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Dr U Hill

  • Consultants to advise GPs on patients who fail mental health referral criteria

    Dr U Hill's comment 18 Aug 2018 11:47am

    'If GPs have good suggestions let's hear them'

    Silly attitude (sorry I have to be blunt).

    We are supposed to be working together. It is not up to GPs to give good suggestions on how to improve mental health services after prolonged period of underfunding.
    GPs can critically analyse suggestions, this does not mean that they are fighting with their hospital colleagues.

  • We have to stop making excuses for abusive patients

    Dr U Hill's comment 12 Jul 2018 12:51pm

    'We suffer from dreadfully low self-esteem.'
    This statement couldn't be any more true. It is also reflected on how we deal with secondary care colleagues and that is why some of them think they are 'superior' Shame!

  • Leading doctors oppose calls to charge patients for GP appointments

    Dr U Hill's comment 26 Jun 2018 11:58am

    First of all, co-payment is not the only form of cost-sharing. There are other forms of cost-sharing e.g. co-insurance etc. I am not clear why we are so focused on co-payment which is a form of cost-sharing.
    Secondly, trying to use dentists to determine the effect of cost-sharing on patients is not a scientific comparison. We should look at other countries that have implemented this. Current data show that the healthcare of the patients in these countries have not been compromised and care is actually better than on the NHS.
    Thirdly, calling cost-sharing (co-payments etc) a tax on health is a sensationalist nonsense that tries to stifle intelligent, evidence-based debate.
    My opinion - NHS needs some form of cost-sharing. Let the health economists work out what form and how much in other to maintain health quality and not compromise on health equality.

  • It’s just too easy for us to blame others for the GP crisis

    Dr U Hill's comment 05 Apr 2018 3:41pm

    'but pretending they’re not outweighed by the negatives at the moment would be like making a copy of that videotape in The Ring that kills you if you don’t pass it on to show in the VTS training afternoon.'
    I couldn't stop laughing when I read this part.