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Independents' Day

Rajan Madhok

  • Nothing will hit NHS GPs as hard as the Five Year Forward View

    Rajan Madhok's comment 02 May 2015 10:14am

  • Nothing will hit NHS GPs as hard as the Five Year Forward View

    Rajan Madhok's comment 02 May 2015 10:12am

    Glad someone else has finally pointed out the Trojan Horse. It affects all and not just GPs. Be afraid, very afraid for the NHS.

  • Evidence of racial bias in MRCGP exam claims author of independent review, as row erupts over 'contradictory' second version of research

    Rajan Madhok's comment 28 Sep 2013 0:04am

    I am sorry to see the predicament that Professor Esmail has been put into and that he has ended up accusing the GMC of misrepresenting his findings in its response to his report, after the GMC had commissioned it from him! I am, however, not surprised with this development. The GMC does not wish to acknowledge racial discrimination and will go to all lengths including wanting more research or suggesting complex reasons rather than accept the problem and work with others including BAPIO to try and address this issue. One of the biggest disappointment of my career was my limited ability to influence the GMC to change in this respect (1,2).
    The RCGP exam has already ruined hundreds of careers, cost a lot of money and put patients at disadvantage for lack of access to GPs. Rather than accept the findings of possibly the world’s expert, and an accomplished researcher, on such matters, we will be ‘treated’ to more hand wringing, buck passing and blaming everyone else including the poor trainees themselves, and indeed finding other studies as RCGP Chair has just done in her update to GP trainees to counter the findings of Professor Esmail’s study. A tragic farce.
    As someone who chose to work in the NHS, having trained originally in India, and who still believes in the values of the NHS and in the deep seated sense of fairness in the British Society – and which attracts IMGs to the NHS, I hope that there are still enough good people out there who will rise up and ask the GMC and the RCGP to accept the findings and work with us to move on.
    There is too much at stake here- patients are waiting out there, we are short of GPs, and money is running out; and as if it was not enough that we have had the Mid-Staff and Keogh Review, we now have this sorry saga of blatant discrimination being denied, and which is ruining the reputation of the NHS globally. Racial discrimination is a terrible blot on what is otherwise seen as the best healthcare system (sic) in the world, and needs to be stamped out in the NHS once and for all.

    Rajan Madhok

    Rajan Madhok is the Chairman of BAPIO, Chief Executive of MDS, was on the GMC Council from 2009-2012 and has now resigned from his position as the Co-Chair of the GMC BME Forum.


    1. Madhok R. For what is worth: personal reflections on working as a Council Member at the GMC.