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A virtual nobody

A virtual nobody

..pretty much everything I believe is totally bonkers

  • GPs asked to record patients' sexual orientation

    A virtual nobody's comment 16 Oct 2017 3:24pm

    This is an intrusion and not something I am going to do unless i judge it to be directly relivant to the problem they are consulting with, otherwise I refuse.

  • Another report isn't enough to fix racism in the NHS

    A virtual nobody's comment 12 Oct 2017 6:31pm

    Observation of differences in employment and wealth amongst different racial groups in society is interesting and needs addressing. What these observations do not tell us is the underlying cause of the differences...which have to be inferred. It seems from your article that you asume these differences are almost entirely due to racism. This is no more than an assumption, and is similtaniously highly divisive and incredibly simplistic. Some of the most disadvantaged members of our society are white boys. How does that fit with your all encompassing racism hypothesis? Complex issues like this require careful analysis, not this kind of mush.

  • 'I can't fix your problems for you', Hunt tells GPs

    A virtual nobody's comment 12 Oct 2017 6:11pm

    JH can’t fix general practice, his job was to break it and he’s done that very effectively. Well done Jeremy.

  • Loneliness 'as damaging to health as long-term conditions', says RCGP chair

    A virtual nobody's comment 12 Oct 2017 5:05pm

    She sounds like a robot. No creative thought, just a lot of guidelines memorised and regurgitated on cue. All ready to be replaced by a computer program...hang on perhaps she had been already.

  • State-backed indemnity scheme to cover 'all GPs for all NHS work'

    A virtual nobody's comment 12 Oct 2017 2:37pm

    My gut says this man can not be trusted, hope is telling me it sounds like good news. I couldn’t see why we should expect cover for private work, private work is not compulsory, If it doesn’t make financial sense to do private work either put up your fees or don’t do it. I suspect what will materialise will be some kind of tax linked reimbursement, or price control monitored by an independant regulator - like in the energy market. I can’t see a conservative government nationalising private businesses like the MDU/MDDUS/MPS or putting them out of business by offering crown indemnity in their place. I’m sure the government is subject to fairly aggressive lobbying by these companies who would do anything to prevent that happening. The bottom line is this government cares about business not public services. They will be talking to the indemnity companies first, the BMA won’t figure much. We will still be paying indemnity fees, the change will come in the form of regulation, not cash or anything which would actually cost the government any actual money up front, it doesn’t have any.

  • GP facing indemnity increase of 12% despite MDDUS 'price freeze'

    A virtual nobody's comment 10 Oct 2017 8:16pm

    'It added that only two members so far had questioned their increases.'

    Well that's the biggest load of blatant crap I've read in a while, I'm with the MDDUS and my fees went up a little over 12% this year. I can confirm I certainly complained to the poor woman who had to break the news to me.

    Maybe I'm one of these mysterious 'two members' ...but really? Give me a break.

    The increase kicked in for me in June. It equates to an instant 2.2% pay cut out of my monthly salary. My practice have since refused to cover the increase (I pay my own indemnity) I truley am stuck in the crappiest profession anyone with half decent A'levels might have naively stumbled into. I feel like a total idiot...GPs are so tied up in regulatory and financial knots were basically being suffocated. How did I end up in a job like this ??

  • Jeremy Hunt may announce major reform to GP indemnity this week

    A virtual nobody's comment 10 Oct 2017 1:04pm

    Classic media manipulation.
    'Big announcement' that JH will soon be making a 'Big announcement'. The announcement is going to be 'very substantial' and JH is a really great guy.
    This wonderful (impossible to challenge and essentially meaningless ) statement of government spin will wash around the media for a while creating positive news for the government at zero cost. And if/when the announcement is actually made? ..expect empty crap, with a myriad of strings attached. But what does it matter, the important thing is that everybody was informed the government was making 'Big generous announcements' ..that's the news that will stick...doubly so, because noone was able to challenge this when the 'we're going to be making a Big announcement' announcement was made.
    ...and when we realise there was nothing much on offer and we point this out, the wider public will ask 'hang on you guys, I seem to remember the government made a very substantial and generous announcement, I remember that well ..why are you guys moanimg again?'

    The announcement of an announcement is more important than the announcement itself ..that is certain

  • Medicines optimisation schemes simply rob Peter to pay Paul – GPs should boycott them

    A virtual nobody's comment 10 Oct 2017 0:06am

    Very interesting article, thank you.
    ...and further to the last comment, yes indeed, what about pharmacies issuing medication that has not been requested by the patient simply because it’s on their repeat list? Seems to be almost routine round my way and must be costing the NHS an absolute fortune in lactulose and diprobase the patient didn’t want but which was delivered anyway and ends up stacked in their cupboard or thrown away.

  • GPs can risk-stratify frail patients in 'only a few minutes' using tool

    A virtual nobody's comment 09 Oct 2017 6:37pm

    Stick the screening algorithm in a computer.

    I’ve got a brain, I use that and the assessment takes less than 30seconds.

  • Health board-run practice having to run sessions with no GPs

    A virtual nobody's comment 09 Oct 2017 6:33pm

    ‘The situation is that there are not enough GPs available currently to service the needs of the populations in these areas,’ he said.

    Not a problem of any interest to anyone in the wider media it seems. No doubt someone will correct me and tell me the disappearance of your local GP is big news somewhere, but as far as I can see the UK media establishment doesn’t give two hoots. There’s too much else for people to worry about, unaffordable housing, BREXIT and Mrs Mays cough.

    Healthy people with clever looking thick black rimmed glasses and quif hair cuts are the ones who analyse the news for us on the BBC. They don’t often need to see a anit an issue of much interest to it anit on the news.

  • GPs should ask elderly 'if they like visits from grandchildren' to spot depression

    A virtual nobody's comment 06 Oct 2017 6:26pm

    Isolation, loneliness and chronic ill health
    ...most of these issues are about our wider society and how it's structured. If we want to make a serious difference the discussion needs to occur out there in the public domain and not conveniently boxed up 'for the attention of the healthcare system'.

  • Revealed: The areas where general practice is on the brink

    A virtual nobody's comment 06 Oct 2017 12:37pm

    Probably better this isn't discussed in the wider media. Might produce a run on the local surgery, folk trying to withdraw their health care before all the surgeries have closed down.

  • GPs need a different approach to chronic pain

    A virtual nobody's comment 05 Oct 2017 10:32am

    How does guidance from NICE telling us NOT to prescribe paracetamol help exactly? Ok medication often doesn't help - agreed we get guidance to avoid using the medication LEAST likely to cause addiction or adverse effects. Smart that. Genius. You got my back NICE, thanks very much.

  • Education leaders to target international graduates to fill GP training places

    A virtual nobody's comment 05 Oct 2017 10:16am

    Do anything and everything you can to get more GPs
    Anything long as it does address why there is a recruitment problem in the first place.

    Hopefully sometime in the not too distant future all our Drs will have been born and raised in a different country. It will certainly make all the patients they see who were also born and raised in a different country feel comfortable, and right at home, which will be marvellous, and really all that matters me anyhow..because I was born and raised in a different country, I'm already over represented in the profession I work in, compaired with the population I serve and I'm really keen to increase that over representation... and aren't all British people lazy, crap and xenophobic anyway..look they just voted for BREXIT ..there's your proof.

    How many themes do you recognise. Do you find any of this offensive. If so why?

    Answers will of cause not be read by anyone much and are likely to only make you more entrenched in you current point of view. Besides which what does it matter ...none of us are here for long anyhow. Enjoy the sunshine when you can and give out as much love to whoever needs it as you can get away with.

  • BMA writes to Hunt warning GPs will close lists 'as final recourse'

    A virtual nobody's comment 04 Oct 2017 4:39pm

    I’m sure Mr Hunt will read it and smile. He despises GPs.
    “Dear Mr Hunt we are so desperate that a little over half of us might think about possibly...not taking on any more patients...we really are that livid”
    He’ll think..”..ok go on then you bunch of feeble self-imports..make my day”
    Really this is the worse we can threaten? It’s just so depressing. I’m embarrassed to be a GP, I really am.

  • 'Dr Google enters 80% of my consultations', warns RCGP chair

    A virtual nobody's comment 03 Oct 2017 5:54pm

    Rofique Ali | Salaried GP03 Oct 2017 5:44pm

    doctors make correct diagnosis 50-80% of the time.
    google is 50-60%.

    Most of a GPs job is not about the diagnosis

  • GP minister compares NHS to 'Ponzi scheme'

    A virtual nobody's comment 03 Oct 2017 4:51pm

    He’s quite right. It is.

  • 'Dr Google enters 80% of my consultations', warns RCGP chair

    A virtual nobody's comment 03 Oct 2017 3:05pm

    Technology is driving change through disruption at a grass roots level. This kind of change doesn’t happen because self important ‘Jonny come lately’ politicians impose ‘apps’ across entire swaths of a country’s healthcare system from above. The centralised top down model so beloved of people like Jeremy Hunt is the complete antithesis of the change that technology is bringing and as such is doomed to failure. JH sees technology as a way to control his NHS...from a philosophical perspective that is exactly what is NOT going to happen.

    Dr Google is simply an online encyclopaedia. Tell your patients noone would be so stupid to self diagnosis by looking up their symptoms in a book and they soon shut up. You can’t learn experience by reading a book. It’s a lack of experience that makes Dr Google difficult. Once you know what you are doing, you know what you are doing, and Dr Google is exposed. If you don’t know how to apply the knowledge you have access to’s useless.

  • GPs 'risk destabilising police services' by charging fees for non-contractual work

    A virtual nobody's comment 03 Oct 2017 2:44pm

    DecorumEst | Salaried GP03 Oct 2017 2:13pm

    DCC Hampshire - salary 162k+ in 2015. What does she do for that?

    ...not a lot of ‘wider reading’ that’s pretty obvious

  • Doctor Foster's ethics are unworthy of the GP profession

    A virtual nobody's comment 03 Oct 2017 2:36pm

    ...anyone ever watched Hollyoaks? Not a profession on there that’s isn’t totally corrupted...teacher, policeman, lawyer, doctor..everyone on there gets the twisted psychopath treatment. And it’s all passed off as ‘normal’. With that kind of stuff out there as bread and butter culture no wonder your average punter is a bit off track.