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Anonymous salaried!

  • NHS England: PCNs must succeed or face 'being salaried to other NHS providers'

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 22 Dec 2019 1:50pm

    The options will be either 1) privatisation 2) retrain back into hospital medicine 3)emigrate.

    Message to the centre. Death of partnership equals the death of General Practice in the UK and also the end of the NHS in its entirety as there is no possible mechanism by which secondary care can continue. Without primary and secondary care, community and social care will collapse. In the absence of all these things the nation state will collapse. The eastern countries have an affordable private infrastructure to fall back on which we most definitely do not.

    NHS england should not even mention this in any communication and the idea should not even raise its head. The idea should be up there with what to do if aliens land and other doomsday scenarios.

    Instead the approach I feel is wrong. The reality is that the British people have spoken and they have agreed to further austerity and reduced investment in the health service. We are from the people as well. It is not worthwhile blaming NHS England for this, or for NHS England to blame us. I appreciate their battles with the department of Health and the difficult conversations that they have with the treasury.

    Instead of playing blame games, we should switch the conversation to see how we best deploy what resources that we have to achieve the maximum health benefit to the people of the United Kingdom, whilst recognising each others pressures.

    That is definitely a conversation and thought process that GP's can get involved in.

    And message to GP's please do not be government mouthpieces. They have communication departments that do this. No other GP's I have met agree with the NhS England position and they are hurt by it. People that do agree with it, sound compromised and it makes us sceptical.

    It is not up to pcn's to convince young gp's to take on partnerships. It is up to gp partners to do this and convince us all and also to make the opportunities available.

    - anonymous salaried!

  • Trust your gut (or whatever you want to call it)

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 19 Oct 2019 12:19pm

    Excellent advice! medical practice is highly complex and we cannot afford to have narrowed thinking in general practice. Very few signs and symptoms are pathognomonic.

  • The sinister parallels between the NHS and the airline industry

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 23 Aug 2019 12:01pm

    I think as travellers on airlines we all understand that katherine, however there is no need to be dealt with rudely by anybody. For someone to have to object. It may have been racism at the time or maybe not, just saying that the statistics are deeply concerning. It would be great if we could hear the stewards point of view and also look to see everytime that they had spoken harshly to look for trends in behaviour.

  • Having conversations about weight

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 23 Aug 2019 6:48am

    It was doctors and epidemiologists that led to the societal change in smoking cessation. Remember government took time to change. Do not forget the influence of the tobacco lobby. When we all started to work together great things happened. As gp's we do treat societal disease and this is no different.

  • Practices must define their own thrombocytosis threshold or risk missing cancer

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 18 Jul 2019 5:04pm

    Absolutely excellent piece of work!

  • Dr Bawa-Garba's fitness to practise 'remains impaired', tribunal rules

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 08 Apr 2019 6:56pm

    I pray that Dr Baba gawa returns to clinical practice and that we can all as a profession put this horrible Saga behind us and hopefully we can all move on. Most important thing is that hopefully Dr Gawa can become a much-needed paediatric consultant!

    Let us also not forget that a child died during this entire episode and I hope that they also get closure.

    Anonymous salaried!

  • 'General practice made Richie ill'

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 23 Mar 2019 11:40am

    please watch the speech live at 45minutes 30 seconds.

    I was there and the transcript does not do it justice.

    Thank you on behalf of us all Dr Henshell for your bravery.

    We must protect one another's mental health. may this never happen to any of us!

  • Practices will not have guaranteed funding for extended hours access

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 04 Feb 2019 7:39am

    Historically anything delivered in primary care by our local ccg has been sliced.

    Our approach is that we will evaluate any offering from the ccg and if not viable then we will simply stop doing the work.

    General practice needs to develop alternative income. I highly suggest that you start to make contact with your local CRN. Research has replaced some other incomes. Great for the patients and more than enough work is available. Private patients by other providers such as spire hospital group is another good one.

    What we have found is that it means that we don't need to stop doing core bread and butter general practice. We just don't need to do the other stuff!

    - anonymous salaried!

  • GP contract would include MMR vaccinations under PHE proposals

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 25 Jan 2019 9:46am

    we all need to work together on this.

    I welcome Richard Vautrey's comments and look forward to see how we are going to develop this.

    - anonymous salaried!

  • Pilot primary care network 'freed up 3,000 appointments'

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 13 Jan 2019 10:44am

    What is the evidence base. The claims made go against research peer review. The level of evidence quoted here is inferior. If something is too good to be true it often is. There are major issues with what is happening in luton.

    Have they demonstrated reduced usage of 111, out of hours, ED usage, improved patient reported outcomes, care quality?

    From what I have seen then the answer is no.

    Should a widespread rollout occur based on this?

    No thank you

    - anonymous salaried!

  • Our urgent clinic improved same-day access while freeing up GP time

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 17 Nov 2018 10:38am

    our clinic has also introduced same day clinics but we have staffed this with GP partners. THe nurse specialists do still provide a same day service, but this is on the whole controlled.
    Our wait time has now gone down to 2-3 days for routine appointments. definitely a great idea. I would suggest though that the service should be delivered with GP's as there is no such thing as non complex.

    - anonymous salaried!

  • GPs advised to refuse to carry out public health work without a fee attached

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 17 Nov 2018 10:24am

    hitting them in the face = patient harm, better to work out how to account the politicians effectively rather than let anything happen to my people. is this discussion coming up at LMC conference? if so then it must be given full attention. PHP I feel your pain and I fully agree with you. The problem is that we are also maxed out too. we all are. let us work out how we work this out together.

    - anonymous salaried!

  • Losing continuity may mean fewer Xmas gifts – but it will be worth it

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 09 Nov 2018 8:22pm

    zoe have to disagree with you on this one too. but I have total respect for you and you are a giant in my view . continuity leads to trust and so much better. I think that when a problem becomes chronic and complex, palliative, requiring secondary care input, polypharmacy etc. then to know the person that you are seeing is invaluable. really in my view it is the jewel of general practice. it is the part that can't be privatised or replaced by AI.

    - anonymous salaried!

  • NHS England announces £10m GP winter indemnity scheme

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 26 Sep 2018 11:07am

    excellent that we are having indemnity covered. this will help us to carry out some more out of hours work and help us to stabilise these services.

    - anonymous salaried!

  • NHS launches scanning service for old GP records amid 'paperless' strategy

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 10 Sep 2018 4:43pm

    Dr Cundy

    thank you as always! amazing reply. will be holding off. Please pulse when an agreed service does come online then please let us know. it is much needed.

    thank you

    -anonymous salaried!

  • The importance of housekeeping

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 28 Aug 2018 1:21pm

    Inalways include things that are non medicine related in the appraisal. Actually tend to be interesting and do generally relate back to the day job.

  • Being driven down under

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 24 Aug 2018 8:16pm

    Bap a tad negative. Dr kevin you are amazing. It is also great that you still contribute to pulse even though you are no longer here.
    Good luck.
    Anonymous salaried!

  • Still a doctor

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 03 Aug 2018 4:06pm

    you are great! I always learn from you when you speak your wisdom.

    we salute you!

    - anonymous salaried!

  • GP practice nurses provide care 'as good as GPs', claims study

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 27 Jul 2018 11:21am

    excellent. we should pay heed to this. Do we retrain our primary care doctors back into hospitals?

    I think that this is becoming increasingly the direction of travel.

  • Over half of GPs change or stop reflections following Bawa-Garba case

    Anonymous salaried!'s comment 26 Jul 2018 3:54pm

    not stopped reflection as this may also be used against us, however written in the full light that this is not personal and may be used against me in a court of law like medical notes.