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Independents' Day

Addie Nuff

  • GP suspended after secretly filming CQC inspections

    Addie Nuff's comment 08 Dec 2018 6:11pm

    Difficult and upsetting experience for the inspection team? Might the CQC inspection team need "resilience training" more than GPs allegedly do? A truly transparent and honest regulatory process would have nothing to fear from being recorded.

  • Nearly a third of GPs say they will quit within five years

    Addie Nuff's comment 04 Dec 2018 10:49am

    It took me a while, but eventually I accepted that there was only one thing I could change about my intolerable situation as a GP partner. Out this year in my early fifties, still well able to do a reasonable day's doctoring. For all their surveys and public sucking of their teeth, none of the local or national NHS bodies expressed the slightest interest in my reasons for leaving or in trying to find ways to keep me in the profession.

  • Should GPs promote sustainable living as part of health advice?

    Addie Nuff's comment 22 Nov 2018 8:31pm

    Absolutely not. I have patients who are better qualified to advise me about sustainable living than I am to advise them or anyone else. I'm interested but it's not my area of expertise any more than treating high blood pressure is the recycling site operative's area of expertise.

  • GPs have a duty to discuss weight with patients – no matter how awkward it is

    Addie Nuff's comment 10 Nov 2018 12:52pm

    I will gladly speak to my patients about their weight. What I will say is, "It is my responsibility to ensure you have access to the best medical care possible irrespective of your weight."

  • Our generals need to put on their helmets and join us at the front

    Addie Nuff's comment 25 Oct 2018 7:09pm

    I can think of a few who are in non-clinical roles because they were "promoted out of harm's way". Not sure I want them getting under my feet in the trenches.

  • Pulling a sickie

    Addie Nuff's comment 05 Aug 2018 9:03pm

    I have had cause to be grateful to the GPs who gave me a sick note for "stress at work" when I needed to be out of my workplace for a while. After essential time out I went back to the same job, sorted out the issue that had been underlying the stress, and the NHS got a few more good years out of me. Had I been denied that note because it "wasn't a medical issue", I'd have left medicine, possibly by suicide.

  • GPs should be ‘pleased’ when small practices close, suggests NHS's top GP

    Addie Nuff's comment 01 Aug 2018 4:35pm

    General practices of any size are not "most businesses" and GPs might be 'pleased' if this fact was acknowledged by our leaders. The closure or impending closure of small practices in our already underdoctored area causes my partners and me to feel terror and despair at the extra workload we're going to be obliged to take on; with no prospect of recruiting, no amount of money can buy us the time we need to provide care to large numbers of extra patients whose care may need to be overhauled as they've come from struggling practices.

  • The Scottish contract doesn’t work for millennial GPs

    Addie Nuff's comment 15 Jul 2018 5:02pm

    I like to think my millennial offspring would likewise turn up their little instagrammable noses at a job that makes infinite and increasing demands, offers limited and diminishing rewards, and revolves around the collection of an ever-changing battery of meaningless metrics. The problem isn't the work ethic of a generation, it's that general practice partnership has become an Orwellian dystopia.

  • We have to stop making excuses for abusive patients

    Addie Nuff's comment 12 Jul 2018 5:55pm

    I agree. And there's nothing worse than going to a colleague for support and them saying, "Aw, he/she's always all right with ME, what did you say to him/her?" as if it's the GP's fault that the patient kicked off.

    One of my colleagues was on the receiving end of racial abuse from a patient a few weeks ago and the practice manager's response was to placate the patient to try to avoid a complaint instead of removing them from the practice list and reporting them to the police. Unbelievable!

  • The little details really do matter to patients

    Addie Nuff's comment 04 Jul 2018 2:47pm

    I totally agree. I've always said that my biggest asset as a GP is that I'm nosy.

  • Patients who are able to see the same GP have lower death risk, study finds

    Addie Nuff's comment 01 Jul 2018 5:26pm

    Whereas GPs who see the same patients all the time ...

  • Doctors want 'sanctions' for patients who post recordings of consultations online

    Addie Nuff's comment 29 Jun 2018 3:23pm

    Nah. Most patients won't post recordings of their consultations online. If they did, it would show that they were lying when they said, as they always do, "The doctor said there was nothing wrong with Kryystl-Querci but an hour later she had to be rushed to hospital," or, "The doctor said my [whatever] was OFF THE SCALE," or, "The doctor told me not to lift anything heavier than a cup of tea for six weeks." GPs have nothing to fear.

  • The Friday afternoon dump

    Addie Nuff's comment 26 Jun 2018 8:29pm

    I get the impression that the various community support teams with which we have been provided have been secretly briefed to create as much extra work for the GP as possible.

    Especially after 5pm on Friday afternoons.

  • RCGP urges GP practices to 'prescribe' 5k runs to patients

    Addie Nuff's comment 21 Jun 2018 11:22pm

    I'm a regular participant and volunteer at my local parkrun myself, and I have patients who participate and volunteer at parkrun, but I object to Parkrun UK attempting to dictate the nature and content of my consultations. I suspect the echo chamber that came up with this suggestion hasn't a clue about the level at which our "least active" or "with long term health conditions" are functioning physically. I would prefer to continue to promote physical activity in a patient-centred way without being told to shove an event that's indistinguishable from a 5km running race in the faces of patients with ... what? Severe COPD? Heart failure? Cystic fibrosis? Wheelchair users? Seriously?

  • At least 456 patients died after inappropriate opioid prescribing by GP

    Addie Nuff's comment 20 Jun 2018 6:51pm

    I was looking forward to my retirement as a time when it would no longer be my fault if a patient died. It looks like there's no escape.

  • Time to drop the ‘tough love’ stance on obesity

    Addie Nuff's comment 06 Jun 2018 3:44pm

    There is insufficient evidence of long term benefit to justify advising patients to sign up to ANY slimming diet cult and I find it distressing that our local NHS is in bed with a commercial slimming organisation. I advise patients that my responsibility is to secure the best medical care for them irrespective of their body size. In those of middle years and beyond, the risks of frailty and sarcopenia worry me far more than obesity.

  • Almost half of GP consultations 'now include a mental health issue'

    Addie Nuff's comment 06 Jun 2018 3:37pm

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiight ... so it's being acknowledged that GPs are de facto psychiatrists, except that we have to know a shedload of other stuff too. Let's open discussions about retirement at 55 on a full pension for GPs.

  • Single-handed GPs asked for 'continuity plans' in case of their death

    Addie Nuff's comment 04 Jun 2018 10:52pm

    Since when was death considered sufficient reason for a GP to stop working?

  • We GPs need to walk the walk to get our patients active

    Addie Nuff's comment 04 Jun 2018 10:49pm

    There are GPs who have days when they don't do visits? How the other half lives! I do lots of sports, including Lycra-lout cycling, and would contend that a GP's effectiveness as a doctor is totally unrelated to their personal exercise habits. You'll be suggesting that we start making every alternate drink in the pub a soft drink next.

  • Antidepressants linked to weight gain in second year

    Addie Nuff's comment 26 May 2018 7:26pm

    It would be interesting to see a study comparing the weight trend in people on antidepressants with the weight trend in people with depression who were not prescribed antidepressants rather than with the general population; we don't know from this study whether it's depression itself, rather than the treatment, that causes weight gain.