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  • Health Education England to consider extra year of GP training

    AlanAlmond's comment 13 Dec 2017 1:20pm

    Making it more difficult to train to become a GP in the UK dove tails perfectly with the wider plan to ensure most of the future GP workforce has been trained in Bulgaria - out of reach of RCGP influence. I guess at least the Australians will be chuffed. I’m baffled as to why an extra year of training will reduce work load...but then I didn’t get that extra year of training, maybe if I had i’d understand?

  • Triple whammy forces 17,000-patient practice to hand back contract

    AlanAlmond's comment 12 Dec 2017 4:00pm

    With the greatest of respect to BrisDoc I can’t see that having your care taken over by an out of hours provider will be anything other than very bad news for the 17,000 people registered at this practice.
    It’ll be a walk in nurse lead service with Locum Dr support, and if the future is a 2 year rolling contract that will be the long term for this place. It reflects very badly indeed on the CCG that they couldn’t find an alternative way forward to what is basically a ‘slash a burn’ approach to a failing practice. Is this actually what anybody wants? I dont think so. I can’t see it’s what the leaders of the CCG wanted either. Very poor - all round.

  • BMA warns Government plans could put NHS on route to privatisation

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Dec 2017 5:48pm

    ..Oooh the BMA thinks government plans ‘could’ lead to privatisation. A stark assessment ..from the BMA mouse

    Thing is this was 3 years ago.

    What on Earth is the BMA for? I guess to be so utterly useless the government can do what the hell it likes.

  • ​More than a third of GP practices may close lists to new patients

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Dec 2017 5:34pm

    The solution is to pump money into 7 day access services to increase demand amongst the busy working well in London. We need to expand our customer base into new markets, those who never even know they might want to see a GP. It’s gotta work really is a no brainier. It’ll save a packet and help practices who want to close their lists ...won’t it?

  • Nine million patients told they can book evening and weekend GP appointments

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Dec 2017 5:24pm

    I’m really pleased. Improving access for the busy working well should always be number one priority for our cash limited National Health Service. This along with immediate access to a GP for anyone with an expensive mobile phone (again in London only) is just fabulous. It’s so heartening to hear this wonderful government initiative is being rolled out in our capital city, to complement recent amazing investments in transport infrastructure. All the self important smug gits living there must be lathered up in joy. Oh how wonderful it is to be so ill you can’t take time off work and yet still get to see a Dr whenever you want to discuss your possible fungal nail infection ...sure to save to country a packet ?
    Absolutely the opposite you total and utter feckin MORONS

  • Patients need to be more 'accountable' for their health, suggests GP mental health lead

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Dec 2017 10:53pm

    I’d have thought being an actual GP would be more relevant ..they do both medicine and psychiatry - bonus

  • General practice is doomed unless we change direction

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Dec 2017 9:06pm

    It’s rare that I read anyone anywhere detailing so comprehensively how things are, what is wrong and what needs to be put right. Excellent

  • Ooo doctor! Don’t carry on

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Dec 2017 8:37pm

    Vinci your posts are as always entertaining and thoughtful, thank you for your comments

  • Patients need to be more 'accountable' for their health, suggests GP mental health lead

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Dec 2017 8:32pm

    Borat - I for one, would indeed like the ability to sue patients for unreasonable behaviour. I’d also like the opportunity to make some kind of formal complaint about them. Ideally something along the lines of a ‘rate my patient’ website with anonymous postings by default.
    I know this sounds ridiculous and ain’t going to happen but tell me it wouldnt be great if we could.

  • Ooo doctor! Don’t carry on

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Dec 2017 5:01pm

    Vinci I beg to differ
    centralisation of power + absolute obedience = failed state (e.g. North Korea, USSR)
    It’s only when you set the people free that they have the space to create the future.

  • Ooo doctor! Don’t carry on

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Dec 2017 1:32pm

    What happens if you find yourself in the wrong unfashionable box? Unable to find cause to complain about being unfairly treated because you are female/brown/asexual/trained overseas because you are none these. Does this mean you will labelled some kind of sexist/racist/homophoic/xenophobic for not belonging to the aforementioned tribe? There seems no end to the labels we can apply to ourselves to construct virtual barriers between our fellow human beings. I find much to be depressed about in the increasingly ghettoised debate going on about almost every issue in society. I remain convinced, however, that most people are good, only a few are bad. Can we not be a little more inclusive in our discussions or surely we run the risk of making everyone the enemy when in fact most of ‘the others’ are your friends and also agree abuse of power is bad whoever the perpetrator.

  • GP appointments to be reserved for NHS 111 direct bookings under national scheme

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Dec 2017 12:01pm

    You can not run an organisation like this from the top down ..but that’s what every new initiative represents. Someone up the organisational chain imposing a crass idea from on high like a government official in the old Soviet Union telling the factories how many tractors to construct each year. Why would 111 be better at allocating appointments that the practice that actually knows and registered it’s patients? This is just another symptom of a collapsing service. Idiocy. Almost everyday I hear news that confirms I am making the right decision to get out of this soul crushing job. I’m gone in January. Thank god.

  • Bah! We’re all completely scrooged

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Dec 2017 7:56pm

    Yes the future is as the community geriatrician and worried well advisor/complaint handler. Spent my morning assessing a string of 89-94 year olds accompanied by their concerned pensioner child, each taking approx 50% of the allotted 10 min consultation just rising from the waiting room chair and walking super slow motion stylie into my room. Once sat down mostly concerned about being dizzy, ‘not well’ or forgetful, often living alone and needing some kind of additional social care. Everyone witj more than three chronic health conditions none of which with any prospect of resolution. Pure joy

  • GPs offered hundreds of thousands to put on extra appointments this winter

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Dec 2017 6:29pm

    Chucking peanuts at the monkeys in primary care to help reduce pressure in hospital. The sole aim to ‘reduce pressure on a&e’
    Who are they going to employ to carry out these extra appointments?
    I am sick of all these empty headline grabbing schemes to help hospitals. Primary care is a vast service in its own right. It receives only 7% of the NHS budget and yet carries out 95% of all face to face contacts. It doesn’t just exist simply to service the 93% cash guzzling hospital service. Were doing a whole load of work ourselves already and we are really struggling. And yet every time any trivial ‘emergency’ sum is announced with great fan fair..the reason is ‘to provide more appointments to relive the pressure on hospital beds’ ...depressing and completely missing the bigger picture. Where are the leaders with an understanding of reality?

  • New models of general practice reduce hospital demand, data suggest

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Dec 2017 6:16pm

    Our practice has low A&E attendance and low referral rates, we are in Birmingham and we aren’t part of a vanguard system. Despite this we get grief from the CCG for organising too many investigations! There are many ways to organise work...I’m not at all convinced with the ‘at scale’ dogma. We’re actually in danger of loosing the ability to offer certain services because funding is being lost unless we treat other practice patients and services are being taken away in favour of ‘multi practice community clinics’. The one thing this will defiantly accomplish is fragmentation of care and deskilling of practices which are currently providing these services perfectly adequately. Don’t believe the hype. The bottom line is the service isnt being funded adequately. It won’t be fixed with this constantl money wasting reorganisation - All firmly focused on making life easier for hospitals , moving work out to primary care and further reducing the money spent. It’s spin and bull. Were does this story come from. Who’s agenda is it serving? A well resourced bullshit factory powered by central government seeking to promote the latest fad in hospital focused primary care reorganisation. We need better funding. I am a total cynic.

  • Care UK asks GPs to refer patients to 'self-pay' treatment service

    AlanAlmond's comment 05 Dec 2017 5:03pm

    What’s the problem? If the service isn’t avalable on the NHS why stop people accessing treatment privately? Our job is not to force substandard NHS care on patients out of some kind of perverse duty to ‘the NHS cause’. We aren’t here to defend government funding failures, our role is to get the best treatment for the patient. The demise of the NHS is very sad indeed but it’s not our fault. Indirectly it’s the responsibility of the electorate who vote for the politicians who decide on how to fund the service, This is simply the result of the electorates voting decisions. It isn’t down to us.

  • I voted Brexit for the NHS – now show us the money

    AlanAlmond's comment 05 Dec 2017 1:49pm

    “Let’s ditch democracy”
    The clarion call of the remoaners.

  • Practices should remove earwax causing hearing loss, NICE recommends

    AlanAlmond's comment 04 Dec 2017 10:59pm

    What does NICE recommend for a blocked nose?
    A snot rag I’d wager.
    Most helpful as always.

  • NHS reviewing whether paramedics should have prescribing powers

    AlanAlmond's comment 04 Dec 2017 10:56pm

    I’ve long argued for this along with the tea lady. ‘I’ll put something in yar tea Mrs McFarelane.. that’ll put whiskers on yar chest” that’s what the punters want to hear.

  • ​Anger as GMC tries to overrule its own tribunal and strike off junior doctor

    AlanAlmond's comment 04 Dec 2017 3:29pm

    The GMC does not see itself as anything other than a patient advocacy service. It has the profession by the short and curllies and uses its power to direct and subjugate. There’s no official body looking out for the wellfair of Drs in the UK, our ‘union’ is a sham organisation confused about why it exists. The regulatory frame work has changed rapidly within the last few years and the BMA has failed to respond. Individuals in power may voice concerns about the status quo but it’s the oppressive structure of regulation itself so rapidly created since Shipman that is suffocating medicine. We need some fundamental changes to the way we treat the medical profession in the UK. Until that happens month by month and year by year this country descends ever lower into a dangerous, dark and lonely place to be working as Dr.