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Peter Swinyard

Peter Swinyard

GP. National Chairman of Family Doctor Association.

  • New GP contract to mandate practices to join primary care networks

    Peter Swinyard's comment 07 Jan 2019 3:04pm

    Just for once this is not something to get all worried about but a mechanism for getting money into groups of practices. The redevelopment of the Primary Care Team as a Multidisciplinary Team at PCN level is very welcome and will reduce silo working where we are working against district nurses etc instead of with them.

  • 'Innovative' single-hander wins GP of the Year award

    Peter Swinyard's comment 04 Dec 2018 11:07am

    So delighted to see Dr Hendow win. Shows how good a small practice can be with a devoted, vocational GP at the centre of the practice. As one of the judging panel, I was highly impressed with the quality of entries - most of whom would be deserving winners any other year,

  • Sympathy for the Devil

    Peter Swinyard's comment 04 Dec 2018 11:05am

    I would do a "routine" referral to the podiatry clinic for patient 3. Worded to make it sound urgent to the lay reader and give the appropriate messaging to the provider.

  • Nearly a third of GPs say they will quit within five years

    Peter Swinyard's comment 03 Dec 2018 1:32pm

    ScottyDog - we only have collective bargaining power if the troops will down tools to fight the government's choices in resource allocation. We had our bluff called over pensions...

  • RCGP backs second EU referendum amid fears Brexit will 'damage' the NHS

    Peter Swinyard's comment 26 Nov 2018 11:49am

    "To encourage, foster and maintain the highest possible standards in general medical practice"
    Seriously? Where in the governance does political posturing come into it? Do they know that the overwhelming majority of their members are Remainers? Even then, it ill behoves them to nail their colours to a transient political mast. I think that they are well-meaning but seriously misguided. They are also fighting against a majority democratically achieved referendum vote. Or do we have to do as the EU would like and keep on voting until we come up with the "right" answer?

  • Hooray! The NHS has freed up time we’re forced to waste elsewhere

    Peter Swinyard's comment 26 Nov 2018 11:24am

    I'm still waiting for the High Trust Low Bureaucracy Contract we accepted in 2004......

  • Hancock’s Half-Cocked Hour

    Peter Swinyard's comment 26 Nov 2018 11:22am

    I'm sure he means well. Andrew Lansley meant well and was very pro-GP. We had some GPs back then.... And Mr Hunt said (repeatedly) that he was the most pro-GP Health Secretary there had ever been. With his diplomatic skills, watch out for WW3!

  • GPs 'should prescribe statins to younger patients' using 30-year risk score

    Peter Swinyard's comment 20 Nov 2018 10:10am

    So what is the NNT and NNH? These are the essentials we need so that we can adequately advise our patients. Statins are not beautiful, side-effect-free drugs. I have no problem in using for secondary prevention, but patients often choose not to take for primary prevention when given the statistics.

  • Losing continuity may mean fewer Xmas gifts – but it will be worth it

    Peter Swinyard's comment 08 Nov 2018 8:39am

    Zoe doesn't expect me to agree. I don't. Personal relationship continuity in medicine has proven benefits to reduction in morbidity. Yes, we have the data, it's incontrovertible. If you need the full story, contact the Family Doctor Association office. It's not just about the fuzzy feelgood factor. It is truly appreciated by patients who indeed do not have to start from scratch each time and hear yet another differing opinion on their management - please don't say we all do the same thing - we don't.

  • GP leaders to vote on new workload limit of 1,500 patients per GP

    Peter Swinyard's comment 06 Nov 2018 3:06pm

    Could those going to the LMC Conference please consider sending motion 303 as a chosen motion? Conference is far too dull - this may help! Has to be in by end of weekend so please have a look today!

  • Just one in 10 locum GPs interested in future partnership role

    Peter Swinyard's comment 05 Nov 2018 9:23am

    one problem is that the GP training environment has NO useful training on the business of general practice, which is a fundamental flaw whether you are going to be a partner, salaried or locum doctor. So there is little help to make an informed choice

  • Pregabalin and gabapentin to be controlled as class C drugs from April

    Peter Swinyard's comment 16 Oct 2018 12:34pm

    the "wet signature" bit is nonsensical. Electronic signing is much more secure!

  • NHS England announces £10m GP winter indemnity scheme

    Peter Swinyard's comment 26 Sep 2018 1:46pm

    anonymous salaried! - you're not being the Devil's Advocate, are you?!

  • Consultants to advise GPs on patients who fail mental health referral criteria

    Peter Swinyard's comment 20 Aug 2018 10:02am

    I think the answer is venlafaxine. Doesn't matter what the question is.
    Or some very nasty and toxic atypical antipsychotic (should they still be called atypical when they are now typical?).
    CPN visits?
    Reading the referral letter seems beyond some. Asking for specific medication advice? See para 1.
    Where are the wonderful shrinks who would cheerfully embark on some unconventional mixture of Marplan and Mianserin to cure the really difficul depressives???

  • GP partnership model: how to reinvigorate the approach

    Peter Swinyard's comment 13 Aug 2018 10:37am

    We tried to get a conversation with "not the usual suspects" and it was very helpful to hear a range of views. Thanks to Pulse for helping the Family Doctor Association organise a joint event.

  • GP elected as BMA council deputy chair

    Peter Swinyard's comment 13 Aug 2018 10:09am

    congratulations David. Please remember that the BMA existed before the NHS and should not exclusively promote NHS as the only vehicle for delivering high quality health care. The BMA will continue long after the NHS is but a wistful memory.

  • Family Doctor Association to survey members on NHS small practices policy

    Peter Swinyard's comment 06 Aug 2018 10:10am

    If you are not yet a member of the Family Doctor Association, please feed into our survey by contacting our head office Thanks.
    (incidentally, I put comments into Pulse under my own name!)

  • NICE: Hospitals should refer patients with suspected COPD to GP-led spirometry

    Peter Swinyard's comment 17 Jul 2018 10:25am

    so we are to be advised to use prophylactic antibiotics despite no long term studies confirming safety and effectiveness and we are also to be criticised and lambasted by the media and pharmaceutical advice mafia from the CCG for overusing antibiotics.
    Does anyone else feel that we are being put into a no-win situation?
    And that's before I go on about the availability of good spirometers in general practice, the training of nurses to use them and not least the training of doctors to interpret the findings.

  • NHS Choices removes 200 reviews over suspicions of practice staff involvement

    Peter Swinyard's comment 16 Jul 2018 2:38pm

    Damned if you do.... damned if you don't. I don't think NHS Choices helps patients as gives a biased and unrealistic view of a practice - and doesn't help practices as a morale-buster. Unless comments have to have the name of the person leaving them, this is a grossly unfair playing field. I've just looked at my surgery feedback - the only negatives are about our receptionists - I assume that they said no to someone or told them they would have to wait for an appointment.

  • I have a dream

    Peter Swinyard's comment 09 Jul 2018 9:26am

    The reality is that the NHS has replaced religion in the UK for many and become sacrosanct politically. Elections are won and lost on it.
    The N?HS was founded on the false premise that, once the load of untreated illness was dealt with, that the NHS could bumble along just treating new presentations.
    Since then, medical technology has revolutionised care, both pharmacological and surgical. People who would have died of strokes, heart attacks, cancers, TB, have many more years of productive life ahead of them, which is a truly wonderful outcome. Then they inconsiderately live much longer and get multiple morbidities and require a lot of medical and social care.
    There needs to be a new honesty about what the NHS is for.
    What can you reasonably expect from the NHS?
    Piecemeal local rationing, mostly by making GPs' lives harder in the convoluted fund-applications for referrals and the introduction of Referral Avoidance Centres risks deprofessionalising doctors and damaging morale. Stupid rules which prevent those willing and able to co-pay from doing so cost the system in time and money.
    Unless there is a cross-party political will to change, and to be honest with the tax payer about what their tax pound can fund, the NHS is doomed to a terminal decline as a poor-law sickness service by the back door.
    Time definitely for a Royal Commission for the politicians to hide behind. With a very short reporting time framework and the obligation to come up with cost-manageable proposals.