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  • Remember you were the future – once

    ZX81's comment 10 Aug 2017 8:40am

    So who is actually saying this kind of stuff about trainees? Seriously who? Yet how many readers are nodding smugly to themselves thinking 'oh that's so right ..go Zoe!'
    Mocking nonexistent/minority stereotypes, magnifying false divisions. and grinding ancient axes.
    Isnt this actually a little sexist, ageist and a wee bit divisive? Does this kind of article bring us together or feed feelings of resentment and division?

  • DH shelves plans to handcuff UK-trained doctors to NHS for four years

    ZX81's comment 10 Aug 2017 7:54am

    Why all the comments written in July about a completly different article ??

  • Practices who ditch new 'voluntary' GP contract could lose all their patients

    ZX81's comment 08 Aug 2017 4:44pm

    Why is anyone left wondering why newly qualified GPs are thinking twice about taking on partnerships? This is the future ..only naive fools need apply. And without the possibility of partnership why would anyone train to be a GP..unless they were planning to leave the country or use the qualification to work part time doing something else. And to those currently debating extending training to 5 years or more...just who do you think will be rushing to apply for these training places given this is what will be waiting for them after so many years of study?

  • Giving the next generation of GPs a voice

    ZX81's comment 06 Aug 2017 1:38pm

    The ability to work part time, have outside interests and have a flexible career are part of the reason I became a GP, and I've been one for 12 years. Many of my fellow trainees felt the same back when I was training. This isn't 'new'. These have been reasons to be a GP for many years and isn't something peculiar to the current crop of GP newbies. Neither are these aspirations incompatible with the partnership model. Plenty of partners work part time.
    If the partnership model is struggling it isn't because it is inherently unattractive. It's because it been strangled almost to death by government micromanagement (QOF, QCC etc etc) and underfunding. That's what needs to be fixed. I would suggest the future of general practice is very bleak indeed if the ONLY option for those qualifying into general practice was working as a salaried GP for an entire career. Why would anyone spend thousands of pounds and years of study qualifying as a Dr only to work as a salaried GP until they are 68? For all the talk of a future with 100% salaried service I'm quite sure it won't happen - at least not the way the powers that be would like. No one would bother to train as a GP if that's all there was. I suspect the bulk ofl GPs will end up offering their services as locums...effectively opting out of the straight jacket of an NHS contract. If we don't fix the funding and micromanagement problem with partnerships...that's what we're going to get. Not salaried GPs...Locum GPs (truly independent contractors who will require payment at a genuine market rate)

  • Negativity in general practice 'is worst I’ve known', says RCGP chair

    ZX81's comment 06 Aug 2017 1:11pm

    How on earth does this person get to be 'representing' us?
    The role of the RCGP is to set academic standards and guide training. It is not a political organisation. Forever we get lectures from self important RCGP chairs grandstanding their personal opinions. Cant you put a sock in it and concentrate on your job? You have no real mandate to be lecturing your colleagues.

  • Negativity in general practice 'is worst I’ve known', says RCGP chair

    ZX81's comment 04 Aug 2017 11:04pm

    This comment has been removed by the moderator

  • NHS to treat extra one million mental health patients by 2020/21

    ZX81's comment 31 Jul 2017 2:11pm

    Maybe we need a media blitz from junior members of the royal family to highlight the problems we have with indemnity fees, as they did recently with mental health, maybe then Jeremy will appear on TV and make flashy promises about indemnity stuff he thinks will sound good on telly but won't happen because it is someone else's responsibility and by the way he doesn't care anyway because he doesn't think we need GPs and besides he's rich enough to buy his own Dr/nurse/psychologist/physio/chauffeur when he needs one.

  • GPC in urgent talks as indemnity makes general practice 'untenable' by autumn

    ZX81's comment 31 Jul 2017 1:34pm

    I've just asked to drop a session unless my employer can give me a significant pay rise, this is a direct result of my indemnity increase in June..which makes my current job untenable. If they don't pay adequately I'm leaving to become a Locum. Unless the help is very swift indeed I think it's too late, probably even working as a Locum. ..bland statements such as 'we are looking in to it ' , is, I fear, all we are going to get for the foreseeable.

  • 18% of GP training places unfilled after two recruitment rounds

    ZX81's comment 28 Jul 2017 3:54pm

    6 of 97 places filled in Northern Ireland ..are you for real?
    I guess someone thinks they don't need GPs in Northern Ireland then ..crazy social experiment or what. Or did I miss something ..did they fix disease over there already?

  • Offer statins to patients with CKD, NICE advises

    ZX81's comment 28 Jul 2017 3:12pm

    ..I guess it's basic lateral speculative thinking (but obviously that won't play well in the autistic community)

  • Offer statins to patients with CKD, NICE advises

    ZX81's comment 28 Jul 2017 2:41pm

    Cobblers 28 Jul 2017 10:44am
    My point wasn't an attempt at an anal analysis of the cardiovascular data, rather a statement of what might be. Most of what you do on a daily basis wouldn't be backed up by a specific double blind randomised control trial and yet you engage your brain, have a think and do something anyway, or are you so atomistic you can't practice medicine without the comforting hand of someone else's research paper? Ideas and thought exist outside of regulations, published research papers and protocol. What do you do when you are presented with an issue no one researched yet? Crap yourself ? I don't envy your dry cleaner.

  • Recovering before their appointment is GP patients' top peeve

    ZX81's comment 27 Jul 2017 9:02pm

    My biggest gripe quite honestly is being told I'm perfectly well after I've gone to the bother of dragging my sorry backside to see the Dr. when I just know deep down in my heart of hearts there just must be some god damn worrying heavy medical reason why I feel so completely 'a little bit dizzy, tired and sometimes seem to have scabs in my nose'. That really gets my goat.

  • Offer statins to patients with CKD, NICE advises

    ZX81's comment 27 Jul 2017 8:51pm

    Sounds like a good idea to long as noone gets too rigid about it and employs some common sense. Of cause you wouldn't be pushing a statn on a 95 year old who's got other things to worry about but given that the kidneys are basically a mesh of fine blood vessels why wouldn't you want to keep them clear of atherosclerosis, in a 53 year old for example with failing kidney function. Just seems like good medicine to me. Nice one NICE

  • NHS England launches £15m plan to attract GP practice nurses

    ZX81's comment 27 Jul 2017 4:27pm

    Sounds like the kind of things that were being talked about for GP Drs a few years ago so obviously destined to be a raging success - but only if they go the whole banana and do nothing to make the general practice environment any better...just more crap.

  • GMC pledges to simplify revalidation and reduce doctor workload

    ZX81's comment 25 Jul 2017 4:41pm

    The comments section contains some of the most entertaining writing in PULSE. Keep it up folks. You've all got me hooked.

  • The things I miss most about partnership

    ZX81's comment 03 Jul 2017 4:55pm

    At the stage in my career that it would have been appropriate for me to look to get a partnership it seemed like a really stupid thing to do - so I decided not to. In retrospect, all in all, I feel this was a good call. The problem arises however that with around 20 years left ahead before I can hang up my stethoscope, life as a salaried GP is becoming increasingly frustrating and dare I say it, boring. Where do you go as a GP if you aren't going to be a partner? A manager with the CCG? An Appriaser? No thanks. Leave the country? I can't. Have kids? I don't have a uterus. This dead end salaried GP has no partnership street cred to fall back on, just deep regret at becoming a GP in the first place, just at the point when the whole concept of a GP career seems to be going down the plug hole. I used to find commenting here kind of cathartic but more and more I realise it's been a way of telling myself I need to stop seeing myself as a Dr just makes me angry. It's time to give up the Dr pretence, accept it all for what it is, put it all down to experience and do something else. I hear-by promise to myself I won't be posting anymore. All the best and cheery by.

  • Coroner writes to NHS after investigation ‘lost sight GP was a human being’

    ZX81's comment 29 Jun 2017 9:48pm

    I wish nothing but to send love to this woman, her family and everyone who cared about her.

  • Being a 'preferred GP' is an honour - but also a huge responsibility

    ZX81's comment 29 Jun 2017 11:03am

    Be cautious of patients who flatter. People like continuity. If they are complaining about the last Dr they saw and telling you your wonderful, don't be supprised if they say the same to the next Dr they see about you. I've had people tell me I'm wonderful and the last Dr was terrible and when I look at the notes the last Dr they saw was me..they just forgot!

  • GPs ‘at mercy’ of private firms if partnership model collapses, says Nagpaul

    ZX81's comment 28 Jun 2017 2:48pm

    Medical pay in the UK is not set by the market. It's set by the government because the government has a virtual monopoly. As long as the bulk of medical care is paid for directly by the government the government will continue to use every tool it has to suppress staffing cost and buck market forces. It's one of the central reasons the NHS exists, its way cheaper than a market based system. If/when we are forced en mass into a 100% employed salaried service and the independent contractor partnership model is finally put to death we will loose the last vestiges of control over pay and working conditions and the only way is down. I am not an expert on GP contracts but I can say anybody negotiating and agreeing to a contract that stipulates the kind of microscopic control general practice is currently subjected too is/was a blithering idiot as much responsible of the destruction of the partnership model as the government itself. This is not a good time to be working as a Doctor in the U.K. ...manager maybe, clinician certainly not. We are too valuable to be allowed to be anything but slaves.

  • NHS 'transformation’ plan bosses to be paid millions, BMA warns

    ZX81's comment 27 Jun 2017 5:07pm

    I understand one of the reasons the Titanic went down was a lack of administrative capacity in the deck chair department. Their simply wasn't the organisational capacity to supervise the rearrangement of enough chairs to allow the crew the space they required to prevent it sinking. I'm delighted we're getting more managers to supervise these wonderful NHS rearrangement plans and I personally don't think we could be paying them enough. Keep it up guys.