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  • GPs told to stop closing for half-days or risk losing £40k in funding

    Cobblers's comment 19 Aug 2019 12:43pm

    "Dr Nikita Kanani, NHS England acting director of primary care, said the move to curb half-day closures is to free up ‘hundreds of thousands of appointments’ to patients."

    Showing your ignorance of how Primary Care is run doc. Good job you're only 'acting' director of primary care. Might be a good idea to get back to politics, in which you are admirably suited.

  • Deaths from drug poisoning reach all-time high

    Cobblers's comment 17 Aug 2019 9:34pm

    Maybe we should have licensed "Shooting Galleries" which have been shown abroad in Denmark, Canada, Australia to reduce fatalities associated with drug taking.

  • Dr Sarah Wollaston moves to the Lib Dems

    Cobblers's comment 16 Aug 2019 4:32pm

    As much as those supreme egotists, elected MPs, might think, in the main they are elected for their party, not their person. (You could put a gibbon up for election at Henley and as long as it had a blue rosette it would get a stonking majority)

    My point in the preamble is that should you change parties then a by-election should become necessary. That it is not current law suggests an extreme arrogance on behalf of the law makers. No surprise there.

  • Answering trainee doctors' medicolegal queries

    Cobblers's comment 08 Aug 2019 7:01pm

    I have read and reread this and it makes me very uncomfortable. This is a FY1, a Houseplant, a gopher, a dogsbody and the lowest of the low on the medical scale. No doubt this advice is the council of perfection and medico-legally sound BUT my head is screaming that if the FY1 has noted the problem then others more senior will have too. Why are the seniors not dobbing this person in? Probably because they know that by adopting the three wise monkeys’ approach (see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil) that they can keep their heads down and avoid the inevitable shit storm that will happen to whistleblowers. A FY1, or probably anyone, who acts like is suggested by bypassing lower managers and going up the feeding chain to achieve action will get action, against themselves, and find further progress along their career path is quietly blocked.

    A cynical approach and, no doubt, some (hello GMC?) may feel that such thoughts heretical and actionable but I am long retired and happily stick deux digits up to the GMC. I am a pragmatist and suggest that doing your own job as well as you can and avoid being a proud upstanding nail (whistleblower) in the NHS as you’ll only get hammered.

  • PM pledges £250m for artificial intelligence in NHS

    Cobblers's comment 08 Aug 2019 6:35pm

    King Wiff Waff of the Spaffer clan announces a grant of 2/6d for any intelligence, artificial or otherwise, to show itself in Whitehall.

    We will wait in vain for the half crown to be claimed.

  • The new Prime Minister is out of touch with reality

    Cobblers's comment 31 Jul 2019 11:58am

    This is the trouble with BloJo. He'll have his wicked way with the country, then roll over and turn out the light.

    Leaving the country f*cked.

  • Stricter rules will deter GPs from working in Australia, say recruitment agencies

    Cobblers's comment 31 Jul 2019 11:54am

    No major hurdle for a determined GP. And it's just Australia. There's the rest of the english speaking world out there just waiting.

  • CCG to cut up to 30% of its discretionary funding for primary care

    Cobblers's comment 31 Jul 2019 11:50am

    30% cut in QEF/LES equals 30% cut in that work done.

    Note from moderator: Part of this comment has been removed.

  • Boris Johnson pledges to reduce GP waiting times in first speech as PM

    Cobblers's comment 24 Jul 2019 6:48pm

    Porcine aviation specialists in Whitehall announce their take off slots.

    More likely than GP waiting times coming down.

  • Low morale among GPs leaving Welsh out-of-hours posts unfilled, finds report

    Cobblers's comment 24 Jul 2019 3:45pm

    Very poor pay, very poor working conditions, little back up and very expensive indemnity.

    Perfect storm.

    Get out of that Welsh Assembly. Now really suprise me by dealing with it rather than expelling hot air and blaming GPs.

  • GPs being named a shortage occupation is not enough to stop the staffing crisis

    Cobblers's comment 22 Jul 2019 1:26pm

    Brexit Schmexit. There is a whole world out there for medical talent and, in the english speaking countries, the working conditions, the work-family balance and the pay are generally better than the UK.

    Visa conditions, payments and whatever hurdles HMG wish to put in the way of incoming doctors only hasten the day when the NHS collapses.

    Only then, phoenix like, will advances be made to improve the lot of doctors and decisions made for the longer term running of a modern health system.

  • Capita admits further cervical screening administration errors

    Cobblers's comment 18 Jul 2019 4:14pm

    Capita Crapita. How much more incompetence will it take for those in power to act?

    Dump this firm.

  • Practices must define their own thrombocytosis threshold or risk missing cancer

    Cobblers's comment 18 Jul 2019 10:32am

    If I recall one of the criteria for referral along the 2ww cancer pathway was a 'risk' of 3%.

    Your small study suggests that those with a persistently raised platelet count should be referred as 'Cancer ?site (LEGO)'

    Indeed you could spend quite a lot of time working these up before referral but is there that much spare time in your surgery?

  • Beware of thin notes

    Cobblers's comment 18 Jul 2019 10:17am

    I recall that same lesson on thin notes back in very early 80s. Sit up, pay attention and investigate early.

    As for the fat notes, some requiring a wheelbarrow to transport, it engendered a sinking heart as it would be unlikely to be a quick consult.

    Very best wishes David. Look after number one.

  • Almost 90% of GPs found their appraisal useful for improving patient care

    Cobblers's comment 08 Jul 2019 7:02pm

    NHSE do you seriously think that that feedback was done of their own free will? Or do you think it might have been a teeny weeny bit under duress given that negative feedback might have kicked back on the doctor?

    I am impressed that 1 in 8 gave negative feedback nevertheless but those might have already planned their departure and felt like giving the two fingered salute to NHSE.

  • RCGP cautiously endorses chaplains in GP practices

    Cobblers's comment 05 Jul 2019 4:41pm

    Unscepted 10:51am

    Google Dr Richard Scott 2012.

    Don't laugh the GMC are trying to have another go at him now, courtesy of the Secular Society!!

  • RCGP cautiously endorses chaplains in GP practices

    Cobblers's comment 04 Jul 2019 5:17pm

    Pulse may I suggest edit to 'Chaplain'? I suspect RCGP means religious guide so Imam, Hindu priest or even Pastafarian acolyte.

  • Six month guideline for terminally ill patients deemed 'not fit for purpose'

    Cobblers's comment 03 Jul 2019 9:32pm

    Life is a sexually transmitted terminal disease.

    Can I get my GP to fill in a DS1500 please?

  • Comfortably numb

    Cobblers's comment 03 Jul 2019 9:28pm

    I think you have missed a trick Shaba. I agree with your comments on the physical and mental side of things but there is the spiritual as well.

    I note with extreme distaste that those who profess to care about doctors and patients (the GMC) are teeing up a second Fitness To Practice procedure on Dr Richard Scott. You may recall in 2012 when he was cautioned for using his Christian beliefs to help troubled souls.

    That Richard uses his faith to try and heal people is unremarkable and should be encouraged. I speak as an atheist in this matter. It has long been a truism that Vicars or Imams could do a lot of the work in practice that sees troubled souls. Even the WHO agrees. If the patient is willing why not use every avenue to try and heal (all in 10 minutes)?

  • NHS unable to guarantee medicines supply in the event of a no deal

    Cobblers's comment 01 Jul 2019 7:33pm

    Do I have any confidence in this organisation planning for a no-deal Brexit when it seems to constantly surprised that we have winter every year?