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  • Jeremy Hunt admits he is ‘struggling to deliver’ 5,000 GPs by 2020

    Anonymous T's comment 08 Jun 2018 1:37pm

    If Mrs May was indeed "absolutely 100% behind getting this right", she would have sacked a certain individual long ago.

  • GMC is using right to appeal tribunal decisions 'appropriately', says chief

    Anonymous T's comment 14 Feb 2018 2:45pm

    Laughable article. Even worse, the GMC admits that juniors are being left to run departments unsupervised, 'thereby putting patients at risk' in a BMJ article dated 27 November 2017. Yet they have the gall to destroy the career of one such junior whose only crime was that she turned up for work when many did not! Shameful, two-faced behaviour!!

  • Bawa-Garba: timeline of a case that has rocked medicine

    Anonymous T's comment 26 Jan 2018 6:30pm

    I don't think the above 'timeline' accurately reflects the systematic failures that were present on the day - the fact that the dr in question was effectively covering for 2 of her colleagues with no consultant cover & in addition was covering 6 wards over 4 floors, taking GP calls, surgical referrals etc., on her first day back from maternity leave, with no induction & a crashed computer system. She then gets blamed for mixing-up patients because the pt with the DNAR order was originally in the bed that Jack was in when he arrested but had been moved without her knowledge. Read the link (signed by 4 consultants)about what happened :

  • Health secretary 'deeply concerned' about implications of GMC court ruling

    Anonymous T's comment 26 Jan 2018 11:49am

    This link explains why so many are appalled at this decision

  • Health secretary 'deeply concerned' about implications of GMC court ruling

    Anonymous T's comment 26 Jan 2018 10:29am

    @ Iain Chalmers
    Exactly. I was so relieved when my first opted not to study Medicine. The GMC have behaved in a barbaric & vindictive fashion. I would be ashamed if I worked for them.

  • Nine million patients told they can book evening and weekend GP appointments

    Anonymous T's comment 18 Dec 2017 11:05pm

    Does building more roads reduce traffic congestion? Making more appointments available will only encourage more patients to book appointments for coughs & colds. The emphasis should be on preventative medicine not increasing access & and the same time reducing funding. It is clear that Hunt's brief is to make GPs fail.

  • ‘Joining a super practice means GPs can be themselves again’

    Anonymous T's comment 26 Aug 2016 6:05am

    A true leader leads from the front, setting the example. You are passionate about 7 day GP access, yet volunteer every Sunday at your local temple. Who is to provide GP services on Sunday for you then? Especially pertinent as I understand you work less than 2 sessions a week from Monday to Friday. Sounds like a legalised Ponzi scheme to me.

  • GP beware - obstetrics

    Anonymous T's comment 02 Apr 2015 10:13pm

    I personally find this series irrelevant & somewhat condescending. Are these actually cases or were they cooked up. What right thinking student, let alone doctor would see a post partum lady with a high fever & severe after pains & conclude it is a 'probable viral infection'. I was hoping to receive some real pearls of wisdom, reading this article but have been sadly disappointed by both this article & the vascular one. The take home message appears to be the hospital doctor always right, GP always wrong.