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Gold, incentives and meh


  • With Tech Boy to the rescue, what have we got to fear?

    Cobblers's comment 11 Dec 2018 12:24pm

    What and you believe Jeremy *unt provided proper leadership? But give the latter his due he got whatisface MI6 chap out of the Gulf states quicker than you could say "Psst wanna buy some aeroplanes on the cheap?" Much better than Bojo but then that is setting a low bar.

    On that note anyone seen Bojo's new haircut plus bug-rake attention? Couldn't be going for PM could he?

  • I’m happy being nobody’s GP

    Cobblers's comment 10 Dec 2018 1:12pm

    "The new primary care landscape". Ah yes that new dawn where GPs are paid well, valued, allowed to do their job without the regulatory overburden.

    Too late for me as a GP as I have gone into retirement with two fingers rampant to the powers that be.

    But as a patient I can but hope. A wish then for the New Year? Too soon? Perhaps, but change is coming and it cannot come soon enough.

  • GP suspended after secretly filming CQC inspections

    Cobblers's comment 09 Dec 2018 12:19pm

    It turns, does it not, on whether taking and publishing a recording, video or audio, without the knowledge of some of the participants is legal. The details are not available on the MPTS website so I cannot see what the rap sheet was.

    I agree it seems that the GMC can, and do, record and then use those recordings in house. I am not aware that they are published. It may be likely that they are used for transcription and training.

    Presumably the MDO was involved. I am going to guess this is a grey area and the MDO doesn't plan to appeal or take it to court to clarify the law on the grounds of cost?

    You do still look as if you are up for a fight but might I counsel going quiet, running the practice for a few more years to top up your, and your staffs', pension and then getting the hell out of Dodge, saving your sanity and probably a fair bit of dosh too?

    Just saying, you know it makes sense. :-)

  • GP suspended after secretly filming CQC inspections

    Cobblers's comment 08 Dec 2018 1:11pm

    I have sent Hank a supportive email and for the life of me I cannot understand why this got as far as it did and how the MPTS thought this worthy of suspension?

    I note, as yet, the transcription of the ’trial’ has not been posted. I will read it when it is and request it if it isn’t.

    This is a well-run practice in North Kent and I would be happy for my family to be registered there, which, in my book, is the marker of quality. But, of course, the CQC felt it to be inadequate because of poor leadership (seriously?? He’s just proved you wrong there) and probably the ink used on his policies was the wrong colour (TIC).

    Such was the sense of injustice that he videoed the revisit and the powers that be decided to make an example of him. Some of the GMC quotes are beyond travesty and demonstrate manifest inability to understand the loathing they are held by the profession they purport to support.

    Having upset the powers that be they decided to make and example of him “pour encourager les autres”. Make no mistake this was a high up vendetta aimed at him by our supposed superiors.

    Now I Am Not A Lawyer but no law was broken here, indeed transparency and truth were demonstrated and the CQC shown to be the bullying incompetent turds they are to the public. It is time in my opinion all CQC visits were videoed and I suspect this stupidity would stop. (I used to find audio taping CCG or PCT visits a useful moderator!)

    I will raise a glass to you Hank this weekend.

    Email me if I can be of help.

    Cobblers, retired GP Thanet.

  • NHS England asks GPs to re-send 20 years' worth of child immunisation data

    Cobblers's comment 06 Dec 2018 7:04pm

    Go take a long walk on a short pier.

    Good luck getting all the data from the recently closed practices, including mine.

  • NHS England’s flu target missed as uptake in over-65s drops on last year

    Cobblers's comment 06 Dec 2018 7:01pm

    NHS England responded saying "We have alternative facts. Our own studies show our pilot practice in Piddletrenthide had a flu jab percentage of 79% in the over 65. (n=50) We prefer to believe that".

    "Anyway it's all the GPs fault. We are innocent guv".

  • GP contract may ban charging for domestic abuse reports

    Cobblers's comment 06 Dec 2018 12:03pm

    Spot on BigandSmall.

    Practically irrefutable logic.

    100% chance it will be ignored and the dictat imposed.

    Am readying the "This patient says they are a victim of domestic abuse" letters as we speak and will hand them out on request.

  • GP seven-day access programme did not reduce A&E attendance, study finds

    Cobblers's comment 05 Dec 2018 6:43pm

    Absolutely typical NHSE. Deny the evidence by coming up with your own evidence and rubbish the previous by using the words "more recent evidence".

    Pity it's 'minor injuries' which is not GP core work and work I would have sent to AEU whatever time it was.

    Political 7 day access soundbite. Time it was junked.

  • Sympathy for the Devil

    Cobblers's comment 04 Dec 2018 3:31pm

    You get paid a minor ops fee for the toenail TC? If no then WTF?

    I tend to agree with 11:05am that a referral to podiatrist (it is always slow) or better still he finds his own.

  • GPs asked to support weight loss in obese women before pregnancy

    Cobblers's comment 03 Dec 2018 5:38pm

    How about those wide arsed battleships known as madwives doing this?

    Agree with turnoutthelights.

  • GP co-op takes over out-of-hours for 300,000 patients after provider collapse

    Cobblers's comment 03 Dec 2018 3:15pm

    As well as the practice joining fee there should have been a big fat premium from the CCGs for pulling their coals out of the fire. After all where else would they have gone?

    If not you may have compromised the service to the rest of Brum.

    Not p!ssing on your chips but OOH services run on money which is in short supply and Christmas is premium time.

    COI Ex OOH Medical Manager.

  • Fewer than four in ten over-65s vaccinated against flu in Scotland

    Cobblers's comment 28 Nov 2018 8:58pm

    The first comment I have is that GPs in this magazine were suggesting a central supply would solve England's flu jab shortage next year. Well Scotland has just shown us that is a lie.

    The second comment is Sturgeon saying "that it was the uptake at the end of the flu season that matters" which is utter hogwash. Surely the uptake needs to be high before the flu season starts, not after it.

    And Nicola 61% of over 65s have not had the vaccine. So large numbers of patients are either waiting or apparently don't want it.

    Jeez I hate politicians.

  • Policing of GPs has gone too far

    Cobblers's comment 28 Nov 2018 12:47pm

    Yes we are overdue to have this discussion.

    "Is the GMC fit for purpose"

    I, for one, am firmly in the negative camp.

  • GPs demand end to 'outrageous' delayed ambulance responses to practices

    Cobblers's comment 27 Nov 2018 10:36pm

    Chris Jones is a Director of 365 RESPONSE LIMITED, Company number 08153929. Looking at the website shows it full of nice moving graphics and bling, bling, ISO this and that.

    Seems it is a software company and no doubt the ambos probably do need a kick up the IT arse but this would appear to magic up extra trained crews and ambulances available on demand. Unlikely.

    Or make use of neighbouring under utilised crews if there is a local spike in demand.
    But we know there is no slack in the system. So unlikely also.

    So it would suggest a magic ambo tree.

    Welshview be careful.

  • GPs demand end to 'outrageous' delayed ambulance responses to practices

    Cobblers's comment 27 Nov 2018 5:16pm

    semiretired @ 23 Nov 2018 6:05pm.

    You pose an interesting question. Should one 'lie' to expedite the transport by ambulance of a criticaly ill patient?

    No choice really. If I am brutally honest then the patient is put at increased risk of dying. If I lie then ambulance priority is rejigged and patient makes it to the imposing building with the clever doctors in white coats.

    So GMC what is it to be? Deny my primary function of saving patients or deny my secondary function of being honest?

  • Revealed: the effect of the Government's NHS long-term plan on general practice

    Cobblers's comment 26 Nov 2018 10:54am

    I read this and am I inspired? Have I hope for the future? Do I see money going into GPs budgets? Do I see pay even matching inflation let alone increasing in a real sense? Do I think the politicians care, let alone understand what they are doing? Is Prof Double-Barrel on the same planet as I am?

    I am afraid the answer is ‘NO’ to the lot.

    RLE you know it makes sense.

  • RCGP backs second EU referendum amid fears Brexit will 'damage' the NHS

    Cobblers's comment 26 Nov 2018 10:44am

    I fear for democracy if this comes to pass. A sign over the ballot box.

    "Vote how you like but if we, your representatives, don't get the result we want, we will have the vote again....and again....until we get the result we want".

    Effectively the end of a 2500 year experiment from Athens to current. The Demos Kratos would be gone and Cleisthenes would turn in his grave.

  • GPs demand end to 'outrageous' delayed ambulance responses to practices

    Cobblers's comment 23 Nov 2018 5:00pm

    That's an easy one to resolve. When phoning for an ambulance either get the patient relative to telephone (stating no doctor present) or, if at the surgery, get the receptionist to say there are no doctors on the premises and the Defib has gone off for servicing. Knowing it is being recorded demand a blue light 8 minute response.

  • LMCs vote against patient charges for GP services

    Cobblers's comment 23 Nov 2018 4:54pm

    It is unlikely that Revolution will come from within a 1940s style socialist Health Service. It will come from without in affluent areas first. The NHS GP service gets steadily worse (it's 3 weeks now for a routine appointment with a GP here) and some brave souls start up a private service.

    So Dr Syed your next motion should not be the get co-payments going but to allow private GPs access to NHS secondary services e.g. Bloods, XRays and Referrals not to mention state based prescriptions.

  • Qualified GP workforce shrinks by almost 700 in 12 months

    Cobblers's comment 22 Nov 2018 3:13pm

    Don't worry Professor Double-Barrelled. It is but a blip on a long term decline.

    But I admire your optimism. A one time increase is a trajectory!!

    Ever thought about becoming a politician before you become a Dame?