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Independents' Day


  • GP practices to send out distress signals when facing ‘unsafe’ workload pressure

    Cobblers's comment 13 Feb 2020 11:34am

    I think that there is general GP agreement that the alert status being routinely rolled out by secondary care has little effect, if any, on patient management in primary care. If they need to go in, they need to go in.

    So why in heavens name would GPs want to follow it, despite its uselessness, smacks of either desperation or stupidity.

    That being said it is fertile ground for humour and I agree that we should not follow the hospital BLACK alert. Could be considered shroud waving and unnecessarily alarmist CoVid19 and all.

    Far better the sports analogy, green (that one day in summer) , amber (standard) and red (FOIAV) flags. Hang them outside the surgery (the flags) to give ample warning to the punters.

  • We shouldn't be deafened by the post-contract cheers

    Cobblers's comment 12 Feb 2020 4:21pm

    Kamal you reading the same contract?

    Copperfield expresses my view in his own inimitable way.

    Another day, another contract, is worth a read and expresses a huge majority view.

  • GPs to declare if they earn over £150k from 2021 for national publication

    Cobblers's comment 11 Feb 2020 2:54pm

    As a locum I have no contract with the NHS. The money I might earn is between me (and my wife), my accountant and HMRC and the latter do not know what I do.

    So how is this supposed to work again?

  • GP practices to be assessed against ‘patient experience’ measure in 2020/21

    Cobblers's comment 07 Feb 2020 1:35pm

    ‘patient experience’ measurement

    Euphemism for popularity contest.

    I've said this before but medicine is not necessarily always a good experience. That doctor who doesn't smile and look at you is not always a bad doctor and the one who emotes, hands out the Med3s and Antibiotics is not always a good doctor.

    The latter group would get the high scores in the popularity contest.

    Shipman, Ayling, Shah might well have had bonus points under this requirement.

  • Reaction to the new GP contract for 2020/21

    Cobblers's comment 07 Feb 2020 1:17pm

    Dr Nikita Kanani, NHS medical director for primary care:

    'This agreement means better care for patients (How?), and will help relieve pressure in general practice (No it won't). This contract is good news for practising GPs (It isn't), and supports our practices in the new primary care networks to bring in extra skilled staff (Nope), and recruit and retain our GPs (Really?).

    Wrong on all counts Dr Kanani.

    Let's hope this one gets through the censor.

  • The mystery of paragraph 3.12

    Cobblers's comment 07 Feb 2020 1:08pm

    GPmissionary | GP Partner/Principal07 Feb 2020 2:58am.

    Red rag to the proverbial bovine perhaps?

    Sits back in comfy seat, fizzy drink and popcorn to hand.

  • NHS Property Services on why ‘a clean slate’ isn't the answer

    Cobblers's comment 06 Feb 2020 12:25pm

    "As a not-for-profit organisation supporting the demands of frontline care, every penny NHS Property Services (NHSPS) generates is reinvested back into the NHS".

    PHEW that's alright then!

    So not only real reductions year on year in terms of take home pay, pension problems and high tax bills you also have the enviable duty to pay over the odds for NHS rentals all going to the NHS.

    Makes you feel all nice warm and cosy doesn't it?

    Where do they get these numpties from?

  • The mystery of paragraph 3.12

    Cobblers's comment 05 Feb 2020 10:04pm

    TC Article 2/1/20. Pulse noted this then.

  • To engage or not to engage…?

    Cobblers's comment 03 Feb 2020 1:28pm

    "Please note - we are pre-moderating comments on this".

    Just about sums it up. This is censorship and uses the ad hominem 'attacks' from previous posts as the excuse. Thin end of the wedge Jaimie. Soon it will be all those who disagree in any manner and then all will be well in the NHS garden of tranquility and light.

  • NHS England pledges to change network proposals after 'significant' GP concerns

    Cobblers's comment 31 Jan 2020 11:55am

    NHSE method is a standard negotiation tactic. Go in with an extreme but "credible" position allow oppositional screams to peak and die down then give a little, maybe a little more, and get what you wanted in the first place.

    NHSE needs to face a blank wall. There is no more give in this NHS elastic.

    A fundamental rethink is needed in terms of NHS provision.

  • Jeremy Hunt appointed chair of the health and social care committee

    Cobblers's comment 30 Jan 2020 11:05am

    Fox........Hen house.

    'nuff said.

  • The gender divide is a result of an inflexible partnership model

    Cobblers's comment 28 Jan 2020 10:58am

    Oh and as regards sharing parenting (Minefield alert!!) why does it fall on you all the time? I did my share of hurrying the kids up and taking them to school and also picking them up (COI Male)

    Do it all and you risk burnout. Have the talk with him and plan for change. Being a partner (as I was) means you can rejig your worktimes. He can pick the kids up, if only once or twice a week. It all helps.

  • The gender divide is a result of an inflexible partnership model

    Cobblers's comment 28 Jan 2020 10:50am

    I tend to agree with Last Man Standing (except for the shouting - seriously?) in that I don't follow. Partnership has some advantages but many serious downsides not least last (wo)man standing.

    Salaried is a comfortable, underpaid, overworked, option. What's wrong with being a locum? Set your price, times and conditions. What's not to like? I understand the holidays sick pay yada yada but the flexibility it gives you, you seem to need.

    Man up :-) and get out of salaried.

  • Eight legs good

    Cobblers's comment 23 Jan 2020 6:18pm

    Agree TC. Unleash Boris and negotiate an exit from GP. :-)

  • Hospital says GPs will manage patients it has told doctors to discharge early

    Cobblers's comment 17 Jan 2020 6:13pm

    "It may mean that GPs will have to prioritise managing these sicker patients potentially involving work beyond their scope over patients they routinely manage and have been trained to see."

    No. Readmit.

  • Working Life: Working in trans health

    Cobblers's comment 09 Jan 2020 5:13pm

    SB 4:13pm

    Unlikely. I counted homosexuals as friends then and still do now.

    Are you not in the least troubled by what are irreversible actions in a very vulnerable population?

    Primum nil nocere is our dictum is it not? This is harm. Even if a vocal group are baying for treatment do we give it if it is harm?

    Let alone balance the funding needs of the whole population?

    I don't have an answer but what we do need is a grown up discussion generally how we afford any treatment on the NHS.

  • Working Life: Working in trans health

    Cobblers's comment 09 Jan 2020 3:23pm

    Dr Simon Braybrook Chair SE Wales RCGP Faculty.

    Heavy weight establishment piles into support a, no doubt, well meaning doctor.

    Are you going to be around, either of you, when the chickens come home to roost as DecorumEst has suggested?

    In 10-20 years time those who have had their genitalia refashioned regret their actions and decide to unload legally?

    "Well m'lud it was the zeitgeist. It seemed like a good thing to do".

    Good luck with that.

  • GPs lodge formal objection to housing as developer plans 300 new homes

    Cobblers's comment 07 Jan 2020 7:12pm

    Save your breath lads (and ladies). After suitable emoluments have exchanged hands and the odd funny handshake it'll get passed.

    They will talk the talk only. HMG have set stringent housing targets which they have to meet.

    All you can do is close lists or RLE.

  • Millions of patients wait more than three weeks for GP appointment

    Cobblers's comment 06 Jan 2020 11:53am

    'There are limits beyond which GPs can no longer guarantee safe care to patients and the potential for error or misdiagnosis increases.’

    I think we are at that limit. The media are becoming aware of near miss incidents or deaths.

    If GPs started opening private centres and charging they would be surprised at the demand.

  • GPs to visit care home patients fortnightly under network requirements

    Cobblers's comment 02 Jan 2020 2:27pm

    I was looking for the straw that broke the camel's back in all of this and I think I've found it.

    Bringing back OOH care to the PCNs aka GPs after 20/21.

    That'll break the bloody camel.