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George Murgatroyd

George Murgatroyd

Dr George Murgatroyd is the head of commissioning and primary care intelligence at Dr Foster, a leading health informatics organisation. Prior to joining Dr Foster, George worked in the political, educational and charitable sectors, as well as for the NHS and the General Medical Council. He founded the Evidence and Ideas Lab at AMBA, where he was Associate Editor of the Business Leadership Review. His Ph.D is from Lancaster University in the UK. His healthcare and educational research has been widely published, and presented globally. He is on twitter @gbmurg

  • NHS to stop publishing practice list sizes

    George Murgatroyd's comment 14 Apr 2016 9:48am

    This information is really pivotal to being able to provide robust analysis on patient demographics, profiles and outcomes. I'm sure the consultation will flesh this out. It'd be good to understand the rationale for this: reducing costs, or some other reason.

  • Practices with poor ratings and referral rates to be prioritised for £10m fund

    George Murgatroyd's comment 09 Dec 2015 9:45am

    I would be interested to see the methodology proposed to assess referral rates. Often these are simply crude rates per 1,000 and are not risk adjusted in a robust way to take account of population and demographic variances.

  • It’s time to hand over the keys to the GP record

    George Murgatroyd's comment 23 Oct 2015 1:36pm

    The two extremes here are not to share data, protect confidentiality but potentially risk harm, OR share data, protect against harm but potentially risk confidentiality. Finding the right balance is a very important debate, and it is good to hear Jonathan's pragmatic addition to this discussion.

  • CQC could use information for intelligent monitoring

    George Murgatroyd's comment 07 Mar 2015 9:58am

    Surely is one of the few datasets that could usefully be used to compare and benchmark nationally performance at individual GP and surgery level? It is currently nigh on impossible to understand in a meaningful way if patients are receiving better quality of care at one practice than another. Any metrics developed of course need to be developed in collaboration with clinicians.

  • Patients give thumbs up to GP Skype pilot

    George Murgatroyd's comment 10 Feb 2015 11:11am

    Just because certain patients aren't used to using Skype (or other systems) for consultation doesn't mean we should therefore wait until they are: if we passively wait for the majority, this will develop ever so slowly. Pilots such as these consistently show that those who have not generally engaged with technology pick it up very quickly, regardless of age or demographic, and indeed why shouldn't they.

    This sort of initiative also offers significant advantages for patients in developing countries, where 3G and smartphones are common, but qualified clinicians are not.

    As wearable tech and initiatives like Apple's Health app evolve, clinicians are likely to be able to see patients' heart rates, temperatures, etc remotely.

  • Pulse named 'magazine of the year'

    George Murgatroyd's comment 09 Dec 2014 9:56am

    Well done to all at Pulse. Consistently a great publication/website.

  • Children drafted in to fill gaps on CQC inspection teams

    George Murgatroyd's comment 11 Jun 2014 4:18pm

    Yes, to add to Inge's comments, the initiative in Cumbria CCG to provide a Pathfinder Project that encourages children and young people to give feedback about the various healthcare services they have experienced in Cumbria is a case in point. See