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  • GP leaders to consider encouraging non-clinical GP partners to save partnerships

    AlanAlmond's comment 19 Feb 2018 2:36pm

    How is this in the interests anyone but a penny pinching government with little interest in anything but control? It sounds like throwing in the towel and giving up. It’s the solution of a profession that doesn’t have any fight left and doesn’t have any ideas. What is the point of a medical partnership made up of partners who aren’t Drs?. Would anyone suggest a law firm with a partnership of folk who aren’t lawyers, or an accountancy firm with a partnership of people who aren’t accountants. It’s sad. It’s exactly what the government wants, to push Drs out of primary care so they can run a crap, cheap service with politically appointed robots at the helm. Please why are we being so utterly defeatist? This is such a bad idea on so many levels but mostly on a fundamental philosophical one - a partnership of Drs...without Drs. I’m at a loss.

  • GPs to see 'minimal changes' to their contract from April

    AlanAlmond's comment 18 Feb 2018 4:36am

    ‘the BMA ...indicated that it was being unsuccessful in negotiating for GPs’

    This is the root of all our problems

  • Nearly 15,000 patients affected as CCG considers closing three practices

    AlanAlmond's comment 15 Feb 2018 10:26pm

    'part of a wider transformation of health and social care services in Sandwell and West Birmingham'...feckin hilarious!

  • Prescription opioids linked to an increased risk of pneumonia

    AlanAlmond's comment 15 Feb 2018 2:29pm

    Given opiates are a respiratory depressant, why would this be a suprise?

  • Number of GPs continues to decline as 200 leave in three months

    AlanAlmond's comment 15 Feb 2018 2:23pm

    I’m a mid career GP who Ieft a salaried position in january. I’m still on the performers list and so officially I guess I’m still in the work force, but I’m hardly working and plan to do the occasional Locum to pay my mortgage until I can find something else to do. I wonder what the stats would look like if it took account of GPs on the performers list who aren’t clinically active. Given the absolute personal nightmare it was to get on the performers list in the first place due to the UTTER incompetence of Capita, I suspect there are plenty out there who hedge their bets and remain on the list (out of fear of ever getting back on it) but who aren’t functioning as working GPs. I’d be very interested to hear how these numbers are arrived at. I bet they significantly underestimate the problem if it’s simply based on performers list data.

  • GMC is using right to appeal tribunal decisions 'appropriately', says chief

    AlanAlmond's comment 14 Feb 2018 4:33pm

    I didn’t realise but Charley Massey - current CEO of the GMC - used to work at the DOH as an advisor to Jeremy Hunt, during the imposition of the last junior Drs contract. WTF. GMC independent? My arse. It’s a just another arm of government.

  • GMC is using right to appeal tribunal decisions 'appropriately', says chief

    AlanAlmond's comment 14 Feb 2018 1:32pm

    topdoc | GP partner/principle | 14th Feb 10:21am

    Your post is racist and quite offensive.

  • BMA to release guidance on limiting GP workload

    AlanAlmond's comment 13 Feb 2018 5:36pm

    I’m frequently struck by how completely powerless we are. How has it come to pass that we’re seeing 60% more patients than is considered safe in Europe (and Australia for that matter) and only now the BMA is working on drawing up some guidelines. And the the BMA is our union! Really ..step back and look ...we’re a bunch of plonkers, and weak ones at that.

  • GP practices in England 'open longer than most European equivalents'

    AlanAlmond's comment 11 Feb 2018 5:34pm

    Not only are we open longer, our appointments are significantly shorter. 15 mins/consultation is standard in France. 5 -10 is fairly standard here. I wonder if GPs are the ‘go to’ government medical scape-goat in Europe, I suspect not, but we most certainly are here. The UK is a crap place to work as a GP.

  • ‘Unacceptable’ lack of progress on Wales transgender service ‘putting patients at risk’

    AlanAlmond's comment 08 Feb 2018 3:41pm

    I agree completely with the sentiments of Dr Banner

  • DH and GP leaders 'to review partnership model'

    AlanAlmond's comment 07 Feb 2018 6:46pm

    As the partnership model goes to the wall the powers that be will realise what a total screw up they’ve engineered and start trying to prevent its loss..this maybe the beginning of a slow realisation of what a disaster we are facing, but i fear any efforts are too late. There are too many stupid structural changes that have lead to this that reversing it all will be very difficult. It just demonstrates the utter ignorance of those responsible...the chickens are coming home to roost

  • Only a fifth of EU GPs promised for April have been recruited

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Feb 2018 2:21pm

    They’re happy to throw money at just about anyone, so long as they don’t direct it to the GPs already here. They just aren’t interested in trying to get the staff they already have to stay. International recruitment schemes, managment consultants to implement cost cutting, millions and millions are being thrown around administrating the destruction of the NHS. It’s crazy. No wonder they aren’t meeting their targets in overseas recruitment, the NHS is now world wide renowned as a struggling horrible place to work. Even the orange, hair comb-over myopic president of the USA is tweeting about it. Fix the leaking bucket you numpties. Maybe the management consultants can trying working on that one.

  • Jeremy Hunt defends NHS in response to Donald Trump attack

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Feb 2018 2:43am

    President Donald Numpty - he’s always tweeting about the UK. Orange loon, it’s kind of flattering in a perverse kind of way. Blimey aren’t some aspects of American culture weird. Thank God I don’t live there.

  • Healthcare bosses pay consultancy firm £6m to make budget cuts

    AlanAlmond's comment 06 Feb 2018 2:33am

    All these ‘money saving plans’ seem designed to drive everybody away from general practice. They all seem to involve making the job even more unbearable. Enormous practices, no continuity of care, short term contracts with no stability. But then how on earth would a management consultant know that? They presumably work on the basis that there’s some kind of functioning market for GP labour within the NHS, a great pool of willing robots who will draw in as required. There patently isn’t a market for medical labour in the NHS. There’s a government monopoly, shit contracts are compulsory and pay does not reflect the true worth of the employee. You’re on to a looser if you’re designing a service no one will want to work in. Having no staff will save heaps won’t it - smart

  • Police 'to discuss' calls to prosecute hospital over Bawa-Garba case

    AlanAlmond's comment 05 Feb 2018 2:25pm

    I whole heartedly support this action. Why is the BMA not doing the same, was Dr Bawa-Garda not a member perhaps? Even so the BMA should be doing something like this as it effects all Drs regardless of their origin. As far as I can see there were systemic failures and the hospital and those who run it and staff it bear a good deal of responsibility. I hope something comes from this.

  • 'Deprived' practice to close as CCG fails to find APMS provider

    AlanAlmond's comment 02 Feb 2018 12:20pm

    They voted to offer an AMS contract. That was a bad decision and this is the result. ‘We have tried our best to keep the practice open’. If this is ‘your best’ then you shouldn’t be in your jobs. People getting paid wads to make bad decisions, and then claiming they did ‘their best’’s what we have all come to expect. Bad decisions by over paid fools without any feeling of responsibility.

  • Almost 3,000 GPs retired before the age of 60 over the past five years

    AlanAlmond's comment 01 Feb 2018 10:08am

    It’s not just those close to retirement who want to leave, many folk do. It’s just that those close to retirement have a very solid option to a way out. Who can blame them?
    If this makes it to the wider media, the spin will be greedy Drs with large pensions shirking their ‘duty’. The call will be to prevent Drs leaving by making it somehow illegal to retire early, and/or reduce Dr pensions.
    See how they want to make to tie newly qualified Drs to the NHS and prevent them leaving the country. ‘Make the job even less attractive and simultaneously use rules to force people to stay’ seems to be the mantra, then go looking for naive Drs from abroad to plug the gaps (they are so much easier to blame anyhow when the system causes a screw up)
    If I could have taken retirement I would have. I’m too young but it hasnt stopped me leaving

  • BMA considering 'all legal options' to challenge GP at Hand rollout

    AlanAlmond's comment 29 Jan 2018 5:14pm

    This comment has been removed by the moderator

  • ‘Uber-like’ GP providers seek doctors for national rollout

    AlanAlmond's comment 29 Jan 2018 5:06pm

    Seriously ...are they aware of professional indemnity costs and the risks involved for any naive Dr who does work for them? I can guarantee that any ‘Uber style’ GP service doesn’t provide any support for indemnity/insurance. That burden (as always) will be carried by the individual Dr. This kind of model is inherently risky. Wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. Anyone thinking of it good luck, but watch out for a nasty negligence claim in 5 years after the lawyers have worked out how they can screw these Drs over. It’s new ground, but believe me they’ll be working on it and the medical negligence lawyers will be quids in the years to come. Fellow collegues be cautious, don’t set yourself up as next years medical negligence lawyer fodder

  • ‘Uber-like’ GP providers seek doctors for national rollout

    AlanAlmond's comment 26 Jan 2018 8:46pm

    ‘A Dr madam?..certainly. Would you like fries with that?’