashing the ten-minute tyranny

    John Taylor's comment 28 Sep 2016 6:13pm

    Your anxiety(last contributor)about where the doctors to staff these hubs will come from-dont forget that there is a substantial body of locum doctors (having left their practices, hit the road and become "a gun for hire")who will be attracted by the generous fees on offer not to mention those other doctors who work permanently in OOH.So fear not -it works well in my neck of the woods - Suffolk and is known as GP+.

  • 15-minute appointment? No, but here's what I can do

    John Taylor's comment 03 Sep 2016 6:21pm

    After these apopleptic responses, pause for a moment -imagine a leisurely 15 min appt in which you can treat your patient like a human being and not as a packet of sausages on a conveyor belt. You have time to arrange investigations ,dictate referral letters and pat little Johny on the head like a real old fashioned GP all within the 15 minutes .The only draw back is that you spend an extra on average 75 minutes in surgery .I have tried it as a locum and absolutely love it -you have to put in the extra time but feel less exhausted by the end of the morning .Go try you endless cynics and naysayers!

  • Oh great, another brilliant but completely unworkable idea

    John Taylor's comment 03 Sep 2016 6:08pm

    No politician is ever going to bring in payments for GP appointments or home visits as it is an automatic vote loser and the sacred cow of free at the point of use would be killed. However when we are now virtually run as a one party state, Labour being in hopeless meltdown, why not give it a go!!

  • Ms May can stop the strikes, but only if she wants to

    John Taylor's comment 03 Sep 2016 5:58pm

    I totally disagree with the sentiments of this article and all following contributors . This strike is in the main only about money not by high minded principles of patient care as the increasingly militant Junior Doctors Committee would have us believe.The BMA negotiators agreed a perfectly reasonable deal with the government which it recommended to its members only to have it thrown out by the JDC. The JDC are totally against balloting all the juniors as they know there ISNT support for these totally disproportionate set of rolling strikes. They are asking the juniors to give up a quarter of their pay by taking part in these strikes whilst the organizers of strikes at a local level can claim £250 a day in expenses including first class travel and hotel accomodation from its union the BMA. There is a strong left wing bias including political activists Momentum and Corbynistas within the JDC. The JDC does NOT represent the views of the vast majority of juniors and brings the medical profession into disrepute by playing politics over this issue.

  • We should be treating the societal, not biological cause of ADHD

    John Taylor's comment 14 Jul 2016 11:56pm

    Despite your erudition, Des you are obsessed about the evils of "Big Pharma" your bete noir during your time as a BMJ columnist. Drugs work brilliantly in ADHD -ask the relatives and so called Big Pharma is dont forget the jewel in the crown of British Industry.

  • Our social care system needs to change

    John Taylor's comment 11 Jul 2016 5:13pm

    Highly noble sentiments from an enthusiatic idealist -how I started out 40 years ago. The reality is that social work is becoming a less attractive profession largely because they end up being excoriated in the media and professionally when things go wrong.
    Keep up your idealism but remember we are not social engineers.

  • Referendum fallout

    John Taylor's comment 10 Jul 2016 8:31pm

    David Turner -Im afraid you have totally missed the point about why a majority voted to leave and it has nothing to do with excluding Eastern European care workers which you seem to suggest . They do an invaluable job and are welcome here now and in the future . The point is we will be able to control and be selective about the numbers . Im afraid like many of you from the metropolitan chattering classes are simply bad losers!

  • ‘I want to reduce the burden on GPs’

    John Taylor's comment 19 Oct 2015 6:19pm

    Dear Professor or should I say Witchfinder General of General Practice,
    Thanks for wasting our time in pointless bureaucratic exercises . Thanks for reducing morale to an all time low and for those unfortunate practices judged inadequate (witches) thanks for watching them burn at the stake. We dont need you -the vast majority of practices self regulate .

  • ‘I want to reduce the burden on GPs’

    John Taylor's comment 19 Oct 2015 6:10pm

    Dear Witchfinder General of General Practice,
    Thanks for reducing morale to an all time low.