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Disappearing Doc

Disappearing Doc

Dissolving day by day

  • LMCs urge GPC to reverse policy to scrap QOF amid new workload fears

    Disappearing Doc's comment 22 May 2017 10:54pm

    How many acronyms? It's why I went to medical school....urr not actually.

    Oatie McB's law states that there is a linear relationship between the total number of acronyms actively used within an organisation and the sum total of bullshite there within.



  • GP leaders condemn 'transformation' plans as ‘an attempt to dismantle the NHS’

    Disappearing Doc's comment 20 May 2017 10:39am

    The NHS is already being dismantled and we are all standing around watching muttering and condemning the process...and yet still continues and at some point in the not too distant future it will be gone...and folk will be talking about that too.

  • BMA to ballot GPs on collectively closing lists

    Disappearing Doc's comment 20 May 2017 10:30am

    We're scratching around trying to find something to do that will make our voice heard. Nice idea but I can't see it achieving anything. As someone has already noted patients will simply be allocated and if you refuse you'll be taken to court and no doubt reported to the GMC. It's truly amazing to me that we are so powerless. The only sanction we appear to have is to leave the profession or locum. This is what is currently happening gradually by other action seems possible or effective. Why we have become so ineffectual and weak I don't really understand.

  • Shifting GP contract to private provider 'increased costs by 64%'

    Disappearing Doc's comment 19 May 2017 3:37pm

    This kind of bull shit is just what's required 'for the 21st century'. A fully salaried service run by the private sector's really 'now' and obviously where we should be headed.

    Seriously this IS the future ..fekin lunacy.

  • All GPs will go salaried to the detriment of patients, predicts senior GP leader

    Disappearing Doc's comment 17 May 2017 11:21pm

    "policenthieves | GP Partner/Principal17 May 2017 9:24pm

    Market forces will inexorably lead to the most efficient way of delivering care. "......with the aim being to deliver the biggest profit to the person who runs the business.

    But the NHS isn't subject to genuine market forces - it's a government monopoly. If you think market forces result in cheap/efficient health care provision you only have to look at the USA to see what utter nonsense that is.

  • Prescribing quinine for muscle cramps 'may lead to increased mortality'

    Disappearing Doc's comment 17 May 2017 11:14pm

    This stuff really helps some people. I'm just praying NICE aren't writing 'guidelines' on managment of leg craps that would make it's use professionally dangerous.

  • GPs urged to lobby parliamentary candidates on indemnity costs

    Disappearing Doc's comment 16 May 2017 4:59pm

    You've got to wonder at what point it's actually even worth going to work. If my indemnity fees go up much more I'd be better off getting a regular 'normal' job. Whats the point in doing xtra sessions when a large part of the money you earn immediately disappears paying insurance. I'm currently working at a 'fee threshold' - if I did one more session a week and I'd instantly be a couple of grand out of pocket before I'd seen a single patient. Seriously's like I'm working just for the indemnity company. It's like being in debt just for going to work.

  • Hospital lasagne moving to Australia

    Disappearing Doc's comment 15 May 2017 10:59am

    Apparently they're building up a lasagna mountain in Australia and they might close the border to ready meals. If you are a ready meal and thinking of emigrating I'd make it quick before it's too late.

  • Fears that the UK could lose more than 3,000 existing GPs due to Brexit

    Disappearing Doc's comment 11 May 2017 8:57pm

    I'm sorry but talk of 'cardigans' goes right over my head. I'm guessing this was one of yesterday's 'in jokes' still being referenced by old timers. I'm genuinely impressed they've been able to keep this pan boiling so long..keep it up.

  • Fears that the UK could lose more than 3,000 existing GPs due to Brexit

    Disappearing Doc's comment 10 May 2017 11:21pm

    Monty ..I'm sorry but you are full of sh&t. GP is a broad church that's part of its strength ..but it does mean there are fools among us and you are one of them. If you have such a low opinion of the job that you do why are you doing it? This in itself speaks volumes.
    '80% of what a GP does can be done by a nurse' you say - simplistic rubbish and generally only possible to state AFTER you've seen them or AFTER you triaged them.
    Yes I agree the adgenda is to replace GPs with cheaper folk with less training but if you think this will save the NHS any money overall your a short sighted idiot. ..and what the f£&k is a cardigan anyway? Give us a break

  • Over £100,000 worth of GP 'resilience' funding handed to KPMG in one area

    Disappearing Doc's comment 10 May 2017 6:30pm

    Patronising and utterly corrupt. I'm speechless and angry. What a depressing waste of our country's money. There's a small group of well connected, well educated parasites who fleece our country getting contracts advising people on stuff they don't have a clue about just because they went to 'the right university'. This is the sort of thing that makes people want to vote for the likes of Donald Trump - just to shake this kinda crap up a bit. Are we destined forever to be at the mercy of these self serving all pervasive money grabbing leaches? For gods sake.

  • Fears that the UK could lose more than 3,000 existing GPs due to Brexit

    Disappearing Doc's comment 10 May 2017 4:02pm

    If they leave it'll be because the job is shit..not because their feelings have been a little bruised by brexit. No government is going to chuck EU trained Drs out of the UK, to suggest this is actually a bit silly isn't it?

  • Northern Irish general practice 'will collapse' before resignations collected

    Disappearing Doc's comment 04 May 2017 10:17pm

    What a terrible prospect for patients in Northern Ireland

  • Statin side effects caused by patients' 'expectation of harm'

    Disappearing Doc's comment 03 May 2017 5:26pm

    It speaks volumes. In our indulged closeted society people have become so dissociated from the reality of illness and death that they are more concerned that medications might cause them harm than they are about the possibility they might prevent their untimely death. The same forces are at work with the anti immunisation idiots. If you've experienced the death of a sibling from diphtheria you don't deny your child the DTP immunisation. If your grandfather, father, and uncle died in their 50s from heart disease I bet you'd be happy to take a stain. If serious illness is 'another country' something you think is some kind of unnatural abboration and you take your blessed healthy life for granted I guess you will easily buy into the 'statins are bad for you' story. Truly we don't know how lucky we are. When our biggest problem is that we'd rather not take a tablet proven to prolong life, reduce dementia etc etc you've got to wonder how much point there is to much of the day to day work we do - conversations with baby boomers about the anxiety they have about taking a statin - give me a break.

  • Abandon seven-day GP opening commitment, says former health minister

    Disappearing Doc's comment 03 May 2017 12:31pm

    Health care has to be paid for one way or another. If it isn't paid for collectively through taxation (NHS) then the burden falls on the individual (private). One is significantly more expensive than the other. We appear to have decided we want the more expensive option. Dumb.

    Death and taxes, the only certainties in life.

  • The benign thingy is completely irrelative

    Disappearing Doc's comment 02 May 2017 11:07pm

    I actually LOL'd.... laughed out loud (or is that lots of love)

  • Doubts over abolition of QOF as BMA continues to negotiate indicators

    Disappearing Doc's comment 02 May 2017 4:52pm

    It's all semantics. If QOF is ditched it will likely be replaced by another form of micromanagement. How many other three letter acronyms are there already in place which are effectively QOF in another form? How many mechanisms are there already for the local CCGs to withhold funding on the basis of some soul sapping money saving scheme? Arguing about blood result percentages within a funding system which is fundamentally suffocating is like rearranging the grains of rice on our pathetically inadequate prison ration. We need proper funding, not circular energy wasting negotiations over percentage points on a subset of patients' surrogate end points (e.g HBA1C). We need to step the argument back a level and focus on total funding levels. Anything else is bull.

  • GP stabbed outside practice

    Disappearing Doc's comment 02 May 2017 4:37pm

    My heart goes out to them, what a terrible thing to happen to anyone. I hope they recover quickly.

  • 'Specialists in generalism' undersells GPs

    Disappearing Doc's comment 28 Apr 2017 7:01pm

    I love your analysis and agree with it entirely

  • Only one in five GPs thinks partnership model will still exist in ten years' time

    Disappearing Doc's comment 28 Apr 2017 12:07pm

    The currently partner model is apparently no longer 'fit for purpose' - what we are aiming for is a more expensive (but very easily controlled) primary care service with no continuity and hardly any Drs then ..that's what the 21st Century requires is it? That's what these genius's in the Lords have in mind? Or is it really they don't have a clue what the reality of a fully salaried service would be. More like. Partnerships aren't working because the service is massively underfunded. Making structural changes which will in fact make the whole system less responsive to local needs and MORE expensive is bonkers. But of cause it will happen. The survey simply reflects passive acceptance of a political inevitability ..don't mistake it for a vote of confidence in this stupidity.