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Independents' Day


  • LMC agrees fee with CCG to pay practices £90 per hour for safeguarding reports

    Cobblers's comment 04 Dec 2019 3:34pm

    When I left practice in 2016 my rates were £70 per 15 minutes or part thereof IN ADVANCE.

    Whilst agreement to pay for GPs time is to be welcomed I agree that £90 is under the market rate. Try getting your solicitor or for that matter the garage mechanic to work for £90 an hour.

  • 'No evidence' that GPs' race, sex and age affect tribunal decisions, finds GMC study

    Cobblers's comment 03 Dec 2019 11:02am

    Dear me, GMC innocent says GMC.

    That would be funny if it wasn't funny and tragically so.

    On that basis all the prisoners in all the prisons are innocent too?

    "Guilty Guv? Corse not! Where's me compo?"

  • Four surgeries run by former CCG chair suspended by CQC until 'further notice'

    Cobblers's comment 29 Nov 2019 5:05pm

    That'll learn the practice not to use Izal instead of Sainos quilted bog paper.

    Seriously though the 'surrounding' practices should all close their lists to ram home to the CQC that closing a practice should not be taken lightly.

  • Practice suspended by CQC in crisis town closes down for good

    Cobblers's comment 27 Nov 2019 7:25pm

    Dr Nimmo qualified in 1988 and it is likely he is minimum mid 50s in age.

    If he's got any sense he's bailed, got his pension and doing a few cuddly locums.

    The CQC can disappear up its own fundament.

  • Should GPs stop doing home visits?

    Cobblers's comment 27 Nov 2019 1:16pm

    Nish 10:29pm the 1966 contract was, in part, activity based and payments for certain activities including visits (night) did occur. Not only did this involve a fair bit of a paper trail it was capped! Look up 'Average Net Remuneration'. The politicos could not allow the budget to soar. If more activity occurred and more payments happened to GPs then under the ANR rules payments reduced for the next year.

  • Rage against the migraine

    Cobblers's comment 27 Nov 2019 11:01am

    DecorumEst 27 Nov 2019 0:47am. GPs already know the system is a shambles (and I think you are being kind). It's the politicians who feel "It's the envy of the world!"

    What amazes me is the punter. It's almost like the slowly boiled frog. These long waits for routine GP care are accepted! I see no push yet for private GP provision. I wonder what it will take.

  • Gold, incentives and 'meh': how the major parties' election pledges stack up

    Cobblers's comment 26 Nov 2019 11:51am

    This election gives me pretty much the same feeling as if the worst heart sink ever had booked the entire day with me.

    I view the current crop of political mediocrities much the same way as bunging my bare hand down a septic drain to clear whatever it is blocking. (and yes I do now have a set of drain rods)

    I pretty much avoid the TV news and turn several pages in the newspaper unread. And yet I will vote. The local lad does hit bit for the community and manages to keep his nose clean in the Westminster sh1tfest so he'll get my vote.

    But, if asked, I will suggest GPs cut their ties to the NHS. I cannot see a way out of the multitude of wrongs being done by HMG and NHSE . A few brave souls need to jump in affluent areas. Then more will follow. NHS GP will be a rump poor buggers.

  • I need something to take the pledge off

    Cobblers's comment 20 Nov 2019 6:17pm

    "........ a little bit of what’s left of my vocational commitment to the NHS dies."

    TC you still have vocational commitment?

    You idealist you. In the nicest possible way you're a bit of a dinosaur. And that damn great asteroid is heading for earth.

  • We must convince graduates that general practice is 'exciting', says Ashworth

    Cobblers's comment 14 Nov 2019 10:43am

    Oh dear more election based platitudinous drivel.

    Message should be sh1t job, sh1t pay.

    Never get me elected, would it?

  • Former health secretary Frank Dobson dies aged 79

    Cobblers's comment 12 Nov 2019 7:41pm

    I am aware that in these cases "De mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est"

    In comparison with recent jokers he was not bad but he did decide, if I recall, that one man's erection could be treated free on the Nash and another's could not. (Viagra)

  • Tenth GP practice hands over contract to foundation trust

    Cobblers's comment 08 Nov 2019 5:08pm

    A quick look at Google shows Dr Fowler to have qualified in 1981 so I suspect he is looking for a way out. He's the only doctor there it seems. A quick tie up with the Trust and off-loading of redundancy responsibilities and retire into the golden sunset. Cynic moi?

  • GPs asked to spread out pneumococcal vaccine over year due to shortages

    Cobblers's comment 08 Nov 2019 3:29pm

    policenthieves you use the word 'trickle'. This suggests a small amount.

    Deluge is mine otherwise FOAD NHS.

    Seriously GPs are underfunded and thought to be a cheap resource. Time for that to change.

  • GPs expected to vaccinate schoolchildren as flu programme is delayed

    Cobblers's comment 07 Nov 2019 5:12pm

    Agreement? Jeez PHE would have to come to the surgery on their knees with chocolates AND roses plus an amazingly good payment per vaccine given.

    Even then I would have to consider it whilst monching my choccies.

  • ‘We want the CQC to be seen as a critical friend’

    Cobblers's comment 01 Nov 2019 3:45pm

    She has zero insight into the malign destructive malignancy she heads. She does not see that the CQC is a big part of the problem. Her only response is to keep up the punishment until GPs 'improve'.

    I am so glad I told them to "Go forth and multiply" when they phoned me when I was in practice. I was on the final approach to a retirement landing. All went smoothly and no CQC.


  • Told you so

    Cobblers's comment 30 Oct 2019 5:31pm

    Nobody likes a smart arse but what else can you say to the BMA other than "We told you so".

    Will they listen, will they change? I very much doubt it. Meanwhile NHS GP is descending into the first circle of hell - limbo.

  • BMA in negotiations with NHSE over funding for network service specifications

    Cobblers's comment 28 Oct 2019 8:01pm

    I'm struggling with this crock of sh1te.

    So, hypothetically if I refused 'extra' staff and refused to fund 30% of their pay could I then tell NHSE to shove their seven specifications up their fundament?

  • GPs to trial standing desks to 'set example' about active living

    Cobblers's comment 25 Oct 2019 6:59pm

    Nothing new under the sun. In the early 1980s a senior GP colleague suggested keeping the patients standing as a cure for heartsinks. It seemed to work too in that a lot of them transferred to other practices.

    Mind you one of his other ideas was to leave a bucket of antibiotic samples at the door with a note to those with the snuffles to "Help yourself". Probably not a good idea nowadays but it made me laugh back in the day.

  • We are everyone’s house dogs

    Cobblers's comment 11 Oct 2019 12:38pm

    Not sure if the current problem is as black and white as you say Shaba.

    Some time back it was normal for a person to see the consultant, who then ordered various tests and they were then followed up by the team for consideration of those investigations, diagnosis, treatment and discharge, letters taking 3-4 days to get to the GP.

    But, guess what, pressure came from Primary Care (PCG, PCT, HA, CCG), to reduce the follow ups (thereby saving money) and people ended up with a half arsed job and sent back to their GP. It got so far as the CCG stipulating what percentage follow ups would be paid for and above that number could not be charged. Woe betide a consultant with a higher FU ratio!!

    Add to that the recently reported schism in terms of communications between secondary and primary care. The inability of the medical software to talk to each other.

    And all this malodorous ordure comes gently filtering down the the place of last resort. Primary Care.

    Thank God I am out of it.

  • We are everyone’s house dogs

    Cobblers's comment 11 Oct 2019 12:16pm

    OK I'll bite.

    Can a woman be emasculated?

  • PCNs are a chance to redefine general practice and feel empowered about the future

    Cobblers's comment 10 Oct 2019 5:34pm


    "We, as a profession, head towards change feeling empowered --- not disenchanted and blindly following the orders of what someone else thinks a better NHS looks like".

    PCNs are most certainly the latter thought.

    What a load of platitudinous drivel.