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  • How fake news caused this whole NHS mess

    marmaduke's comment 13 Jan 2017 11:46am

    Fake news=daily heil

  • GPs asked to come into hospital to discharge patients and take on care

    marmaduke's comment 13 Jan 2017 11:42am


  • Hunt promises to release GP time to 'support urgent care services'

    marmaduke's comment 13 Jan 2017 2:00am

    Probably the most insanely incompetent politician of all time
    Unbelievably deluded and out of touch

  • Failure to fully consider the costs of seven day access is irresponsible

    marmaduke's comment 13 Jan 2017 1:41am

    Irresponsible ?
    No...a criminal waste of NHS resources yet again by our failing political system
    How much suffering will this and the legion of insane ideological non evidence based waste schemes cause by draining resources further out of front line care,Mr Runt?
    This SoS is the apotheosis of incompetence and amassing stupidity

  • NHS chief contradicts Government on spending claims

    marmaduke's comment 13 Jan 2017 1:35am

    At last some honesty from him
    Pity he was an architect of the national disaster of the failed fake massively wasteful internal market that with the other marketisations it enabled has tripled NHS admin costs to 10 maybe 20 billion a year
    Returning funding to euro per capita average will mean spending 30 per cent more...the only realistic way the real efficiencies can be created is the reinstatement of the NHS by the permanent destruction of all NHS marketisation and commissioning wasteful nonsense and the seizing of utterly outrageous PFI companies gleefully sucking the life out of patient care.

  • #GPnews: Daily Mail 'names and shames' GP practices that close for training

    marmaduke's comment 13 Jan 2017 1:26am

    The daily lie is a cancer on our whole society..the only comfort is they continually tell hateful bigoted ignorant lies about everyone..except their paid for party the corrupt to the core selfservatives..a transparently evil shit stain on the body politic run by an insane tax dodging deluded multimillionaire
    Like our archaic failing parliament the newspapers need truly revolutionary reform and modernisation ..there is an overwhelming stink emanating from London
    The heil should be reported to the press complaints commiss

  • Government 'making progress' with correcting 2004 GP contract, says Hunt

    marmaduke's comment 13 Jan 2017 1:17am

    Runt is staggeringly deluded and incompetent..whenever he reaches one apex of stupidity he achieves another height
    I truly believe he has a serious personality disorder
    Simply incredible and impossible to parody
    Truth manifesting as insanity

  • Collect feedback following every GP-patient interaction, says GMC report

    marmaduke's comment 13 Jan 2017 1:08am

    This comment has been removed by the moderator.

  • Red Cross deployed to cope with NHS 'humanitarian crisis'

    marmaduke's comment 10 Jan 2017 7:12pm

    you cannot possibly carry on now..and worse you are bringing about the rushed panicky secretive undemocratic nonsense of STP's..which will make the service worse as you push percentage nhs gdp spend to one of the lowest in Europe over the next 5 years of further unnecessary and frankly insane cuts to this vital infrastructure of the nhs which will cause worse suffering and deaths as well as causing huge damage to the economy and the skill base of the staff.and worse you have failed to expropriate PFI failed to reverse the ten to 20 billion waste per annum on the internal market;commissioning outsoucing AQP and all the other dogmatic fanatic ideologically blinded non evidence based utterly loathsome bullshit that has tripling admin spend from 5 pre thatcher to 15 to 20% with zero in fact negative effect on REAL health care...chaos fragementation confusion low morale downgrading of staff converting nhs direct to the private nhs 111 saving money(to go to the kleptocratic mangerial elite as in all outsourcings)they threw all the years of nurse triage experience to the winds substituting a call centre approach with untrained staff..wasting an order of magnitude or more of money in the global nhs by incompetent triage and a woeful frustrating service for the patients..the same pathetic pattern has been followed in so many private outsourcings..when will they learn evidence clearly demonstrates these policies are wasteful incompetent and a total failure?
    hunt's way..
    criminally underfund(allegedly for moderator)
    criminally waste(allegedly for moderator)
    cause extreme damage to morale of all health care professionals..blame them for your inadequacies incompetence and profound arrogance ;bully them;vilify them through your paid Murdoch gutter trash propaganda rags..and encourage a severe and growing manpower crisis in a service that is already grossly underdoctored underfunded underbedded underscannered undernursed underhospitalled etc etc
    and trump..hunt says'nothing is wrong'..the staff still stupid enough to stay on under your repellently incompetent wasteful regime have their pay cut for a decade pensions slashed and you try to undermine the JDRs working hours and pay whilst pathologically lying in the most evil manner about them.
    all you do is continuously interfere with weekly absolute nonsense policies wasting multi billions..
    sadly your boss seems as extreme a fanatic as you and equally deluded and totally out of touch with reality
    may I remind you that you work for the are not elected to prioritise the interests of your colleagues and friends in private health care
    the damage done in the past 6 years will take a generation to repair.

  • GPs from EU to be guaranteed £90k salary in recruitment drive

    marmaduke's comment 10 Jan 2017 6:43pm

    dear 547
    let me say you are most welcome is a great career and I hope you will join us in a better future here;truth be told we need you and your experience adds very much to the knowledge pool of the profession.
    best wishes.

    but the failure of the uk government to manage the nhs is a national disgrace;we need hunt and stevens's RESIGNATIONS

  • NHS transformation plans cannot 'save' money without cutting services

    marmaduke's comment 08 Jan 2017 0:06am

    Should be signed by every gp in England

  • One in six practices wrote to Northern Ireland health board over workload concerns

    marmaduke's comment 07 Jan 2017 5:05pm

    Every GP in the uk should write to every newspaper every mp and every peer with copies displayed in every waiting room
    The evil antics of this lying corrupt government should be exposed
    Then follow the same with every dr in the uk hospital and all
    The present situation is intolerable and truth needs to be spoken to the electorate to get this appalling misgovernment to listen
    This is the only way to bypass the sick evil culture of bullying in the NHS
    This profound disgrace of a government cannot be allowed to continue

  • Health secretary wants LESs to take forward GP 'one-stop shop' plans

    marmaduke's comment 07 Jan 2017 4:56pm

    This comment has been removed by the moderator.

  • NHS to spend £15m on training 1,000 GP physician associates by 2020

    marmaduke's comment 07 Jan 2017 4:52pm

    Too little too late
    Likely to have same effect of cutting staff training and seniority that destroyed NHS direct and created the utter privatised 111 that wastes ten times as much in the global NHS due to incompetent triage.
    Keep twiddling the harp fat millionaire Tory lying shits while you cause unnecessary death and suffering by criminal wasteful interference and underfunding of the NHS

  • GPs to be paid £150 to diagnose and treat dementia

    marmaduke's comment 07 Jan 2017 4:45pm

    More absurd thrashing about whilst Rome burns
    GP does not have the time nor to train up

  • Red Cross deployed to cope with NHS 'humanitarian crisis'

    marmaduke's comment 07 Jan 2017 4:41pm

    End last paragraph deaths not desires!

  • Red Cross deployed to cope with NHS 'humanitarian crisis'

    marmaduke's comment 07 Jan 2017 4:40pm

    Hunt and Stevens must resign
    The mismanagement underfunding and non evidence based ideological privatisation causing tens of billions of waste is leading to widespread suffering and desires
    Like the deaths due to ids and his evil policies scapegoating the vulnerable and disabled
    Worse the present policy is driven by corrupt links between parliamentary parasites and private health
    This misgovernment is UNACCEPTABLE

  • Government to blame for poor doctor morale, says former health minister

    marmaduke's comment 15 Dec 2016 8:29pm

    well that is an earth shattering revelation!!
    never occurred to me?
    who would have thunk it?

    never ceases to amaze ..the intergalactic incompetence of our failed archaic political system.

  • 2017? Prepare for your receptionist to be privatised

    marmaduke's comment 15 Dec 2016 8:20pm

    parody yes..unfortunately reality in this insane modern deformed NHS is precisely the same

  • GP practices across whole county set for 'voluntary' contract under NHS plan

    marmaduke's comment 15 Dec 2016 12:43pm

    totally insane Stalinist secretive deranged deluded nonsense based on ignorance of primary care and utterly outrageous
    I predict a MASSIVE reaction from the public which hopefuly would bring this administration down.
    please stevens and hunt resign..your leadersrhip has been worse than execrable and unacceptable.