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Dermot Ryan

  • Prime Minister hopes to recruit 5,000 extra GPs 'as soon as possible'

    Dermot Ryan's comment 22 May 2019 11:20am

    A pormise from our Prime Minister: really inspires confidence!!!

  • GP petition threatens RCGP resignation due to 'controversial' conference speaker

    Dermot Ryan's comment 20 May 2019 10:18am

    Would her attendance incur severe melting amongst the snowflakes who wish to ban free speech?
    Doctors are supposed to professional, resilient and open minded. Opinions should be reached after not before a conversation.

  • Automation could free up 31% of GP time, says Hancock report

    Dermot Ryan's comment 02 May 2019 2:25pm

    Well done Prof Majeed to these undouded assertions by Hancock and his fellow conspirators looking to milk money from a failing NHS.
    What any doctor can tell this numpty is that there are insufficient adequately trained health care professionals left to to the job. Clinical time is further wasted by CCG visits, CQC visits appraisal and revalidation, all of whichcould be removed increasing productivity by the value of some billions of pound while decreasing government spend.
    To this bonfire of the vanities could be added NICE and NHS England ( in all it's guises)with great cost savings. The resulting chaos would be easier to manage than the chaos and inefficiency they have created.
    Who would ever have thought that we could have had a worse health minister than Hunt!!

  • BMA and RCGP deny approving changes to benefits letter

    Dermot Ryan's comment 29 Apr 2019 11:28am

    I would not disagree with Dr Holden's version of events or recommendations.
    The Government and their associated agencies are not noted for their ability to recognise any given truth at any given time with truth being a flexible concept always bending to align with their current policies.

  • 10,000-patient practice to hand contract back in crisis town

    Dermot Ryan's comment 11 Apr 2019 10:18am

    Thanks to Health Education England and other national bodies who have conspired to end primary care.

  • GPs concerned over potential huge charges due to pensions underpayments

    Dermot Ryan's comment 06 Mar 2019 11:03am

    Yet another NHS money saving initiative ( farming out services to Capita) which ends in abject failure

  • NHS England issues 'letter of comfort' on OTC prescribing for GPs

    Dermot Ryan's comment 12 Feb 2019 11:08am

    One area of conflict here is the aim to get people to purchase their medications for hay fever and allergic rhinitis OTC. The evidence is very clear that the majority of those who see their GP do so because of failure of OTC medication be effective. There are numerous reasons for this, including the alternative diagnosis of non allergic rhinitis. The Practice which I attend has a notice virtually telling these people to go away. They are thus left to the tender
    ministrations of pharmacists, who we must always remember are not clinicians.A recent study from Australia (where rhinitis is considered a pharmacy only disease) demonstrates poor patient outcomes.
    The patient needs to be seen by a clinician to confirm diagnosis and to get a management plan. Once this has been done, and the medications needed are OTC then direct the patient to the pharmacist, but not the other way round. As a profession, we must not allow the CCGs or other bodies to dictate poor clinical practice which invariably leads to worse outcomes for our patients, delay in them receiving correct advice and prolonged periods of impaired quality of life.

  • Little evidence to support move to large-scale general practice, say researchers

    Dermot Ryan's comment 10 Jan 2019 11:38am

    These are solutions designed by accountants to enable politicians to gain even more control over the health care agenda. Bitter experience has demonstrated that none of their solutions has worked to date except in terms of enriching external consultancy advisors and spawning a mass of bureaucrats who have no understanding of the importance of the doctor/patient relationship in optimising patient outcomes. Poor (absent) manpower planning coupled with initiatives for "efficiency gains" have let us to where we are now: one of the worst health care systems in Europe, failing our patients with little or no chance of recovery.

  • Premises costs force 12,000-patient GP practice to hand back contract

    Dermot Ryan's comment 12 Dec 2018 10:37am

    CCGs working with NHS England: always inspires hope!!!The blind and deaf leading the blind and deaf

  • NHS unaware of fate of 100 newly-qualified GPs at threat of deportation

    Dermot Ryan's comment 11 Dec 2018 12:36pm

    NHSE unaware.....of anything!!

  • GP suspended after secretly filming CQC inspections

    Dermot Ryan's comment 10 Dec 2018 10:23am

    It defies belief that these Stalinist apparatchiks are stifling the voices of reason acting against the tyranny of the CQC an organisation as self serving as the GMC. The GMC and medical tribunals are all stacked against the profession having been stacked with politically motivated and directed oppressors.
    At no time is their joint behaviour acceptable but it is even less so when the profession is at such a low point, a point which has been reached in part due to the continued ineptitude of the GMC and CQC.

  • GP seven-day access programme did not reduce A&E attendance, study finds

    Dermot Ryan's comment 07 Dec 2018 10:46am

    Note that NHS England as usual in complete denial when faced with the facts.
    Surely their days must be numbered. Does anyone have any examples of anytime they got anything right?

  • Pharmacists could overrule GP decisions during medicine shortages, DHSC says

    Dermot Ryan's comment 07 Dec 2018 10:43am

    The thin end of the wedge. Beware the empire building of pharmacists.

  • Health secretary featured in Babylon-sponsored newspaper interview

    Dermot Ryan's comment 30 Nov 2018 10:14am


  • CCG invites struggling GP practices to bid for up to £20k 'crisis' funding

    Dermot Ryan's comment 28 Nov 2018 10:53am

    'GP Practice Crisis Resilience Fund' and 'GP practices can claim up to £20,000 from the fund, although their bid has to be peer reviewed by another GP practice or the local medical committee before submission to ensure it is 'sensible'.' which really means that the crisis will be resolved (ie.e the practice will cease to function) due to the time and effort to make a bid followed by the usually speedy assessment of that bid by the CCG. So, another way of doing nothing while pretending to do something.

  • Ambulance trust cuts out-of-hours GP winter shifts due to summer overspend

    Dermot Ryan's comment 28 Nov 2018 10:42am

    "Our patients are always our top priority" This is the mantra of every part of the failing NHS, mismanaged by administrators who assume the title manager, believing in their own accountancy led approach rather than allowing clinicians to design a service which is fit for service by putting the patient first. We have seen the results of the expensive and ineffective triage systems. The number of persons a patient has to see and talk to: NHS 111, Paramedics, Urgent care centres ets before hours later they get to see someone who actually knows any medicine. How did we get to this state of imminent collapse of the NHS? Comments on a post card

  • NHS Digital paid management consultants £1.2m for advice on GP IT overhaul

    Dermot Ryan's comment 30 Oct 2018 10:29am

    McKinsey are the firm who reckoned that GP consultations should be cut to 6 minutes about 4 years ago, if my memory serves me correctly. Clearly they are well known for their incisive and scholarly work on planet Zog which bears little or nor relationship to the real world. It is great that NHS England is supporting interplanetary exploration but as usual demonstrate a lack of capability when working in reality.

  • GPs forwarding mail to Capita are putting patients 'at risk', claims NHS England

    Dermot Ryan's comment 26 Oct 2018 10:38am

    NHS England covering itself in glory once again. Who actually appoints and employs these people? What other organisations have they worked and failed in? Is the NHSE a home for those who could not be employed elsewhere? When will it dawn on those in power that cost saving initiatives are rarely thought through and usually seem to end up incurring costs far in excess of any potential savings (although those costs are not necessarily borne by NHSE to enable them to declare "SUCCESS".)

  • GP practices offered top-up funding for cutting referrals and prescriptions

    Dermot Ryan's comment 25 Oct 2018 10:45am

    Some of these targets are reasonable but the package as a whole stinks of an accountants solutions to improving health care. Investment needs to be made in stabilising practices to improve continuity of care concurrently investing in education, knowledge and skills training to improve diagnosis and management: The evidence for this approach is there from many countries, notably Finland. The evidence for what will turn out to be more cuts in services for patients and resources in practices will be a further erosion in the quality of primary care with little incentive for doctors to join or be retained in primary care.

  • CCGs suggest charging GPs up to £1,800 for access to data protection officer

    Dermot Ryan's comment 24 Oct 2018 11:07am

    I am not too sure that Dr Vautrey does not realise that CCGs have expertise in anything other than blocking innovation.