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Dr HealThyself

  • Female GPs far more likely to work beyond scheduled hours than male GPs

    Dr HealThyself's comment 11 May 2019 12:11pm

    Ludicrous article with a tabloid style headline. That’ll help to divide the profession. Thanks

  • A tribute to the 9ers

    Dr HealThyself's comment 08 May 2019 7:44pm

    Excellent article. It’s not just the hours but the intensity that has changed. I think of it like entering a war zone every time I go to work. It’s flat out physical and emotional onslaught- no breaks, no lunch or at best a lunchtime meeting and then back to the front. And it’s getting worse year by year. I had to reduce my sessions as it started to affect my health. And as you said, all my partners doing CCG, education etc think that part is a doddle. No wonder most newly qualified GPs want a portfolio career - which won’t be much help to many patients. Surely the PCNs will create loads of those posts again sucking even more clinicians out of the system.

  • GP practices face annual pension contribution rise of around £50,000

    Dr HealThyself's comment 20 Dec 2018 2:30pm

    Agree with everything you said HAD ENOUGH. Another straw on the camels back. I’m curious to see when even the most idealistic Partner has got the message and is prepared for some serious industrial action.

  • LMCs vote against patient charges for GP services

    Dr HealThyself's comment 26 Nov 2018 9:46pm

    I’m starting to feel sorry for those LMC troopers. Isn’t there anyone out there who wants to defend them? Maybe anyone who even voted against the motion? Come on guys or were you just too scared to rock the status quo.

  • LMCs vote against patient charges for GP services

    Dr HealThyself's comment 24 Nov 2018 4:22pm

    Fully agree with Bob Hodges and Dr Syed. In contrast to the first 50 years of the NHS we now live in a world where every form of media- TV, radio,press,internet...- ends with the advice to speak to your GP. Demand is potentially infinite now and unless there is some filter for absolute dross and frequent - often pointless- reattending General Practice is doomed. Demand will suck the life out of all of us, the partners first. Thanks LMC for letting us drown for your ideological ivory towers. No mandate from me!

  • NHS England's flagship GP time-saving scheme frees up '120,000 clinical hours'

    Dr HealThyself's comment 10 Oct 2018 11:54am

    Dr Reflection- 13000 patients and not more than 1 home visit?? How do you do that. We’v got 15000+ and on average 10 a day or more. You don’t seem to have elderly patients, housebounds or care homes?
    You ‘re either a magician or paid by the DOH to come up with those fantasies that 50% of workload can reduced. I’ve only seen workload going up over the last 15 years despite multidisciplinary team and focusing on high attenders.

  • GPs could face huge tax bill as inflation pushes pension pots over annual limits

    Dr HealThyself's comment 05 Sep 2017 8:21pm

    The previous few comments are spot on. I'm 50 average earning practice and have to dip in and out of the scheme. In reality I'm a fool still working full time as I'm taxed st 60%+ because of the pension changes and the only way to avoid / reduce that is to reduce sessions. Everyone who is working full time now and not affected yet is probably relatively new to GP and understanably has more important things to worry about. However, you'll find out sooner than you think that vitriolics about 'high earners' are misinformed. Don't worry, the system will stuff you royally soon! Look into the details of your future pension and you'll cry.

  • GPs asked to come into hospital to discharge patients and take on care

    Dr HealThyself's comment 12 Jan 2017 11:18pm

    Aren't those CCGs meant to be run by GPs? I'm worried it's one of our deluded peers who has come up with this nonsense.
    Anyway the answer is 'Do it yourself mate'. Any goodwill has been spent long time ago.

  • GP practices to receive 0.28% funding uplift from April

    Dr HealThyself's comment 14 Mar 2014 9:49pm

    Peter. All GPs in our practice did take industrial action that day but I was very disappointed with the reaction of many other colleagues that day. I hope that the (often older) lot has retired by now and the younger who didn't take action have been stuffed enough to show more guts if the chance should ever come again.
    I did however attend a meeting with the BMA/ GPC and from what I recall there was not a lot of enthusiasm or leadership but it felt as if they eventually they had to give something to their disgruntled fee payers but there was much discussion about what 'public opinion would support or not'. Stuff public opinion - the Public would not support us if we went home with 40k for a 60 hour week. We deliver an essential service in the truest sense and this is the strength in our argument. That's what the tube drivers have grasped and the banks it seems but we haven't.
    If you are one of the more radical GPC negotiators then good on you for that. I've fond 15 years of GP and 8 can't take another 15 the way it is now and Una's post has certainly given me something to think about.