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  • Primary care network serving 80,000 patients collapses due to DES concerns

    Nhsfatcat's comment 09 Jun 2020 10:34am

    The whole idea was to get funding to primary care without delivering a pay rise. Any top down change is designed to deliver more for less.
    Berks, Bucks and Ox were Laocoön to the GPCs Sinon and NHSE Epius. Good for all those that reject the DES so they can get on with workload they already have.

  • GPs to provide Covid antibody testing for patients who have bloods taken

    Nhsfatcat's comment 30 May 2020 1:18pm

    Get the PCNs to organise it. With all the extra staff and cash that they are being given by NHSE. Oh bugger! Don’t give them ideas.

  • Treasury requests proof of additional GP costs before releasing Covid support

    Nhsfatcat's comment 29 May 2020 5:01pm

    Don’t worry we have plenty of Vaseline.

  • BMA: GP practices opting out of DES ‘risk losing influence’ over future services

    Nhsfatcat's comment 29 May 2020 12:07pm

    Yet again GPs. Have negotiated a choice between horse shit or cow dung.
    Weighing up a decision like this when fear mongering is a tactic used from the ‘leaders’ to push through the DES against the will of conference is disgraceful.
    We hear that funding for the future is coming through the DES. It will become impossible to provide core services without being in servitude to the PCN DES.
    At a time when general practice remoulded itself in days to continue to provide safe services for its patients and staff we must be awake to the fact this was done by existing services.
    The BMA should be negotiating core funding for practices to be flexible to meet the needs of the population.
    ARRS money being clawed back if not spent is a kick in the teeth. If practices have to deliver the DES but don’t have the staff then it’s unpaid work for then remaining. It’s wrong decisive and I can see PCNs desperately trying to spend ARRS money for the sake of it rather than providing funding to what we know it the most important aspect of primary care. The core primary medical service contract.
    We have been bullied again.
    GPs have failed at the national level forcing collaboration through fear.

    “Out of this nettle, danger, we pluck this flower safely.”
    Shame Prince Harry (Henry V) killed Hotspur soon after.

  • Care home 'clinical leads' will not be held 'medically responsible' for residents

    Nhsfatcat's comment 16 May 2020 10:38am

    NHSE trying to be relevant. Should probably go back to ramming a poorly thought out DES through.

  • PCNs opting out of Network DES due to workload concerns

    Nhsfatcat's comment 05 May 2020 3:09pm

    DOI: Chair of BBO and proposer of motion 23. Comment here are my own. At conference we also asked for a survey of the profession. This was voted for. The GPC said that it wasn't the time to do this survey due to COVID-19. The very next day we all received a survey on what we thought of 'the Doctor' insert in the BMJ. The email survey did not need to go ahead. What is more important DES or a magazine? No clear leadership has split the profession again. We need core funding to provide GMS which is going to fall apart if we need to keep signing up to bolt-on services that hardly improve patient services for scant reward and a shed-load of work that some unicorns are going to be employed to do.

  • GPs should assume ‘most’ patients have Covid-19 and use PPE, says NHS England

    Nhsfatcat's comment 03 Apr 2020 11:06am

    Time and time again GPs JFDI without proper core funding. PCN DES gets foisted on us yesterday, PPE crap, NHSE and SoS are of little help. Let's be more Geldof. Just give us the f.....g money and let us get on with it

  • GMC re-registers nearly 4,000 former GPs to join coronavirus battle

    Nhsfatcat's comment 27 Mar 2020 5:18pm

    Misleading figures announcement. Who'd o' thought it?

  • GMC re-registers nearly 4,000 former GPs to join coronavirus battle

    Nhsfatcat's comment 27 Mar 2020 12:34pm

    Fantastic. I wonder how many of these doctors would have remained working in the NHS if the T&Cs pay and pensions and working hours were not so destructive to their health and well being. HEADLINE 4000GPs to actually do what they're good at. Mr Hancock you can reach your 5000 more GPs by making the job worthwhile in terms of conditions hours and not bullshit bolt ons to the core. Pay the practices and they will deliver medicine for you.

  • Good luck, everyone

    Nhsfatcat's comment 18 Mar 2020 9:59pm

    Thank you for this article and best wishes to you and your family.

    Stelvio- I am a critic of the BMA and have stopped moaning and done something about it by becoming a rep and am moving on further not to disrupt but to understand and then maybe steer whilst remaining a on the job GP

  • Out-of-date face masks distributed to GPs 'safe' to use, says Government

    Nhsfatcat's comment 17 Mar 2020 2:12pm

    Jimmy Hill. (For those of us old enough)

  • LMC leaders vote to reject the network DES

    Nhsfatcat's comment 12 Mar 2020 1:11pm

    As the proposer of this motion I remember pre-2004. General practice can go one of two ways. PCNs are ideal to to be starved in the future and the NHSE/ICS and 2ry care agendas to be delivered by a primary care salaried service. Or we can stand up as independent practitioners and practices and fight for resources that attract properly qualified people to deliver what the patients need. I’m not totally against PCNs but as they are arranged and especially the DES doesn’t fix the current problems in GP. As I said yesterday stable GP is a great place to bring through new GPs but with all the bolt on bits to ensure financial survival we are neglecting our core work. PCNs are too far too soon and my personal belief is too higher price to pay for ridding us of the indemnity issue. Joni Mitchell got it right- you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.

  • Number of full-time qualified GPs falls by 277 in a year

    Nhsfatcat's comment 27 Feb 2020 11:49am

    Headline: Over half a million patients lose their GP as there are 277 fewer whole time GPs.

    277 is a small number; spin the bollocks out of it so it means something.

  • GMC chief calls for reduction of red tape to recruit GPs from overseas

    Nhsfatcat's comment 26 Feb 2020 10:17am

    How about cutting red tape for GPs already working? Might not need so many recruits

  • GP practices defy national stance to suspend online booking due to Covid-19

    Nhsfatcat's comment 20 Feb 2020 10:31am

    NHSE do not trust us to be able to think. We must comply. I have no end of people using online booking then turning up with different complaints and occasionally - I booked this for me but I want you to see XYZ. A patient desperate and afraid will lie on an online booking to get an appointment; potentially putting a practitioner, practice and the public at risk through their fear. Good luck to CCGs and NHSE to providing primary care when we have to shut. (Trust us we're doctors!)

  • LMC still ‘cannot recommend’ signing network DES due to 'significant' concerns

    Nhsfatcat's comment 17 Feb 2020 4:53pm

    ‘fed up’

    I’m very easy to find on NHS mail as there aren’t many called Ruffle.
    Be interested to know which area you are.
    I was vet much anti LMC/BMA thinking that they do not represent grassroots. I got elected as rep and haven’t looked back. BUT I am grassroots first, front and forever. I will not go native and I will represent constituents. There is no personal gain. I’m thankful that my partners support me in LMC work.

  • LMC still ‘cannot recommend’ signing network DES due to 'significant' concerns

    Nhsfatcat's comment 17 Feb 2020 12:29pm

    Massive thanks to the CEOs and 3 chairs of the BBO for their hard work and detailed analysis; and to Pulse for maintaining traction on this story.
    For all GPs- please speak to you LMC reps attending the special conference 11/03/2020 so they can represent your feelings. You pay your levy, have your say through them.

    (DOI: Dr Simon Ruffle, Board Chair BBO secretariat.)

  • DHSC: GP workforce will be boosted by fast-track courses for health professionals

    Nhsfatcat's comment 12 Feb 2020 11:01am

    Meanwhile the experienced GPs fall off the other end.
    New GPs (and I was one) take 9 years to train and then when they join practice need senior colleagues for guidance and they teach us old crusties a lot as well.
    I cannot see how short circuiting this training and support network can possibly help.
    These new GPlites will need so much more supervision and training to cope with GP work that I’m not sure I could manage my work and theirs.

  • GPs to be offered golden handshakes of £20,000 to take up partnerships

    Nhsfatcat's comment 06 Feb 2020 6:20pm

    Sounds like a platform to build on. I await details before dancing. BUT what about some golden handcuffs like pension and seniority recognition?

  • Hospital says GPs will manage patients it has told doctors to discharge early

    Nhsfatcat's comment 17 Jan 2020 6:23pm

    We’re a health community when it comes to dumping work out into primary care but we’re certainly not in it altogether when it comes to negotiating these plans or helping primary care cope.
    Most of these patients will need more nursing input at home and there are hundreds of community nurses drinking tea and eating hon nobs, aren’t there?