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A faulty production line

Dave Woodward

  • NHS England orders practice to stop sending leaflet detailing GP workload pressures

    Dave Woodward's comment 03 Dec 2014 11:53am

    As CBT therapist it would be easier and more efficient if people Self refer to the IAPT programme! not much point them going to a GP for the GP to phone us. Waist of GPs and patients time.In kent we get lots of self well. We notify the GP so they are aware and keep them informed of progress or risk issues....simple.D0nt know why NHS England so hot under the collar...encourages efficient use of resources by GPs ..they should be proud!

  • GP practice paid to divert lonely patients to charities

    Dave Woodward's comment 17 Jul 2014 10:24pm

    When I was social Care Commissioner for East Kent we piloted a Community Link Worker project in east Kent 5 years ago. The aim was reduce GP time which was non-medical and connect patients with existing community or social care resources( as well IAPT CBT) .It was so successful it is now Kent wide and funded by social care and public health and provided by Porchlight a local charity. We must stop seeing patients problems as either medical or social when most of the time they are both and have holistic needs.