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  • General practice responsible for £88m of fraudulent behaviour, claims NHS report

    ScottyDog's comment 17 Sep 2019 11:12am

    Spot on, Paul Cundy: 88 million from 1.2 billion is 0.0007% of the total. Why is GP being focused on - again?

  • Nearly a third of GPs say they will quit within five years

    ScottyDog's comment 04 Dec 2018 3:40pm

    Peter, not sure what you meant by our having had our bluff called over pensions...

  • Nearly a third of GPs say they will quit within five years

    ScottyDog's comment 03 Dec 2018 11:42am

    It never fails to amaze me that despite the scarcity of GPs meaning we have more negotiating power, our representatives continue with a completely open-ended GP contract regarding hours of work and tasks delegated from others as well as being first point of contact for all (un)reasonable patient demand. We must design a service doctors enjoy working in as well as clinically satisfying rather than the macho do-it-all misery that so many new and not so new GPs are rejecting in terms of partnership. Scotland's SGPC fluffed its chance recently, it's up to England now...

  • Part-time revolution: How general practice is adapting as GPs reclaim control

    ScottyDog's comment 08 Nov 2018 4:18pm

    Agree David Banner. So many GPs escaping into part time says something profound about the job. Recruitment & retention to GP partnership is an issue because hours remain excessive and the contract still is open-ended. A new contract needs to tackle both these issues, with core hours 9am – 5pm and core duties. Yes, 9 to 5, just as everyone else thinks we work, and as most others work in the health service. Any duties outwith core, namely delegated from secondary care, need to be priced and charged for via an Enhanced Service – they will soon stop once funds begin to shift from hospitals – so either we get better resourced or the workload reduces; and anyone wishing to provide early or late surgeries could of course be rewarded via an Extended Hours Enhanced Service. Yes, the family friendly work-life balance younger doctors want – provide it or see general practice disappear. We also need to look at home visits being GP-initiated and not prompted by everyone else as they currently are. The new Scottish contract has failed to tackle these issues and instead hopes to obtain help for other professions over the next three years – too late to halt the crisis of failing practices – and still the qualifying GPSTs don’t want partnerships. The only respite has seen a planned buy back of premises. At least the 2004 contract ended out of hours commitment and priced it accordingly – and also priced QOF to boost income – although not perfect, these at least were solid deliverables. Other health professions limit their workload but the core task of being a GP partner remains one of doing everything no one else in the NHS fancies doing. And by the way, wasn’t David Banner the Incredible Hulk?