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A faulty production line

Dr JeanMarie Sandor

  • Inspectors launch probe into GP practice weighing scales

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 12 Feb 2018 11:32am

    Incredible! Horrible! Nothing else to do? For instance control if the senior responsible in A&E is accessible?

  • Inspectors launch probe into GP practice weighing scales

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 12 Feb 2018 11:31am

    Incredible! Horrible! Nothing else to do? For instance control if the senior responsible in A&E is accessible?

  • ​GMC accused of ‘inherent bias’ against BME doctors following Bawa-Garba case

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 30 Jan 2018 4:53pm

    In other countries, a medical doctor would be sanctionned if he did not examine properly and did not asked for other exams if necessary...but it is considered that there is a right to error!
    BUT if a student or registrar does an error, it is the superviser dr in charge who is responsible of the junior dr!
    Also with the fight against unusfull antibiotics, how many time the patient was sent home with a 'flue' diagnostic and advice to go to the chemist and buy (over yhe counter because of the budget!!!) Some paracetamol...In too many case without proper examination, the minimum being a FBC, and CXR.
    So responsible is in fine the governement, organising the penury of Drs, AND underfunding the NHS! Too much stress on Drs, tired of overwork and bureaucratie (Appraisal/revalidation/CQC...)
    So too many Drs quit...

  • Indemnity provider announces ‘price freeze’ for GPs

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 11 Sep 2017 5:20pm

    =mafia of insurances, solicitors, lawyers...
    The more paying indemnities fees to solicitors, lawyers insurances etc... the more insurances, solicitors, lawyers get!!!
    Only one person to pay : The doctor
    So the price (exorbitant sometime), no problem. The Doctor will pay. Patient is nothing in this system...

  • 'Indemnity fees are killing our profession' - sign this letter to Jeremy Hunt

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 06 Sep 2017 10:57am

    Dr Jean-Marie Sandor
    Private GP actually Locum only

  • Trainees will be put off general practice while it remains underresourced

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 15 Aug 2017 11:44am

    Too much money is going to the military/industrial/complex! Not "cost effective" to take care of elderly or other persons unable to become a soldier...????!!!!
    This is political decisions...So lets do a better lobbying to promote patients care!! And not the military/industrial/complex

  • GP trainees locked out of MRCGP exam could get 'sixth' attempt

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 15 Aug 2017 11:26am

    What is the reason for failing to pass that exam after 6 years of studies/training??!!
    Don't the initial formation during 6 years is correct??
    This last exam should be a formality if teaching done correctly....

  • Revealed: How GP training budget cuts are beginning to bite

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 09 Aug 2017 10:22am

    but still non sense revalidation stupidity, costing a lot, pushing experience Drs to quit and go enjoying sun retirement abroad, with reduction funding in primary and secondary training, and in all NHS, so a policy of health funding drastic reduction! Less Drs so less money spent for healthcare!!
    BUT beside developing the militaro/industrial complex, funding nuclear stuff, with even a governmental executive saying that he will not hesitate to push the nuclear button first... so problem solved: 90% of humanity destroyed!!! BRAVO!

  • GMC pledges to simplify revalidation and reduce doctor workload

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 26 Jul 2017 10:05am

    In a mostly dictatorial organisation, humour is the last thing left...
    Colleagues, you should look around as foreign GMC works: they are there to help, to organise social meetings as well as educational ones...
    I had a dream: appeased friendly GMC, caring for members, working hard to continuously improve the quality of its members not by repression, but by education...Free access to the building for members... with free coffee machine...

  • GMC pledges to simplify revalidation and reduce doctor workload

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 23 Jul 2017 6:00pm

    Revalidation=Completely junk...
    Huge cost in time (and money} better employed to patients 'cares!!! NO EFFECT ON PATIENTS SATISFACTION AND NO EFFECT ON HEALTH IMPROVEMENT!!
    Also incomprehensible verbal diarrhea from GMC...
    But there are funding for Nuclear Bombs, nuclear submarine boats (minimum of 200 billions with maintenance crew, exercises etc...
    Even our government said ready to press the button first!!! so end of Humanity then problem solved!
    And GPs, Specialists, pressurised at maximum (time and money)...
    Dr Shipman must laugh in his grave to be at origin of such mess...

  • GPs face added workload burden as CQC proposes annual practice reports

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 13 Jun 2017 1:16pm

    Again: how much money all that burden (CQC, appraisal, revalidation) cost effectively???
    Would this (huge!) money not better used for formation?? (not for repression!!)
    For instance: USSCAN training for GP's, this would be cost effective!
    And generally speaking independent post graduate education free...even paid compensation to attending GP's!!!

  • GPs face added workload burden as CQC proposes annual practice reports

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 13 Jun 2017 12:31pm

    Bravo Xray!
    I keep your CQC report to help doing mine!
    And why do not ask CQC to evaluate the outcome of their action on public health!!
    I mean on patient satisfaction, expenses, morbidity, mortality...
    UK is still not in good position with the WHO statistics!
    Same for the GMC to evaluate the same things before and after
    Was all that burden cost/time/public health effective??
    I doubt it!!!

  • GPs urged to start antibiotics for sepsis ‘within an hour’

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 20 Apr 2017 8:37am

    Formation! We have to know how recognise a serious infection with possibility of septicaemia/meningitis, or else.
    Specially when a child coming from the A&E with some paracetamol has theses clinical sign of serious infection...
    Then one injection of amoxicilline {100mg/kg)plus some steroid in the injection: the child resuscitate! Nearly immediately: then we have done our job and can be proud of it!!

  • Immigration centres able to access patient records from 2,700 practices

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 13 Apr 2017 2:40pm

    Where are the human rights??
    and UK wants to make human rights lessons to the entire world??
    This is double standard !!
    The only solution is individual medical files, as with smart cards for instance, protected by pin code.
    Only vital information should be accessible, and with different access from the health professional depending of his field, with a professional access electronic key...

  • GPs asked to save £1m by skyping pensioners in care homes

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 30 Mar 2017 12:11pm

    How educated managers can propose such inepsies??!!
    Is it to get rid sooner of old people?? Are we in a civilized country ??

  • NHS England to look into GP practice which set up private side clinic

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 10 Feb 2017 3:54pm

    In France, coal mining area, a nationalise health care was started after the WWII. To sart the system, Private GP's were ask to accept small list of mine patients. Was very well paid at first (but of course the pay would go down after!).
    So theses GP's had at first paying patients and the miners did not had to pay.
    Some Drs then would reserv the heated inside waiting room to the paying patients, with immediate appointment, while non paying patients had to wait in the street and the cold...

  • GPs to be paid £150 to diagnose and treat dementia

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 20 Jan 2017 1:15pm

    So there will be a surge in Dementia diagnostics!
    Another effect of the brexit??!!

  • PM to end 'injustice' of GPs charging ill patients for protection from debt agencies

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 09 Jan 2017 2:42pm

    PM should sove the problem of hudge interest charges for short loans like payday loan...some of them are around 3000%!!!
    This is unique in Europe, even criminal...and of course poor vulnerable people most of the time! Myself would never charge for such a certificate...

  • GPs to wait 40 minutes for ambulances for critically ill patients under new trial

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 22 Nov 2016 2:43pm

    A month ago, I was called just outside of my premises in emergency for a 84 years old man who felt down from stairs in the street. He was lying on the tarmac, a few people around, who already called an ambulance. A family member told me that he has Alzheimer. I examined him, did not find any deficit, his occiput was bleeding a bit. But definitively he had to be rushed in hospital in case of brain extra dural bleeding...
    As the ambulance after 15mn was still not there, I called again through 999. I explained the case, said that I wanted him to be rushed to the hospital in case of extra dural haemorrhagic possibility.
    Then I was told that because he was conscient we had to wait for the ambulance and that they could not say how long. Just that we were in a queue...
    I said OK, I know that our conversation is recorded, I have told you the case, and the emergency level, so if something happen while waiting, the guy at the 999 will be definitively responsible...
    % minutes later not ONE but THREE ambulance arrived on site!!!

  • 200,000 patients 'may have quit statins' following negative media coverage

    Dr JeanMarie Sandor's comment 29 Jun 2016 11:42am

    Statins are so efficients that 15 days (my expertise) is enough to lower to normal the total cholesterol, but as well HDL and LDL. Price very low! less than 1p a tablet...
    So the Pharmaceutic Industry is working on a specific lowering LDL drug. Of course very expensive!!
    So is the late attacks on Statins Lobbying (???) to be able to sell another much more lucrative drug...but not yet on the market because worst side effects!!!
    I ask a question: why not take avantage of a low dose of aspirin and statin?? Unbeatable in primary prevention!!!