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Gold, incentives and meh

Dianne Aitken

  • GPs forced to undertake training in 'motivational interviewing'

    Dianne Aitken's comment 12 Aug 2014 7:50pm

    Here we go.

    Yes the CCG is clinically led, and there are several GPs on the Prescribing Committee. The LMC was fully involved and informed when developing this incentive scheme. The LMC feedback was crucial, and amendments were made. All practices attended launch events for the scheme over a month ago, where the online learning was described. Dr Gerada did not attend, and instead of asking her Partners, she contacted Pulse magazine, which is a shame.

    No-one is going on strike, this is an enhanced service. If you don't want to participate, then your practice will not get the ££.

    50% of the meds we prescribe are not taken properly, so what's wrong with learning how to work with the patient to achieve a jointly agreed treatment plan? Better patient outcomes can only be good. Plus you get two free hours of CPD without going anywhere.

    There is NO motivational interviewing training, this is an error. I have looked at the email that was sent out, and I agree that the language could have been softened a bit.

    Our local Community Pharmacists will also be involved in our scheme by encouraging adherence and more medicines use reviews.

    Hopefully all this will keep Lambeth prescribers in the top ten nationally for many of the prescribing indicators.

    Di Aitken
    Chair, Lambeth Borough Prescribing Committee.