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CAMHS won't see you now

Hasan Habib

  • Collect feedback following every GP-patient interaction, says GMC report

    Hasan Habib's comment 15 Jan 2017 0:14am

    more bullshit

  • Occupational health professionals reject GP calls to overhaul fit notes

    Hasan Habib's comment 09 Dec 2016 7:22am

    In Canada and Australia ,patient pays for his sick note
    its usually 15-20 dollars or 8-12 pounds so BMA should just lobby just introduce a 15 pound fees in UK collected by GP surgery to manage the increased work load.Why do we have to provide it free of charge .No body has come to harm to other countries they are working age people .

  • Brave GP challenges the health secretary to his face

    Hasan Habib's comment 18 Jul 2015 5:31am

    "Anonymous | GP Partner | 17 July 2015 9:09pm

    As a Muslim [...] what you did was a very silly thing.You put your head above the parapet and antagonised the government.I would be not at all surprised if you're now on the radar of the M15 and GCHQ.Many careers have been wrecked like that."

    Hi mate is every thing all right with you
    do you seriously believe M15 and GCHQ have nothing better to focus their dwindling funding and energies on ?

  • An open letter to GPs working overseas

    Hasan Habib's comment 20 Feb 2015 2:13pm

    I have forwarded letter via email to team who had given advertisement for reflection

  • GPs to face 8% rise in GMC fees from April

    Hasan Habib's comment 14 Jan 2015 10:22pm

    GMC should be funded by government via tax payers as its there to protect patients from evil doctors .

    the GP and their leaders have no balls they are a group of weak divided and self interested eunuchs.

  • GPs asked to audit all 'unnecessary' appointments and paperwork

    Hasan Habib's comment 14 Jan 2015 10:18pm

    lets think of a real solution ,charging patients wont be popular and politicians will refuse to do it .

    the only way out of this mess is to renegotiate contract.
    Every patient contact should be billed to government via computer software integrated to system 1 Emis etc like they do in canada.the rates should be agreed lifted each year as per inflation and additional payment optional for OOH or weekend work.Our contract is with Government and thats what we need to sort out .its for government and tjheir voters to decide among themselves who pays for what new taxation etc etc
    but the present set of jokers leading GPC BMA havent got the balls to do it unfortunately .

  • Practice list cleansing should be stepped up 'immediately', say influential MPs

    Hasan Habib's comment 09 Jan 2015 11:43am

    payment by each patient activity is the way forward. its for government to decide who pays for it ,tax payers or individual patients .
    BMA GPC should start negotiations for this new contract.

  • BMA criticises decision to cut GP trainee pay

    Hasan Habib's comment 02 Jan 2015 9:17pm

    Recently a very senior GP Partner was overheard saying
    "if Department of Health imposes a contractual requirement for all GPs to dance naked for one hour in front of their surgeries ,the only plea that BMA GPC will take would be that they should be allowed to cover their genitals with leaves as it may offend some patients."

    I remarked they would surely go on strike ......?

    "No chance my friend" he turned towards me and with a sparkle in his eye whispered "even if they strike the turn out will be only 21 percent as most of GPs would argue that they cant strike as patient services would suffer and Daily Mail would be really upset and one hour of dancing is good for health any way and may be a new QOF for this will bring much needed extra funding for patient care "

    sorry if any one finds it offensive please report to 111 who would send an emergency ambulance ,after all they get paid more dealing with per patient than you moron GPs.

  • NHS England to review RCGP proposals to take back out-of-hours care for vulnerable patients

    Hasan Habib's comment 02 Jul 2013 0:06am

    Dear Clare,

    Why do RCGP come up with these ill thought off proposals to appease Government without consulting GPs?

    Why cant Government improve current OOH services rather than this Drama of 5 percent vulnerable patients that GP Nannies are supposed to look after 24/7

    Be practical we are not running Somalian Charity camps here ,

    Decision support what ?? call at 3 am I am paramedic number 32 and have this elderly demented Jo Bloggs from X surgery you have never met and would like to see if you would like to admit hi or keep him in your garage so your wife can nurse him overnight ???what the fuck why cant OOH service with good IT support and link to patient medical records can take care of them.?/

  • Hunt to announce new 'rigorous' inspection regime for GP practices to improve patient care

    Hasan Habib's comment 22 May 2013 10:05am

    "Anonymous | 21 May 2013 7:07pm

    @Hasan Habib 21 May 2013 2:35pm

    So you suggest laying off a salaried doctor to maintain your profit margin.I guess you must be sitting on your arse all day doing nothing.For those GP partners who have a full week that's not an option.How are we going to acommodate the extra clinical workload?"

    Dear Mr Anonymous

    Have you read my posts at all with your glasses on

    1.) where have I suggested laying off salaried GP?
    2.) Where have I suggested that I sit on my arse doing nothing all day ??????????

    No matter you are the best example of a clueless and defeated profession that DH is beating with a stick every day LOL

  • Hunt to announce new 'rigorous' inspection regime for GP practices to improve patient care

    Hasan Habib's comment 21 May 2013 3:52pm

    BMA and RCGP and doctors .net and Pulse will make some noises and then every one will be back to work according to his plan.We are fighting a lost battle unless we rip this contract and resign from NHS.

    NHS England is looking at QOF and they will ask NICE to make is less "onerous" for GPs .QOF will then make about 10 percent of income and not 15-20 percent and then this "additional" money will be have to earned back by GP surgeries by opening full service on Saturdays and may be Sunday Mornings as well.

    Groundwork is already under way as a concentrated media attack by Mail,Telegraph abd BBC health teams in guise of AE melt down stories to soften up the GPs so public is on side of Jeremy once he takes on Lazy GPs.

    Pensions ,Pay Freeze,falling income ,scrapped Child Benefits and now weekend unpaid slave labour

    And you guys will keep posting here as anonymous whingers LOL(no offence intended)

  • Hunt to announce new 'rigorous' inspection regime for GP practices to improve patient care

    Hasan Habib's comment 21 May 2013 3:35pm

    Jeremy Hunt is a stupid clown but ....
    He is going to hand major OOH responsibility to GP by November this year.He would impose a 10 percent pay cut and then doctors have to earn it back by working on Saturdays :-)
    Best wishes .BMA and RCGP and Pulse will make some noises and then every one will be back to work according to his plan.We are fighting a lost battle unless we rip this contract enmass .

  • NICE: GPs should screen all adults for exercise habits

    Hasan Habib's comment 04 Dec 2012 12:50pm

    Agreed with Dr Swinyard ,comments should be not anonymous.Why cant doctors use their real names ,what are they worried about ?