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A faulty production line

Christine Masi

  • BMA guidance for GPs on the junior doctors' strike

    Christine Masi's comment 19 Nov 2015 4:04pm

    For anonymous at3.35--why should they not be paid ?..

  • 82% of GMC investigations lead to no sanction, official figures reveal

    Christine Masi's comment 18 Nov 2015 2:31pm

    The Gmc is a tool of the government used to "keep doctors suppressed " by all these people who have serious doctor envy .

  • Junior doctors to stage full walk-out under BMA plans for industrial action

    Christine Masi's comment 18 Nov 2015 2:17pm

    I support the strike .
    If doctors back down now we are finished.
    The politicians have pushed doctors to the limits .
    Sad if the populace do not see beyond the governments plans but ultimately doctors need to fight for their rights as no one else will. Bravo.
    I wish GPS would have the gall to do the same

  • Six social media pitfalls and how to avoid them

    Christine Masi's comment 17 Aug 2015 12:15pm

    I agree with the sentiments expressed by Marc Schmid.
    We can reach especially our young age practice population by well crafted health education programmes through social media

  • Five tips for educating patients using YouTube

    Christine Masi's comment 17 Aug 2015 12:07pm

    Very useful articles. Certainly worth looking into .

  • The treatment – shingles

    Christine Masi's comment 17 Aug 2015 11:57am

    Very comprehensive and useful article

  • Why would anyone want to be a locum GP?

    Christine Masi's comment 25 Mar 2015 9:46pm

    I am a GP partner but I would gladly give it up if I could to become a locum or salaried Gp . I could then actually do what I went to medical school for, what I desired to do when I decided to be a doctor and a Gp --to deal with patients Not to be an administrator nor an economist nor spend my time doing a myriad of stuff which has no bearing on my patients welfare but only serve to satisfy the nhs England so I can have a reasonable income.
    I start work at 7am to satisfy extended hours and often leave work around 8-9 pm and go in Sunday's.
    There were times in the 90s when it was great being a partner but not any more.
    There are gd and bad doctors amongst partners/ locums./salaried GPS .
    There are partner GPS who are adept at passing the bulk of the clinical work to others.
    There is even no continuity of care for patients where there are only partners in large practices especially if you are on several sites so that is not only a problem faced by locums.
    The problem with doctors is that we are our own worst enemies because each grp think they are better than the other. We all have different roles to play in patient care and should learn to work cohesively and respect each other .

  • ‘The fitness-to-practise process may do more harm than good’

    Christine Masi's comment 06 Feb 2015 6:40pm

    What a sad state of used to be a joy to be a doctor --most of us went into this profession because we wanted to make a difference to people's lives . Now we are hounded and live in fear. Really sad .

  • Ed Miliband: 'Ending the 48-hour pledge was a really bad mistake'

    Christine Masi's comment 06 Feb 2015 6:21pm

    Politicians will say anything they think will impress the common Man to vote for them.because they in their clueless glasshouses just want to be in politics ,in power and give no toss about the general populace..
    They can blame GPS all they want ,unfortunately when they finally dismantle the nhs it's the common man that will suffer. I am tired of the constant go bashing, the ever moving goalposts, the increasing stress of the job, the unappreciation of the populace about how hard we work, the whole govt propaganda about GP pay Eric etc. Actualy bring on making GPS salaried -- I will actually have more time for my family and finally have a social life as I can clock into and out of work on time , no weekends sitting in the surgery trying to complete admin work

  • GP beware - cardiology

    Christine Masi's comment 06 Feb 2015 5:49pm

    It is notable that these patients presented in hospital when their symptoms were more pronounced and the hospital of course had the benefit of investigations at hand immediately to elucidate diagnosis.
    This should not be a " GPS are useless"exercise as Gpd often have picked up things that hospital colleagues have missed despite the fact they only have minute parts of the body to concentrate on and all the high faluting equipments they have. But a " let's learn from presentations of diseases which is not run of the mill or usual

  • Andy Burnham: Why general practice should move towards a salaried model

    Christine Masi's comment 18 Sep 2014 12:49pm

    These politicians are such idiots.
    They just promulgate changes sitting in their towers without talking to real people.
    I am actually looking forward to this as I currently work all the hours God sends including weekends / when I am ill to cope with the ever changing goalpost of the govt trying to hang onto my income . If one becomes salaried I will feel no guilt and drag myself into work when ill because I feel I am letting my partners will clock in and out of work as our salaried gps currently do . Unfortunately the patients will be the ones to suffer but then again they might come to appreciate too late just how hard Gps work .. Ultimately this is the aim of the politicians irrespective of the party because they envy us the independent contractor status which to be honest is not what it used to be anymore. They will either enforce it or make us so frustrated that we throw in the towel and opt to give it up ourselves. The nhs is being privatised slowly.

  • Add your name to Pulse’s letter to NHS England over GP workload

    Christine Masi's comment 12 Jun 2014 9:24am

    Welling medical practice
    2danson crescent
    Da16 2at