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  • NHS England enforces 1,001 patient list size limit on GP at Hand in Manchester

    LateralThink's comment 15 Jan 2020 6:26pm

    When I joined our semi-rural two-handed practice in 1976, I would be called out of bed about once every 6 weeks. In 1995 when I gave up being on call, we had twice as many patients and twice as many doctors - and it wasn't uncommon to be called out of bed when on duty THREE times a NIGHT. THAT's what happened.

  • British GP unable to work in NHS as GMC says laws are 'not fit for purpose'

    LateralThink's comment 05 Dec 2019 10:50am

    I keep on thinking that the NHS is staffed by wonderful practical healthcare staff, ignobly held back as much and as frequently as possible by politicians, managers, lawyers, jobsworths, bureaucrats and pedants. When is anyone going to take a global view of healthcare provision and actually create a 'healthcare society' that minimises bureaucracy, minimises unnecessary expense,minimises diplomatosis, nullifies organisational vetoes and thereby maximises benefit to the actual patients?

  • 'No evidence' that GPs' race, sex and age affect tribunal decisions, finds GMC study

    LateralThink's comment 03 Dec 2019 12:57pm

    'specialists... tended to receive outcomes milder than suspension or erasure'.
    In other words, generalists -- those who practice in the areas which are widely acknowledged to be hardest to do well are treated more harshly than those who have chosen specialist areas in which to practice. And the GMC thinks that's just and equal???

  • GPs expected to vaccinate schoolchildren as flu programme is delayed

    LateralThink's comment 11 Nov 2019 4:47pm

    As always: the organisation messes up - so GPs are automatically expected to bear the responsibility (and take the blame if they can't cope with the re-scheduled workload).

    What would delight me enormously over this would be if the atmosphere changed hugely, so that there was always an 'inquest' when a foul-up like this occurs, and any individual manager or business held to have failed to deliver properly immediately received either a stiff fine, or, in the case of individuals, a P45.

    Having said that, I don't believe that a single error should ever be the cause for draconian punishment on the first occasion, but I should be very happy indeed to know that managers and businesses supplying the NHS were well-known to be increasingly paranoid about failing to deliver. It is simply not right that only clinicians can be penalised but those organising behind the scenes can seemingly mess up with impunity and without losing a wink of sleep.

  • Lower GP practice ratings due to workforce and demand issues, says CQC

    LateralThink's comment 15 Oct 2019 5:34pm

    A clear case of 'shoot the messenger'. How can anyone take CQC seriously when they do or say things like this?
    Time we downgraded CQC from 'requires improvement' to 'should be disbanded forthwith'.

  • GPs must report deaths to coroners in writing under new rules

    LateralThink's comment 02 Oct 2019 10:45am

    Ambiguous headline, Pulse: please make it clear that this only applies to deaths that legally HAVE to be reported to the coroner, rather than the non-problematic ones.
    "New rules for reporting deaths to coroners" would do the job nicely.

  • GPs requesting ambulance will have to provide a score for level of emergency

    LateralThink's comment 29 Sep 2019 1:18pm

    "All observations normal, patient dead." OK, apocryphal, but provides the real subtle answer in 5 words. A decent HCP can take one look at a patient and *know* that something's badly wrong (though the reverse isn't necessarily true, so a scoring system is probably more use in those not immediately obviously ill -- but even so, beware mantra no 2: "treat the patient, not the tests"

  • I'm a German GP and I'm having to review my circumstances

    LateralThink's comment 28 Sep 2019 11:17am

    I'm a passionate Brexiter -- but I am equally highly upset by the treatment you have received at the hands of the Home Office. Indeed, I was going to offer to support you if you needed assistance by going through various contacts I have - but I'm delighted to see in the later part of your article that the matter is now resolved.

    Rest assured, the problems you have regrettably had to face were never even remotely intended by those, like me, who voted to leave the EU organisation. I know quite a number of Leavers, and I'm know I speak for all of them in saying that I am *appalled* by the way you have been treated.

    However, I also think that this isn't necessarily the fault of the politicians, but of the senior and middle-grade Home Office civil servants who simply haven't got their act together in working out how to validate the residency requirements. Simple reasoning suggests that if you pay tax as a GP for thirty years, then you are presumably in this country and fulfil the residency conditions many times over, and a simple cross-check with the GMC and HMRC should have been able to establish that in a matter of minutes. I do wonder about the quality of the civil servants who can't work out a decent, hassle-free way to go about validating this without causing bother and sheer offence to people such as yourself and your family.

    Equally, I can't get my head round the fact that we are crying out for GPs, yet the civil service and the politicians seem to be incapable of smoothing the path to continuing residency for those who have chosen to live here. Joined-up government it is not.

    Finally, *please* remember that the vast majority of leavers will be like me. We actively like Europe and our European cousins - we just want to leave the dreadful organisation which calls itself the EU.

  • No-deal Brexit could close down practices, says RCGP chair

    LateralThink's comment 24 Sep 2019 11:11am

    ProjectFear on steroids. Literally.

  • Practice staff vaccinations not covered under indemnity scheme, BMA says

    LateralThink's comment 14 Sep 2019 6:41pm

    Is there anything that we can leave to NHS managers which they don't actually manage to mess up? We need to be saying loud and clear that heads must roll over omissions like this - just as our heads would role if we were to 'forget' to include something pretty obvious in our differential diagnosis for a particular patient. We simply cannot afford the time to check through what managers do purely to find out what they've failed to complete

  • GPs unable to access patient records due to IT system failure

    LateralThink's comment 04 Sep 2019 4:20pm

    Truth finder isn't correct. All the national GP systems have or have had their own user groups - with many members who like working with clinical computers and - perhaps more importantly - have also had provided input (sometimes considerable)into how these systems have been design to work.

  • Patients ‘get around’ rationing rules by registering with out-of-area practices

    LateralThink's comment 02 Aug 2019 12:04pm

    To Anonymous London: no, it's not a matter for any shame - it was a standard way of assessing potential partners in the medium to distant past. Seeing how someone works within the practice is, in my opinion, far, far better (and a great deal more subtle as as a method of assessment) than asking for a reference.

  • Capita admits further cervical screening administration errors

    LateralThink's comment 18 Jul 2019 4:51pm

    When are Capita's directors going to appear in court to answer for all the mayhem that Capita appears to have been causing? If I personally had made so many mistakes, one after the other, I would expect to have been struck off long ago. Why aren't healthcare firms held *strictly* to account over their actions? It really makes one wonder why doctors and nurses spend all that time trying to do things really well when those who are supposed to be supporting us let down the side time and time again. Or is it one rule for them, and a different rule for us?

  • Digital practice patients three times more likely to return to prior GP surgery

    LateralThink's comment 08 Jul 2019 11:27am

    Fully agree with Rogue1 - if a patient has swapped to a digital practice then the previous practice should be fully entitled to refuse to re-register them (and with no questions asked by management).

  • Government rules out review of pension tax charges

    LateralThink's comment 19 Jun 2019 11:04am

    As someone who has practised holistic (i.e. joined-up) medicine for the whole of my life, I find it alarming how those who govern us have a totally silo mentality over just about everything. Can they really not see how ridiculous tax rules might affect the extent to which clinicians choose to work?

  • Carr-Hill formula 'very unlikely' to create more equitable allocation, finds study

    LateralThink's comment 18 Jun 2019 1:02pm

    We have known this right from the start, and yet nothing has been done. The Carr-Hill formula is still secret - so much for transparency! It completely fails to deliver what it sets out to do -- i.e. to create a fair reward system which supports those GPs working in more difficult conditions, or with more demanding or more complex patients.

  • CQC closes practice following unannounced inspection during Eid

    LateralThink's comment 10 Jun 2019 6:16pm

    May I ask how many CQC inspections have been performed on Christmas Eve?

  • Capita wrongly archived 160,000 patient records due to processing error

    LateralThink's comment 20 May 2019 5:16pm

    Why aren't heads rolling about this -- and, perhaps more importantly, being seen to roll? The message which needs sending out is simple -- you deal negligently with the NHS, you pay with your job. We simply cannot continue with the present situation where if a clinician makes a mistakes the book is thrown at him/her, but if a manager makes a mistake it's glossed over. Every single one of those mis-directed records potentially risks death or severe injury - it's no use hiding behind an assumption that no harm actually came of it. (Not that I necessarily believe this, anyway.)

  • GPs will be required to collect annual patient feedback under GMC plans

    LateralThink's comment 30 Apr 2019 12:02pm

    I would only want to advocate this once I was aware that the GMC had put it in place for themselves as an organisation and as individuals.

  • GPs who make one-off errors less likely to face GMC investigation under new plans

    LateralThink's comment 18 Apr 2019 11:12am

    Glad to see the sanity is at last starting to percolate into the GMC's handling of cases. It is important for everyone in healthcare constantly to recognise that we are all human, and, given enough time, will all make mistakes. Doctors' like everyone else, therefore need to be treated as fallible humans rather than perfect automatons. I sincerely welcome the GMC's new approach.