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AlanAlmond is a very important person. He/she has served on numerous committees and contributed to a swath of NICE guidance. He/she has had many different jobs in medicine, all with impressive sounding titles, he/she has gained important medical qualifications and has worked as a GPwSi in a field you probably know little about. AlanAlmonds importance is such that he/she has felt it appropriate to write this biography in a style suggestive of an independent biographer...possibly employed by an eminent newspaper or journal befitting of his/her status...when everybody knows, AlanAlmond wrote this him/herself and is just a little bit of a narcassist. Well that’s AlanAlmond he/she’s really quite a guy/girl. Certainly more important that you, that’s obvious, a ‘Top GP’, or certainly would like you to think so. He /she certainly does. I shall not go on. I’ve said enough already. Just remember the name - AlanAlmond - VIIP (that’s very impressive person but important too, both infact)

  • Leaked NHS memo warns pensions errors may affect 'large proportion of GPs'

    AlanAlmond's comment 18 Oct 2018 12:58pm

    When you opt out of the NHS pension you maintain all benefits you’ve accrued up until the point you opt out. The pension is kind of put on ice until you retire. I did this in 2015 and will receive a 1995 section pension up to the value I had reached in 2015, at my retirement. It isnt great but it’s something. Mean time I’m making my own pension arrangements. I felt back then that the NHS pension was too complex (especially as a Locum) and it was being used by the government as a tool to shackle Drs to the NHS. I also reasoned you cannot trust the government with your pension. By a shear random act of luck for me I chose to opt out about a month before Capita took over administration of the NHS pension. At that time I needed to change performers list and Capita were utterly incompetent in doing this and it took a year. I can only asume their incompetence was on an equal scale with pensions, only it’s taken longer for it to come out...being the nature of pensions , they move slowly. Thank god I left when I did. I’ve come to realise, if you think something is wrong/up/incompetent within the NHS is probably is, what’s more it’s probably a whole lot worse than you first imagined.

  • Prepare to be amazed by some evidence-based magic

    AlanAlmond's comment 17 Oct 2018 9:53am

    Legalise placebos just like they have done in Canada.

  • CCGs in talks over recruiting Australian GPs with £18k relocation package

    AlanAlmond's comment 12 Oct 2018 4:29pm

    Why not spend the money on UK Drs? I live within stricking distance of this CCG. I'm a pissed off GP who might be tempted back by £18,000. They should be under no illusions, any fresh faced Australian silly enough to come work in the the NHS will become a pissed off GP too soon enough - and thats just because of the weather.

  • Take part in Pulse's first locum GP survey to win £200 John Lewis vouchers

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Oct 2018 1:46pm

    ...I guess a questionnaire like this is something, and I commend PULSE for using this approach to create something that’s genuinely new and not just a reworking of somebody else’s spin.

  • Take part in Pulse's first locum GP survey to win £200 John Lewis vouchers

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Oct 2018 1:39pm

    I suspect they don’t know about them. PULSE does one or two issues very thoroughly and seems oblivious to everything else...hence the obsession with Babylon. Anything requiring more a google search is missed out. Today’s journalism is infused with a strong belief that the everything exists on-line. All the hot stories are on Twitter. It’s lazy but it’s the future and it’s part of the reason why journalism is slowly dying, what’s the point of reading a newspaper when most of it came off google and is a reworking of somebody else’s agenda...stuff pumped out by government spin departments at tax payers expense, and propaganda press releases from businesses. Want free content? It doesn’t exist. It’s all paid for by somebody, and if journalistist aren’t doing their job (and just relying on google) the news is owned by government and business. It’s sad, but it’s the lazy feed me for free 21st century. Real news is rare, because we don’t pay for it anymore and the journalistist are increasingly millennials who can’t comprehend a world with out thier smart phone spinfomation feed.

  • GMC to train fitness-to-practise investigators to recognise 'human factors'

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Oct 2018 1:24pm

    So we can conclude that up to this point “human factors” were not taken into account in investigations? What is medicine if not entirely about “human factors”. This is nothing more than an admission that up till now all investiagations have been utterly inadequate. How could “human factors” not have been included already? An expensive training exercise to ensure they do what they should have already been doing. Pure comedy.

  • NHS England's flagship GP time-saving scheme frees up '120,000 clinical hours'

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Oct 2018 12:58pm

    Reflection | GP Partner/Principal10 Oct 2018 11:11am

    A 13,0000 list practice with only ONE visit a day - seriously? Where on earth do you work and/or what kind of unusual practice population have you been blessed with? This is highly atypical and suggesting this is somehow generalizable to general practice nationally is unhelpful.

  • NICE antidepressant withdrawal guidance ‘misleading’ and ‘without evidence’

    AlanAlmond's comment 09 Oct 2018 10:54am

    We do need some proper clarification about the role of NICE guidance. So often these guidelines are held up as a straight jacket, lawyers, commissioners and wider society use them as a means to control and punish Drs without real understanding of their limitation. Every time a lawyer gets involved in a complaint they slavishly and lazily refer to NICE guidelines as if they are compulsory and akin to the law itself. NICE states they are simply there to guide and are not compulsory but this is not how they are being used. Is it an impossible ask that this spirit be recognised in wider society? The biggest problem with NICE is not the guidance itself but its inappropriate use by non medics, primarily the legal profession. NICE is not the sole arbiter of medical practice but alas in the UK it is treated as such. It isn’t. Nobody in the rest of the world is getting sued for not following debatable state sponsored medical rules. Why are we doing this in the U.K.?

  • Brexit prompts RCGP to take legal advice regarding political impartiality

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Oct 2018 2:24pm

    Keep out of politics.
    Yes a lot of people would like it, but a lot of people would not.
    By a ratio of around 47:53
    The RCGP has no mandate to speak for the political views of GPs.
    Divisive and dangerous.

  • RCGP calls for Government funding for all GP practices to e-consult by 2022

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Oct 2018 2:15pm

    Is e-consulting part of MRCGP?

  • Health secretary in talks to delay 2020 target for recruiting 5,000 extra GPs

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Oct 2018 2:10pm

    “Some say we don't need more GPs because we need to change the model.“...who is saying this? Who is saying we don’t need more GPs? Distancing yourself from a position nobody is taking is just a back hand way of suggesting the idea. The more often dumb ideas are spoken, the quicker they become mainstream and part of the routine argument, even when nobody is backing them. Oh but so useful for two faced politicians to have something ludicrous to point to and be fighting to prevent. It’s all crap.

  • NHS England to focus on Australian GP recruits as registration streamlined

    AlanAlmond's comment 04 Oct 2018 1:14pm

    And besides a significant number of the internationally mobile GPs working in Australia are British citizens trained in the U.K. anyway.

  • Social care reforms 'can't be done' without GPs, says health secretary

    AlanAlmond's comment 02 Oct 2018 10:42pm

    So he’s finally googled what a GP is.

  • CCGs failing to invest in GP retention scheme, BMA warns

    AlanAlmond's comment 01 Oct 2018 9:19pm

    I’m planning on leaving general practice. I’ve more than 15 years before retirement. I recently heard by accident about a retainers scheme in my area. There was a 10 day window for applications for the funding. The internal administrative email implied they were worried the money wouldn’t get spent and would subsequently be withdrawn and was urging practices to apply, and yet there was just a 10 window to get the applications in. It struck me I’m exactly the kind of person you’d think they might want to retain and yet I’d heard nothing about it. It’s like retainers don’t exist. They don’t want to spend the money. The only people who get retainers seem to be Drs in the practices of the people who run and administrate the scheme. It’s a corrupt and a useless fig leaf. A pretense,

  • BMA calls for ‘similar support’ for GPs as hospitals handed £145m winter bailout

    AlanAlmond's comment 29 Sep 2018 10:14am

    IDGAF - I don’t do OOH and more recently don’t do much in hours work either - am relying on savings to get me through. Not what I planned when I started out but it is what it is. Like ‘what now?’ suggests, the safest thing is not to be there during times of maximum risk. Unfortunately these periods increasingly cover even your normal average day.

    So it’s been medical school - junior hospital Dr - GP registrar - salaried GP - locum GP - what now? - exit

  • GPs should not screen patients over 70 for prostate cancer, researchers say

    AlanAlmond's comment 29 Sep 2018 4:12am

    What would an AI bot driven app do with this little gem?

  • GPs could be asked to do C-sections under proposals to retain maternity unit

    AlanAlmond's comment 29 Sep 2018 4:08am

    ..but then again maybe they could ask the pharmacists to do it.

  • GPs could be asked to do C-sections under proposals to retain maternity unit

    AlanAlmond's comment 29 Sep 2018 4:03am

    I’ve heard of GPs being asked to do this kind of thing when helping out on a career gap in places like Uganda. Honestly it’s not uncommon in other parts of the world were Drs are a rare commodity. But in the U.K. ? This is supposed to be a first world country. GPs are not trusted enough to do spirometry without specialist training. Of cause it won’t happen but this blows me away. It’s perfectky possible for a GP with enough additional training to be competent in performing a routine CS. We are Drs after all, what else is an obsetrition other than a Dr with additional training, but that this should be a genuine suggestion in a country with umpteen medical schools, royal colleges and world class medical expertise is absolutely mind boggling. It’s like something out of private eye, pure satire, but reality. And guess what, i doubt it will be reported anywhere other than PULSE.

  • CQC inspection regime 'requires improvement', evaluation concludes

    AlanAlmond's comment 27 Sep 2018 9:59am

    Surely general practice needs to change to make life easier for the inspectors. This is the approach in the realm of funding/administration and IT and I see no reason why the same ‘one size fits all’ approach shouldn’t also be imposed by the CQC. Who exactly is wearing the trousers here, GPs or the CQC? It should be the CQC but reading this article you might start think the interests of GPs somehow matter - lol , the very idea!
    We need more ‘working at scale’ - so much easier to administrate, so much more ‘efficient’ and oh some much easier to inspect.
    General practice must comply ...or die.

  • Chief GP inspector set to leave CQC in March 2019

    AlanAlmond's comment 26 Sep 2018 3:37am

    No doubt to be replaced by an ex-conservative MP/private secretary/lord/journalist/radio presenter