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GPs go forth

Ian Freed

  • GP partners offload premises as property firm expands practice portfolio by 20%

    Ian Freed's comment 07 Jun 2016 11:07am

    Would the anonymous sessional doctor of 10:31 care to expand on the cryptic but clearly provocative comments? He/she hides behind a cloak of anonymity like some troll.

  • 'Striking is just something doctors should not do'

    Ian Freed's comment 12 Jan 2016 6:24pm

    I assume this chap is a certain age given his comments and his NICE-ness. If so, how can he possibly say we had "dialogue". We had slave labour...that's what we had. Dialogue is a two-way communication. Government always wants unilateral imposition and, at last, there is the bravery and determination to oppose this. Yes, it is sad that it has come to this but it does when faced with unreasonable intransigence. I suppose our other favourite, Prof Field, is also having paroxysms.

  • Expert to review ‘every stage’ of GMC process to make it more ‘compassionate’

    Ian Freed's comment 03 Dec 2015 11:54am

    Let us not forget the Health Ombudsman who runs a flawed quasi-judicial punitive organisation.

  • GPC turns up pressure on Jeremy Hunt with 'unprecedented' LMC crisis meeting

    Ian Freed's comment 20 Nov 2015 5:03pm

    Why is everyone anonymous? Except for you, Pradeep. Good man.
    The doctor who says refuse CQC, revalidation etc makes good points but it would have to be en masse. Anything less would be counterproductive.
    The doctor who says we, old doctors, have sold out the next generation is wrong though I can understand the bitterness. We have not been led well over the years despite the rank and file exhorting stronger action. We have, now, I believe a leadership with scrotal contents.
    The older doctors have held on to a vision of family practice and quasi-independence and wished to hand this model down. We have tried to maintain our practices against the evil forces of successive Governments from 1990 when the rot set in…when Kenneth Clarke and his successors began their efforts to squeeze more and more for less and less. Every illogical diktat has been opposed but Governments impose their will; we have not gone on strike and our threats have never really been taken seriously as we all worship at the altar of patient care. It will be enlightening and, possibly, emboldening to see what happens come December.

  • Senior consultants could finish career in general practice, says education lead

    Ian Freed's comment 05 Nov 2015 11:37am

    Nurses can do our job. Pharmacists can do our job. Physician's assistants can do our job. Retired consultants can do our job.
    Robots can do our job. Lay people with algorithms can do our job.
    I had no idea my job was so easy.

  • GPs must provide routine care to tourists, says new BMA guidance

    Ian Freed's comment 05 Nov 2015 11:25am

    The Global sum? Don't make me laugh. Dr Vautrey is sounding like the dissemblers at the Department by claiming "it is included in the baseline Global Sum" -like so much else we provide, in effect, for nothing.
    And when did anyone get free medical treatment in the EU or elsewhere- even if one flashes the EHIC?
    Why should overseas visitors be entitled to tax funded services especially for non-urgent conditions and forgotten medication.
    "Could my mother have 4 inhalers as they are so expensive in …."?

  • NHS England backs QOF suspension as an 'innovative' way of commissioning GPs

    Ian Freed's comment 16 Jan 2014 1:40pm

    QOF has, of course, become a game and may be a distraction but I do think it has lent a structured approach to patient care. For one, the ability to easily locate "missing patients" is extremely helpful in ensuring that target groups receive proper monitoring and treatment.
    Yes, one can quibble with the targeted conditions and ever changing criteria and thresholds but overall, for me, QOF has been "a good thing".
    My present concern is that promises of equivalent funding for other activities and focus will be, as so often before, a smokescreen for longer term reductions in costs. After all, the prime motivation of successive governments has been to get more for less.
    The NHS is no longer safe in anyone's hands. It will soon be The Notional Health Service.