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A faulty production line

Ruth Muir

  • Are we really 'resilient', or are we just overexploited?

    Ruth Muir's comment 29 Jan 2015 5:22pm

    thank you Shaba, this needed saying. When I went through a period of stress 2 years ago the worst thing was feeling so guilty about the effect on my partners. I am so grateful that they ( including you!) were supportive and recognized my need to cut back for a while on an exceedingly heavy workload. Reflecting on this 2 years on I realize how important my support activities were - swimming and meeting with a GP colleague on a regular basis. Both of these were lost for a while and the effect was huge. I would also encourage other GP's to go to their own GP. Mine was immensely supportive and full of sensible suggestions - ask yourself if you are safe, learn to say no and tell your partners. I feel more resilient now as a result. What I don't know is how to prevent GP's and doctors in general from being exploited in the first place. We seem unable to act collectively to say no to excessive demands from governments and the public.