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Independents' Day

Krishna Chaturvedi

  • Ten top tips - hypertension

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 29 Dec 2014 10:46am

    Good article with some useful clear tips

  • Ten top tips - painful shoulder

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 29 Dec 2014 10:41am

    Its a excellent article with usefulkey messages .
    Red flag /yellow flag would have been helpful .
    Point 3 impingement ?age specific .

  • 'We are being regulated to death'

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 22 Dec 2014 8:13am

    Regulated to Death is very Sad and pathetic state of affairs in Notts.I will rate this article as %stars for the miserable times and Mirale Primary care .One wonders who cares for our Faternity ?DOHNo No
    Occupational Health No No.Our LeadersLmc Gpc BMa NoNo.Our Peers ?masy be but Who Suffers and cares is our Family and Friends .
    Please please some one Ought to think and act on such a Valuable Lives Losses for them and their family and Friends .

  • CCGs a 'déjà vu’ of PCTs, NHS England lead says

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 10 Dec 2014 9:13am

    I am in absolute agreement with what is said about the deja vu. I shall call it PCT mark 2 with any possible improved version. As a matter of fact, extreme degree of time and the cost of 3 billion has been spent, which could easily have been spent on the care of patients and improvement in the health economy. As faar as our experience goes, the whole idea of change was to integrate with other key players i.e social services, local councils, better integration with community trust, hospital trust and the list is endless. Unfortunately, the success story is very patchy and inconsistent, which does not help a uniform health care system.
    Regarding the clinical engagement, the picture is unfortunately similar. The clinicans who are supposed to lead are led by heavy management structure which unfortunately has not changed for any better. As a matter of fact, the bureaucracy has increased and we have more 'talkers' than 'doers'. We do need a system which provides a consistent and continuous care for the patients rather than a fragmented disjointed approach of health management system.

    I am sure if our political masters do not constantly change the system, we would not have this state of deja vu.

  • Pulse magazine: November 2014

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 09 Dec 2014 11:19am

    1. We all wonder where the £5 has gone from last year. is it to rescue the financial deficit of the CCG legacy of PCT or to finance the hospital services? This year CCG will be asking many hoops to have this year's money, they already are planning how the GPs will be asked to submit their bid and what will be required. Do our masters know how hard it is to go through these bureaucrats.
    2. What a political gimmick to have - 7 day GP access, when GPs are strugging to cope with their day to day work which he is well aware of and there is crisis in General practice recruitment and retention. Does he still think that he can deliver these fairy tales?

  • PM's seven-day access scheme is 'just another vote winner', says CCG leader

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 20 Nov 2014 8:17am

    Its not only Political but extremely daft idea .DOH pressuring CCG and Area team to put SRP and other constraints on Primary care and on other side taking QOF money to these Derisory Access issue to few Demand Lead Patients .we are seeing consequences of Darzi centre /walk in centre which CCG is trying to shut down but finding extremely hard .
    Some Gps are doing it for Extra Bucks without realising what a Dis service it is to their colleagues by playing in the hands of politicamns Game .
    If continuity of care has to be seen which is a small practices Model and has maximum patient satsfaction is not acceptable to our Pamasters .
    What a pity we do not value what we have got .

  • Suspicious minds: Politicians are running out of time to win GPs’ trust

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 13 Oct 2014 12:12pm

    No wonder the majority of our colleagues are undecided about voting for any parties because they are feathers of the same bird, unrealistic everchanging targets, not understanding the difficulties GPs face every day.
    Political gimmicks by present government of having 24 hour service which is impossible in reality but is still pushed with pilot schemes spending unnecessary money on duplication/triplication of services without any real impact on patient satisfaction. Changing the format from PCT to CCG and thought of having reduction in bureacracy has not made any difference. CCG are still driven by central driven targets and ever increasing managers.
    Patients are given choices but GPs are asked to follow service restriction policies. Can there be anything paradoxical than this? Recently read about jeremy Hunt supporting peer reviews yet, in practice, private companies are running the referral management centres despite knowing it costs more money and with limited clinical outcome. the list is endless and unfortuantely these comments are never taken into consideration but helps to get it off our chests!

  • 4. Dr Richard Vautrey

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 03 Sep 2014 11:45am

    Excellent Negociator and Leader

  • GPs must offer more choice for outpatient referrals, Monitor says

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 08 Aug 2014 11:42am

    I find Choice Agenda Exteremely Paradoxical and politicaly Driven .Majority of patients are happy with local provider and very occ will ask for specific london opr cambridge following daly mail or other papers info .
    we have Service Restriction policy Srp continues
    to be thurst upon and of course Expensive privately run Referral Management which does not give any CHOICE to patient or service provider .How can you run such a systems with full of contradictions

  • In full: QOF indicators for 2015/16

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 01 Aug 2014 5:51pm

    we are having constant CHANGE FATIGUE
    please please live in real world of attending to our patient daily needs rather then these everchanging targets .

  • Dilemma: GP criticises colleagues in public

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 16 Jul 2014 9:59am

    This sort of Behaviour should not be accepted and one to one Meeeting should be arranged as CCG is membership organisation and all member may not agree but consttutionaly Majority rules .
    Gp member may have Issues with CCO and Chairman who are appointed and may be Non clinicaly Lead .
    The Top Leaders have conflict of intrest which are not resolve realistically ?Being Devil<s Advocate .
    Needs Holstic View with One to one Resolution

  • GP minor surgery procedures being 'rationed' by NHS managers

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 09 Jul 2014 12:49pm

    Absolutely terrible and shortsighted.Dejavue even cCg going for cocommissioning are thinking as former Gp Bashing PCT did.
    How long Patients and we in front line have to suffer before some common sense prevail.Every one knows how much these procedure costs and what and where patient pefer.
    GPC ?BMA time to help Grass root Gp,s and protect Primary care services

  • Burnout forces almost 10% of GPs to take time off work as pressure on occupational health services grows

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 26 Nov 2013 9:45am

    as above

  • Burnout forces almost 10% of GPs to take time off work as pressure on occupational health services grows

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 26 Nov 2013 9:45am

    Big Big problems but our Parlamentarians do not realise or could not care .Can do Lip service .
    Please do survey in current system of PCT ?CCG
    do occupational Acess for GP 's exist??
    Unfortunately they Burden further their Gp colleagues ,
    Extrely Sorry state of Affair .No one to care of carer Professionaly

  • Reaction: GP contract deal 2014/15

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 16 Nov 2013 10:41am

    Undoubtably supportive of qof tickbox excercise and red tape demise .It will be intresting to see what qof points are still left.
    Continuity of care in small practices is Traditionaly excellent but not sure How ? 24hrs services can be provided.
    Finally Good to see the U turn on Pay disclosure.Need to know the finer details hopefuly soon

  • Half of London’s A&Es fail to hit waiting targets half the time

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 12 Nov 2013 9:17am

    More Resources Human and Financial should be put in community and Primary care .
    Primary care is serving 90% of service with only9% total Budget.
    Better Coordinated Links with social services 24hrs not 9 to 5 pm

  • Tricky 10 minutes - 'I want a brain scan for these headaches'

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 11 Nov 2013 11:10am

    excellent article with practcal tips for a very complex yet commom GP consultation.

  • Tricky 10 minutes - 'I want a brain scan for these headaches'

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 11 Nov 2013 11:07am

    no problems

  • Tricky 10 minutes - 'I want a brain scan for these headaches'

    Krishna Chaturvedi's comment 11 Nov 2013 11:06am

    Extremely useful tip coming from the expert and supporting Nice Guidelines
    Every day.s problem can be helped with above valuable Article from DR ELrington