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A faulty production line


  • If this is the bedrock no wonder general practice is sinking

    DammitJim's comment 08 Oct 2018 3:09pm

    My last conference was the last Glasgow one- couldn't afford the time off this year. But I've only just stopped receiving the sodding nasal douching samples that I'm pretty sure my friend signed me up to for a laugh. Gave em to a mate. I think he still has them in his wardrobe. His sinuses are no better.

  • GPs slept in practice overnight to be in time for morning surgery

    DammitJim's comment 13 Dec 2017 9:35am

    I once went for a job at a small country surgery where they had a full bathroom. Mid 80s peach if I am correct. Former partner found it easier to stay there than go home in the days of on call.

  • GP appointments to be reserved for NHS 111 direct bookings under national scheme

    DammitJim's comment 08 Dec 2017 10:53am

    Yay. Leave appointments for an overwhelming amount of dross. Nah.

  • Best be blunt about Brexit

    DammitJim's comment 21 Nov 2017 5:10pm

    Most blogs make me want to punch myself in the nuts. But I rather enjoyed this one. Sour grapes are the only ones that grow in my garden as an aside. Whatever side of the B word fence you're on, right now it's a massive distraction for a weak government that could be doing more important things like trying to run the country. I do think looking to Scandinavia is a great idea, but a difficult comparison given population size differences etc.

    Regards to all etc.

  • GPs should certify over-75s' fitness to drive every year, says Harriet Harman

    DammitJim's comment 24 Aug 2017 12:04pm

    Even better idea. Get these guys to do it. I send my punters here is there's any doubt.

  • Council’s £35k scheme promotes ‘Men’s sheds’ to help save GP time

    DammitJim's comment 08 May 2017 9:39am

    I could do with a new shed. Can they send it up the A14 please?

  • Was your CQC inspection a good experience?

    DammitJim's comment 08 May 2017 9:20am

    What ho. Personally, I understand that "Outstanding" in all non-contractural stuff. Like having a homeless shelter or getting people free bikes or something. I don't have time or energy for those shennanigans, and I'm the bloke with the horrible picture up the top. Regards, Matt.

  • GP stabbed outside practice

    DammitJim's comment 03 May 2017 5:21pm

    Truly awful. We have a zero tolerance approach. Any grief, written warning the following day. Works most of the time. Failing that and it's the special allocation scheme.

  • What should Pulse do about anonymous comments?

    DammitJim's comment 23 Jun 2016 0:12am

    I've never posted anonymously, and will continue to write despite any flack I might get for still liking the job, and still being enthusiastic. I am a passionate advocate of freedom of speech, even if perhaps people don't engage freedom of thought before hand. I also don't mind being insulted for holding views - that again is freedom of speech. But like you say in the article Nigel, the comments section is dark. I've broad shoulders and a long fuse, but there are some very, very, negative and probably rather damaged people out there. Whatever can provide a fair platform for all should be used. I don't write anything in patient notes, or in print/internet that I don't feel I could defend with reason and logic. The same should be said for comments. I suspect many use the comments as a sounding board for venom and vitriol, when they can't direct it to the people that need to hear it the most. That said, there have been some utter vile things posted in the comments section, and those writing should think in detail before they comment. Much like any online comments section, anonymity gives people the ability to troll. You would't walk up to someone in the street and say the things I've seen written here.

  • Nine in ten GPs think Jeremy Hunt should go

    DammitJim's comment 13 May 2016 11:49am

    Well, that was unexpected.

  • GPs offered cash to open up appointment booking to NHS 111 call handlers

    DammitJim's comment 18 Apr 2016 11:19am

    I would certainly rather this didn't happen. The quality of 111 triaged appointments I receive during OOH is variable. Often the urgency of which a patient needs to be seen is incorrect. Either too urgent (often UTIs triaged as urgent cases) or not urgent enough, especially if the patient is worried. It would swamp day time primary care, like it does OOH, A&E and the ambulance service.

  • NHS England in talks to extend ill-fated pharmacy flu vaccination scheme

    DammitJim's comment 05 Apr 2016 11:56am

    We opened a pharmacy in October, co-located in our surgery, having previously been a dispensing practice and needing to open up to prevent a potential competitor. Despite the words from the DH wanting to improve access to care, be it GP or pharmacy, they're cutting pharmacy reimbursement by 6% which may force them to close. We should be ok given co-location and rural area, with nearest competitor several miles away. I feel this is part of a drive of divide and rule. Play professions off against each other, keep em busy and distract them whilst the NHS falls apart.

  • NHS spend on general practice drops to 7.2%

    DammitJim's comment 31 Mar 2016 4:54pm

    What next? Death through a thousand nut shots.

  • 30% of GP training places remain unfilled

    DammitJim's comment 31 Mar 2016 4:43pm

    I like Dr Baker, but a 1% increase isn't really the greatest of news. Like the difference between at Hb of 6 to 7, still not great.

    Problem is, GP will remain unpopular unless a 2004 style contract comes by, or we start bigging it up in the face of reality. All across the NHS there are vacancy rates, with juniors leaving lots of specialities, not just ours. This is a sad state of affairs, and I wish I had the answer. 3.58 - I know how you're feeling. My practice mortgage is a killer. I'd rather like to see a Dr in my time of need, especially as I get older. At this rate, I won't be able to. Plus my kids won't have a teacher either.

  • GPs should be incentivised to check memory problems, says dementia czar

    DammitJim's comment 03 Mar 2016 4:52pm

    Are we really going here again? Our little corner shop of medicine has one of the highest dementia pick up rates in the county because... we have an old population, people tell us about their memory problems and we assess, diagnose and treat where we can. Like any other disease. Extra money isn't going to make much of a difference to this. In fact is hasn't. No different to if someone presented with another potential diagnosis. It's called medicine.

  • Patients who haven't seen GP in five years could be booted off practice lists

    DammitJim's comment 02 Mar 2016 2:21pm

    What right, as a patient do I have to decline this. I hardly see my GP, as I suspect many younger drs don't. Where will they send my notes if I deregister. Will i need to "pop by for a chat" on an annual basis, just to stay registered. Perhaps we could run annual "popping in for a chat" clinic. Maybe there would be a LES? Like the NHS health checks but with even less point? Hmmm.

  • GPs told by CCGs to find alternatives for co-proxamol prescriptions

    DammitJim's comment 05 Feb 2016 9:25am

    Can't say I've ever prescribed it. Perhaps once, some years ago, when patient moving from one drug to next. But TBH there are loads of alternatives to it.

  • 'GP negligence' to blame for sarcoma litigation cases, study claims

    DammitJim's comment 11 Jan 2016 5:21pm

    There are 300 cases of sarcoma/annum in the UK, and thus rare. We might not see any in our career, or perhaps one or two.

  • GPC calls for Professor Steve Field's resignation 'forthwith'

    DammitJim's comment 17 Dec 2015 4:51pm

    Whilst there is no doubt that areas of primary care can be improved, Prof Field's comments are too much stick. As a GP, I tend to respond more to the carrot approach. The sad thing is that, despite my enthusiasm (call me deluded if you wish) the primary care environment is toxic. I don't mind change, progress, or innovation. In fact I get bored with the same old-same old. But we are the solution, not the problem. Give us the resources and time to innovate and we'll show you what we can do. We know CQC is a failing organisation, as hospitals are still in adequate, care homes still close down etc. If inspection made a difference, this wouldn't happen. Prof Field, far from being an ally in primary care as we hoped, has shown nothing but treachery. He has "lost the dressing room".

  • Professor Steve Field says GPs have 'failed as a profession'

    DammitJim's comment 14 Dec 2015 10:49am

    10:39, perhaps there is an element of truth, but this happened whilst he was Chair/Pres of the RCGP, so surely has an element of culpability. As a former leader of his profession he should shoulder the burden of such claims. Plus he also denigrates and disparages the vast majority of brilliant, hard working, compassionate and committed GPs in the country. His statements are far from helpful at a time of reduced morale, increased demand and a "patient as consumer" attitude. This is not a good time to be stabbing us in the back Prof. Be part of the solution.