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AlanAlmond is a very important person. He/she has served on numerous committees and contributed to a swath of NICE guidance. He/she has had many different jobs in medicine, all with impressive sounding titles, he/she has gained important medical qualifications and has worked as a GPwSi in a field you probably know little about. AlanAlmonds importance is such that he/she has felt it appropriate to write this biography in a style suggestive of an independent biographer...possibly employed by an eminent newspaper or journal befitting of his/her status...when everybody knows, AlanAlmond wrote this him/herself and is just a little bit of a narcassist. Well that’s AlanAlmond he/she’s really quite a guy/girl. Certainly more important that you, that’s obvious, a ‘Top GP’, or certainly would like you to think so. He /she certainly does. I shall not go on. I’ve said enough already. Just remember the name - AlanAlmond - VIIP (that’s very impressive person but important too, both infact)

  • CQC appoints new chief inspector of general practice

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Jan 2019 2:17pm

    JRE | GP Partner/Principal11 Jan 2019 11:16am
    I’m sure this lady is a very competent and excellent at her job. I comment from a position of personal ignorance certainly. I am however not a fan of the overall direction of NICE and have good bounds to be sceptical of the output of the ‘clinical transformation’ agenda. NICE is out of touch with the reality of primary care and clinical transformation is about implementing government policy to save money. Being part of such organisations implies accepting some responsibility for their output. The world if full of people who claim innocence of the negative impact of systems in which they are well and truly embedded. I hope this isn’t the case with this undoubtedly hard working Dr.

  • Hancock in discussions with Treasury about changing GP pension tax rules

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Jan 2019 1:01pm

    ..if you are salaried you can negotiate an increase in salary in proportion to your now absent pension contribution and use that to invest as you like. If your a partner I guess you could do something similar or put the money saved somewhere else. The NHS pension is not compulsory, I wonder if the pension limit issue doesn’t display a certain absence of creative thinking. You can still,work and earn, just don’t pay into the pension...or am I missing something? I don’t really get the “it’s not worth me working” argument, Apologies if I’ve missed some tax implication of which I am not aware, couldn’t you use the freed up cash to pay down a BTL mortgage, stick it in an isa or something else? If you’ve got a million in your pension already, your retirement isn’t going to be threadbare.

  • Hancock in discussions with Treasury about changing GP pension tax rules

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Jan 2019 12:52pm

    The answer is to opt out of the NHS pension and do your own. Not a great propspecf but at least you escape the NHS pension ball and chain and youre free of the continuous screwing around with your retirment prospects. You are then genuinely free to work for who you like and can’t be forced to accept crappy working conditions simply fo maintain a presence in the increasingly toxic pension scheme. When you leave you freeze all the benefits you had up until that point, which is worth something at least, and you gain freedoms which shouldn’t be written off out of hand.

  • No target date for recruiting 5,000 extra GPs, says health secretary

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Jan 2019 12:43pm

    You need to provide an appropriate proportion of NHS funding to primary care you fecin idjut (s). No amount of tweeking will turn an under resourced Cinderella service into what you seem to expect. An app won’t sort it, changes to pension rules to hold on to a few folk 3 years short of retirement won’t either.

  • GP practices must have 'level playing field' with Babylon, says Hancock

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Jan 2019 12:34pm

    This guy talks like he has some kind of control. His approach is way too superficial and ignorant. The mess of the NHS is so structural, the arrival of a baby faced technophile politician with a grounding in media will achieve very little. He may tweak a few things but what we actually need is more honesty, less political grandstanding and people who actually care about healthcare( without the pollution of political dogma and expertise in little more than pleasing politicians, sitting on committees and slavishly implementing stupid policies) to be permitted to sort out the mess.

  • Hancock in discussions with Treasury about changing GP pension tax rules

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Jan 2019 12:24pm

    ‘the biggest concern I have raised with me’ by GPs.
    just shows you who he’s talking to, wealthy end of career GPs who are already loaded. This is most certainly a problem but I wouldn’t label it as the biggest concern in general practice. My decision to become a Locum had nothing to do with the NHS pension. I’m sorry but I find it hard to get too excited about the financial situation of GPs who’ve accrued a 1 million pension pot. I am nowhere near that and never will be. To me the biggest issue is 1. Indemnity and 2. Work load/intensity - in that order. Just confirms in my mind why we are in the shit, all the lobbying is done by well off old guard end of service Drs who don’t really care about or understand the realities of mid career bread and butter GPs. They are all too busy on committees or doing management to really comprehend.

  • ‘Person-focused’ GP consultations may reduce frequent attendance

    AlanAlmond's comment 10 Jan 2019 4:35pm

    if you cream off the top 3% of frequent attenders and implemented ANY special even vaguely common sense intervention to address their 'underlying' problem it's bleedin obvious it's going to have some kind of effect - most likely positive. really is this news?

  • CQC appoints new chief inspector of general practice

    AlanAlmond's comment 10 Jan 2019 2:49pm

    works for NICE and is " leading strategic clinical services transformation at Somerset CCG"
    another mindless political automiton then, totally embedded in the government agenda, excelling at doing what she has been told is right by the gods up the administrative chain, without imagination, a slave to convention, implementing other people's dictats and following official policy. certainly sounds like she ticks all her masters' boxes. absolutely no chance of straying from the official party line

  • Little evidence to support move to large-scale general practice, say researchers

    AlanAlmond's comment 10 Jan 2019 2:38pm

    Dermot Ryan've got it spot on
    it's not done to improve heath care it's done for the benefit of administrators and politicians. it makes their task of continuous resource wasting reorganisation so much easier. every few years the politicians change jobs and as sure as night follows day this heralds the next 'bright idea' which needs to be implemented. so much easier for them to do across big units- that is the primary driving force here, everything else is after the fact spin and political wishful thinking

  • GPs to offer targeted support to frail patients to prevent admissions

    AlanAlmond's comment 10 Jan 2019 2:26pm

    people get old, they get frail and then they die. some of them will require hospital admission. with more and more of the population getting old there are more and more elderly frail people about. no government initiative can prevent this from happening, you can't stop old people getting frail and dying. today's prevented admission for an old frail person is tomorrow's unprevented admission with an even older and more frail one. perhaps technology can prevent this..i guess an iphone app might just do and apps will stop people getting old, frail and dying maybe? believe this and your likely a prize chump in rude health with the latest smart and a subscription to babylon

  • Alcohol care teams to be rolled out as part of the NHS long-term plan

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Jan 2019 11:05pm

    Christopher Ho | GP Partner/Principal07 Jan 2019 2:53pm - there has to be some form of safety net to catch the imbeciles and inadequates who aren’t as clever as you Christopher - unless you know you could be truly comfortable living in a society where you turn a blind eye to their fate, comfortable to step over their sleeping feral children as you make your way to your nice car to get to your nice job - cause they’d deserve it, cause they were stupid and you were wise. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t seem much of a place to live to me.

  • NHS 111 to book GP appointments directly starting this year

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Jan 2019 10:54pm

    So utterly stupid and totally totally depressing
    There’s no end to the dumbness of the jerks running the NHS. Such an ignorant clueless superficial ‘solution’ to access problems in primary care. Who in their right mind would want to work in a system dictated to and screwed up so relentlessly by the morons of NHS England and Whitehall. Feckwits

  • Digital GP providers will 'help expand GP workforce', says Government

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Jan 2019 10:47pm

    This is utter bullshit, ‘emerging evidence’ that this will grow the GP workforce because we all want to work online?? Utter crap, wishful ‘wouldn’t it be cool if’ thinking.. nothing more.

    God I hate the politics behind the NHS... it’s dog turd

  • Government long-term plan to increase primary care funding by £4.5bn

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Jan 2019 12:30pm

    ‘same day emergency care’ - wow that’s amazing, who’d have thought the NHS could strive to achieve this within my lifetime. Truly pioneering stuff

  • Alcohol care teams to be rolled out as part of the NHS long-term plan

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Jan 2019 8:52am

    DecorumEst | Salaried GP07 Jan 2019 2:10am

  • Alcohol care teams to be rolled out as part of the NHS long-term plan

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Jan 2019 8:58pm

    Funding not finding ..fecking shite iPhone autocorrect.

  • Alcohol care teams to be rolled out as part of the NHS long-term plan

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Jan 2019 8:57pm

    Why are they finding this in hospitals and NOT the community? I just don’t understand the f£&kwits running the NHS.

  • GMC 'can't lawfully stop appealing fitness-to-practise tribunal decisions'

    AlanAlmond's comment 21 Dec 2018 3:04pm

    More of a beatroot actually, being they are close to a turnip, generally ruddy in colour and are often subject to pickling

  • GMC 'can't lawfully stop appealing fitness-to-practise tribunal decisions'

    AlanAlmond's comment 21 Dec 2018 2:53pm

    This guy is one of the biggest bananas in public life

  • GP practices paid just £13 per month per patient

    AlanAlmond's comment 21 Dec 2018 11:20am

    That’s £1.50 a year more than the BBC TV licence fee and £114 less a year than a basic sky package. How many of your patients don’t have a TV, how may have sky (not me , I can’t afford it) what’s more important, access the a Dr or getting to watch Eastenders? What do we value more ..GPs or the telly? You could do a mori pole and the dishonest answer would probably come back in favour of health care, this societies’ actions expose the lie.