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  • GPs could be allowed to prescribe medical cannabis pending Government review

    UtterFool's comment 18 Jun 2018 5:39pm

    What the f&£k are politicians doing making clinical decisions like this? Wait for the tidal wave of weirdos who’ll book in demanding cannabis oil for any number of undiagnosable mysterious chronic health conditions. I can picture them now, bet you can too, oh and maybe one in a hundred might actually be genuine and clinically appropriate, they’ll stick out a mile amongst the flotsam that’s for sure.

  • Capita regrets taking on unprofitable primary care support contract

    UtterFool's comment 18 Jun 2018 5:33pm

    Believe me the feeling is mutual

  • Babylon teams up with BUPA to significantly expand online GP offering

    UtterFool's comment 18 Jun 2018 5:31pm

    Yawn. This truely pisses me off when it’s offered on the NHS dressed up as an alternative to the face to face GP model with equal funding, but as a private service it’s just boring. A lot of irrelevant tech fuelled hot air. This is no more full blown medical care than giving someone a dedicated Dr staffed call center number. Really the fuss it’s creating is just free advertising for the business folk looking to expand their business. For me it’s only interesting for the fact they’ve conned some fools on a CCG in London to fund it on the NHS. Otherwise is nothing, really classic tech hyperbole destined to be exposed for the emptiness is actually is. At least some Drs get an option for income outside the NHS monopoly, but as ‘game changing’ way to deliver health care ...give me a break.

  • Three million patients claim to have suffered preventable harm in primary care

    UtterFool's comment 18 Jun 2018 2:44pm

    Complaints about the service at the virtually free all you can eat buffet continue to roll in.
    “I was expecting caviar, and all I got was some disgusting soup with a fish bone that stuck in my throat. When I demanded my money back the server told me I hadn’t actually paid. That really pissed me off.”

  • Long-term NHS plan must include funds for GP expansion, says health secretary

    UtterFool's comment 18 Jun 2018 2:32pm

    He wants to ensure some of the money is available to continue to ‘transform’ general practice...into what exactly? A phone app? A hospital trust lead mega practice open 24/7 with no continuity, run by centralised protocol, staffed by nurses and physicians assistants? Super.

    This mans ideas are toxic. His vision for the further is flawed. He has the worst tack record and longest tenure of any health secretary. The only useful thing he could add to any discussion on the health service would be the words ‘I’m leaving’ .

  • Government announces £20bn increase to NHS funding

    UtterFool's comment 18 Jun 2018 1:03pm

    We live in a democracy (supposedly) The population want the NHS to do all the things they expect it to. If that’s what they want they have to pay for it. If there is an argument that we cant afford that in today’s world then that argument needs to be aired and people have to vote for it at the ballot box. As yet the electorate has not voted for a radically reduced NHS. Until that happens the population has to accept they need to pay more for the health service they have voted for, and I suggest that’s exactly what people have voted for. What we currently have is a political lie, a dishonest weak political leadership that promises a full wide ranging health service without proper funding. This is down to the dishonesty of politicians. The NHS as it is costs, if you want it (and people do) then pay for it, if you can’t , then be honest and stop pretending you can have stuff you haven’t payed for.

  • Government announces £20bn increase to NHS funding

    UtterFool's comment 18 Jun 2018 12:48pm

    Sound bites with strings. It’s all in the implementation and there’s nothing to suggest this won’t be completely inappropriate as always.

    @ Dr Matt 11:59am, money most defiantly IS part of the equation. The health service isn’t doing what it did in the 1950s, or the late 1990s. Medicine isn’t doing what it did in 1840 either. Apart from this obvious fact the population has expanded markedly since 1950 (78 years ago) and 1997 (21years ago). Yes we need an honest open discussion about exactly what the NHS should be doing but your point as presented is simplistic. If people expect what they current demand, it costs a lot more than is currently being provided. Until the role of the NHS has been debated and thoroughly adjusted more money is exactly what is required.

    What is actually happening is a real world reduction in funding in the absence of a proper debate on what the NHS should be, that’s the wrong way round and that’s why there’s is a crisis. Theres a very real lack of money for what is being expected. Decisions about what the NHS should not be should happen BEFORE funding is reduced, not after.

    Funding has been reduced without an open honest debate. That is the lie we are living through. That is the reality.

  • Home Office confirms plans to lift doctor immigration cap

    UtterFool's comment 14 Jun 2018 3:03pm

    The cavalry isn’t coming 12:54pm
    ..what can I say, I’m an utter fool

  • Record number of GP trainees recruited, education bosses announce

    UtterFool's comment 14 Jun 2018 2:56pm

    Like ‘nobody knows’ why GPs are leaving.
    Like it’s all ‘a complete mystery’.
    And Prof thinks perhaps it’s got something to do with dissatisfaction “with the training and eduction they are getting post qualification, and therefore they are leaving”

    Uuur yeah? Really?

    The mysterious case of the disappearing 40%

    Nobody knows why ;)

  • Home Office confirms plans to lift doctor immigration cap

    UtterFool's comment 14 Jun 2018 11:14am

    Mean while, following the success of Donald Trump’s visit to N.Korea, the leader of UNITE construction union calls on the government to relax immigration rules to allow cheap construction labour from North Korea to ease the crisis in labour provision for the hard pressed building industry.

    ‘Hard working brick layers up and down the country are struggling to lay enough bricks, under intolerable working conditions, the constant threat of prosecution, with low pay and low morale, we need cheap labour from N Korea to work along side them, these guys will work for even less, and tolerate even worse conditions! What’s not to like? Someone’s got to build those buildings and our members just aren’t up to the job. I call on the government to open negatioatons with N Korea as soon as possible so the U.K. construction industry can continue to flourish.’

    The leader of the BMA sent his support and called on other unions to support the rights of foreign nationals to come to the UK to help sustain low pay and awful working conditions for hard working union members up and down the U.K.

  • Home Office confirms plans to lift doctor immigration cap

    UtterFool's comment 14 Jun 2018 10:58am

    Thank God. Perhaps we could move towards the complete eradication of U.K. trained Drs in medicine. We could then disband the Royal Colleges (what’s the point, they wouldn’t be training anybody ) and continue the downward pressure on pay and working conditions. I’m sure the BMA are delighted. What a Union. What a country.

  • Partnership review lead among GPs receiving Queen’s Birthday honours

    UtterFool's comment 14 Jun 2018 3:00am

    Penis, you’ve really got to do something about your name.

  • More international doctors apply to train in NHS – but fewer from the EU

    UtterFool's comment 13 Jun 2018 8:19pm

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  • More international doctors apply to train in NHS – but fewer from the EU

    UtterFool's comment 13 Jun 2018 8:19pm

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  • Former health secretary calls for guaranteed 4% annual NHS funding increases

    UtterFool's comment 13 Jun 2018 4:19pm

    Well yes.

  • Almost half of GP consultations 'now include a mental health issue'

    UtterFool's comment 13 Jun 2018 2:05pm

    The cavalry isn't coming | Hospital Doctor06 Jun 2018 12:16pm
    Most/many GPs do a rotation in psychiatry, if you don’t there will be someone in the practice who is pretty much an expert. There are many many many things GPs need to know. There isn’t a training scheme long enough to include them all. Most of the expertise necessary for being a good GP comes from actually doing the job. You wouldn’t know that unless you actually do the job. I’m not a fan of extending the length of GP training, more often than not it’s used as a fig leaf suggestion to fix problems caused by chronic underfunding and is nothing to do with the GP knowledge base. This is no exception

  • We are the GP dinosaurs, hear us roar!

    UtterFool's comment 13 Jun 2018 1:54pm

    Even better than usual! to see the film

  • GPs asked to help trusts cut long hospital stays by 25% before winter

    UtterFool's comment 13 Jun 2018 1:43pm

    There’s something missing in the NHS. Somewhere adequately resourced for the elderly with multiple morbidities who are likly to pass away within the coming 12 months. We rely on a mixed bag of ‘care homes’ who’s only medical support is the local GP. This isn’t enough to deal with the rising tide of old folk heading our way. Either fund care in the community or just see all these inadequately supported people get readmitted in a regular basis. It’s common sense and been pointed out by better folk than me countless times already. Targets and punishments won’t fix this issue.

  • Commissioners provide £1m bailout to CCG after influx of Babylon patients

    UtterFool's comment 13 Jun 2018 11:08am

    This service is only avalibale in London because

    A) The people of London are special
    B) People outside London don’t pay tax
    C) No one has a smart phone outside of the M25
    D) All the MPs are in London and whoever set this up has ‘contacts’

    Choose one option only. One gold star will be awarded for the correct answer. £1M will be deducted from other peoples health budgets for each wrong answer received.

  • Boost general practice to avoid 1.5m emergency admissions, say MPs

    UtterFool's comment 12 Jun 2018 6:18pm

    I love the way the phrase “social care” is bandied about. Like all that’s needed is more bum washers and folk to help Phylis get her nightie on at night and all will be well. The elderly with ultimate morbidities don’t just require “social care” to keep them out of hospital believe me.