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Dr Navin Thakrar

  • New shielding advice was 'not rushed', claims Hancock in response to Pulse

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 06 Jun 2020 12:56pm

    This Government since the beginning of crisis has been utterly confused and got more confused with knee jerk reactions without having thoughtful and practical advice from Doctors, on Covid19 issues.
    They were unprepared yet thought they were, never bothered to see what was happening in S Korea, Germany or Iceland.
    PPE supplies never reached doctors and nurses - in fact PPE supplies were being exported to other countries.
    Shielding advice has been a disaster with confusion.
    Excel facilities with 4000 beds used by just a few and chasing key supplies which never existed.
    Blunders with supplies from Turkey and the saga goes on.
    In summary they try to defend the indefensible , never apologized when timely apology was needed and the ego virus ‘ We know it all’ has thoroughly infected the Govt hierarchy to its root.
    After the horse got bolted they want to isolate visitors to UK 3 months after crisis when Europe is opening up to visitors .
    The last nail in the Govt’s coffin was to announce use of masks by hospitals and public 3 months after the crisis.
    Govt in utter shambles and after 40000 deaths ( expected t on be more then 50000+ ) has been dishonest to public at large. Yes deaths are always expected but support less nursing homes suffered the most. What a deadly time we all passed through
    Editor of pulse need to be congratulated for his. stance in regularly reporting failures created by this Govt

  • I’ve learned the hard way to live without patient ‘satisfaction’

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 17 Apr 2018 10:25pm

    Hi Doc
    Relax and go on doing your job without worrying about complaints.These are commen scenarios we see day in and day out.You acted as a responsible clinician and said what you said.I tend to see such patients at the end of surgery so other pts are not delayed.
    I had a recent experience when one of the patient - a solicitor- walked expecting to be seen for CD drugs for her backache as she was going away. We had no appts and a letter came from NHSE to me re her complaint.
    Having gone through her records I found she had threatened every dr that she would complaint to GMC if she was not given her drugs when she demanded them.I responded to NHSE and mentioned her
    threats to all drs in the past and to us. NHSE supported us. Now I am thinking of writing a complaint against her about her behaviour towards us.
    Shall I write to the law society?Hope NHSE supports us.
    In summary relax, enjoy your locum work and without worrying about who comes through the door next....

  • GP ‘recommendation prescriptions’ could save NHS ‘millions’, say pharma leads

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 16 Apr 2018 9:56pm

    I think there is no harm in advising patients to buy OTC and in the future they would know they needn’t see GP for minor problems. About who wants to pay or their eligibility is a different issues altogether. Education to pts is very important.
    Hence we see Skype consultations in NHS to reduce burden on GPs. What’s the fuss about?

  • CQC: 43% of online prescribing providers 'unsafe'

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 23 Mar 2018 10:37am

    With these comments from CQC are these ' guilty providers 'being shutdown ?
    If GPs had behaved in a similar way they could have been ' shut down ' by CQC & possibly reported to NHSE or GMC.

  • NHS England pilot area found front-door A&E GPs 'did not work'

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 20 Dec 2017 3:49pm

    All over the years successive Givernments have put additional moneys & resources into NHS where they are not needed. They have failed to take advice from GPs, failed to involve GPs and appointed managers with no experience as to how new projecs in primary care work out. Hence the outcomes are already predicted to be doomed failures.

  • GPs encouraged to send personal reminders for bowel cancer screening

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 09 Jun 2017 6:25pm

    I find strange that some of the doctors are taking on work
    without due diligence. This is a public health issue - not
    a contractual issue. At least take advice from your LMC
    before trying to become a Good Samaritan . LMC would
    negotiate appropriate funding for the services rendered.
    On one hand we are unable to cope with pressures of
    General Practice and on the other hand you are showing
    you have time to do FOC - Public health issues- not our remit
    Any comments?
    We are currently in negotiation for appropriate fees for bowel cancer issues . Remember we are not charities

  • Just three patients attend GP practice's Easter Saturday morning surgery

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 08 Apr 2015 4:00pm

    Hi Andrew
    It is £ 205 per hour and calls are redirected to practice
    From locality GPs list as well via 111 and UCC.
    It is getting busier and works very well.Gps take turn to do each weekend.No acute emergencies are sent to us but redirected to Hosp .
    It is not worth working on a weekend if anything less is paid.

  • Jeremy Hunt promises Tories will pay 'whatever is needed' for the NHS

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 08 Apr 2015 2:31pm

    Jeremy would say so wouldn't he?
    He has caught election fever and and post election they get amnesia . So why have they not funded Primary Care for the past 5 years? And now wish to fund it after elections . Broken promises time & again as mentioned by 100 Lead Doctors

  • Just three patients attend GP practice's Easter Saturday morning surgery

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 08 Apr 2015 2:23pm

    I am surprised at many comments that doctors are overpaid for work they did during Easter break.
    It is voluntary and to be paid £ 200 + per hour is not at all unreasonable.
    Considering doctors time, weekend rates for receptionists, cost of utilities, insurance, travel , locum fees and tax of 40% the Remaing income net income is probably less then £ 100 an hour asubstantial discount to patient being seen at A& E and waiting for 4 hours to be seen. GP colleagues - we need to wake up to a new dawn
    This and subsequent Governments have never seen the practicality of funding GP practices adequately and GPC & RCGP have failed to persuade the NHSE & the Government to do so.
    These ' election ' money's would soon dry up.

  • Practices given six-month extension to complete 'time-consuming' workforce survey

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 07 Apr 2015 1:43pm

    The whole issue is couched around post election time.
    Things may change and it is best not to rush into submission of any data until the very end.

  • Face-to-face triage has saved us three hours of appointment time a day

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 01 Apr 2015 10:18pm

    I feel this practice has innovative ideas as to how to deal with extra demands which are non urgent but clogging the system affecting daily time management.
    I have done tel triage every Thursday for Friday appointments and to my surprise my following day's booked appointments have been reduced by 40%. This in turn has given me 40 % slots for Friday and t can manage my time efficiently.In this new NHS with increasing demands and decreasing resources we need to use all means to reduce pressures and get along with life.

  • Practice publishes note to patients explaining why GPs are demoralised

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 31 Mar 2015 9:37am

    Dr Aitken. Well done. Freedom of speech used appropriately taking into consideration the present crisis in NHS. Patient ought to know our difficulties which affect their appointments.
    Why fear over litigation when patients are informed about the current state of affairs in NHS and the underfunding affecting their welfare & wellbeing.

  • Practices must provide hard copies of GP earnings information

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 24 Mar 2015 3:23pm

    BMA/GPC have lost their influence and teeth for the past 10 years or so. I cannot believe why on earth we have to publicize our financial information to public at large.What would the public get out of it. This is an electio issue for the Government to show off for a few more votes.We have taken it lying down everything the successive governments have thrown at us. Now the hospital consultants are throwing a lot on to us . It is time for the leaders to fight off these idiotic changes thrushes upon us. For agreeing to this we have received 1.16% increase compared to 0.28% lat year.
    No doubt the profession has given up and resignations, retirements would severely weaken backbone of General Practice. Leaders need to wake up.

  • Hunt announces £68m partnership with pharmaceutical companies to battle dementia

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 18 Mar 2015 12:03pm

    3-4 months before the General Election every Government tried to spend money generously to get votes. Pensions, NHS funding, reduction of duties on alcohol. Post election budget subsequently takes away more then offered preelection times.

  • Rosuvastatin does more harm than good, claims academic

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 18 Mar 2015 11:53am

    I have always has concerns with use of statins in primary prevention. Recent reports of statins causing diabetes and even Parkinson's should alert NICE and medical profession to possible future problems arising out of usage of statins.

  • London should consider developing GP 'salaried service', finds report

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 03 Mar 2015 10:56am

    Yes, young & recently qualified GPs expect an equal share from a practice which has taken decades to built -without investing into the premises or taking a share in the premises.They prefer 9-6 jobs, adequate holidays ,etc. Hence they are attracted to salary positions. Long term security has never been considered as it is easy to do locum work to get adequate income. When ex- self employed GPs getting involved into these discussions they have amnesia about their past. Their advice on salaried positions in London would be detrimental to the wellbeing of General Practice in London. If it happens at all then the quality, continuity of care and commitment to General Practice suffer and it would cost much more to the Government then it is now.

  • GPs should be given individual reports on their antibiotic prescribing, recommends NICE

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 19 Feb 2015 0:30am

    I feel that NICE has gone over the top by now being seen managing GPs clinical decisions from a long distance by a remote control.It is downright stupid and unacceptable suggestion which should be fought tooth and nail. I have nothing nice to say about NICE.
    We need to use our clinical freedom and decision at the time of seeing a patient. If this stupidity is accepted we will see A& E unable to cope with self/ referrals and unnecessary admissions would increase with cost mounting higher & higher.

  • CCG pays to ferry elderly patients to GP practices in bid to reduce home visits

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 18 Feb 2015 2:00pm

    I feel this is extremely wrong step taken by the CCG which they will live to regret. Besides it would probably not last longer. The wise step would have been to employ a full time Gp who would assess and decide who needs GP and visit patient at home if necessary.
    That would cost 75-80000. It appears that monies are there to be given to private providers but not to the practitioners who would give value for money.

  • Complaints procedures traumatise doctors and could lead to patient harm, warn researchers

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 16 Jan 2015 7:22pm

    It is worth noting that records of h/o depression caused by complaint & recorded on doctors medical records can be load an extra premium on any insurance, health or mortgage contracts in the future - thus a lifelong financial penalty
    Navin Thakrar

  • 'Corner shop' GPs should expand and employ hospital consultants, says NHS England

    Dr Navin Thakrar's comment 04 Oct 2014 0:25am

    This is nothing new.
    We hired consultants during the fund holding days.
    We had all sorts of contracts with the hospitals for diagnostics, physiotherapy, employing osteopaths and acupuncturists.
    Old wine in the new bottle.
    Navin Thakrar