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GPs buried under trusts' workload dump

David Thompson

  • Bawa-Garba: how can we curb this culture of blame?

    David Thompson's comment 14 Feb 2018 2:00pm

    10.26am All for one- You have struck the nail on the head...

    The event that tipped the patient into arrest was that he was given an ACEI- He had been improving prior.... This med was NOT WRITTEN UP... Why was he given it?? The Dr did not write it up for a reason!!!

    I have worked in GP and hospitals (A&E and wards) for the last 25 years (in Aus and UK & war-zones). IF I DO NOT WRITE UP THE MED IT IS NOT TO BE GIVEN. FULL STOP. NO ARGUMENT!!!! The Dr did not write it up... Which we all know means IT IS NOT TO BE GIVEN!!!! So how is the Dr to blame when it is given???? I don't get it!!!!! Please explain !!!!

  • GMC is using right to appeal tribunal decisions 'appropriately', says chief

    David Thompson's comment 14 Feb 2018 1:50pm

    12.13pm All for one- You have struck the nail on the head... I have worked in GP and hospitals (A&E and wards) for the last 25 years (in Aus and UK & war-zones). IF I DO NOT WRITE UP THE MED IT IS NOT TO BE GIVEN. FULL STOP. NO ARGUMENT!!!! The Dr did not write it up... Which we all know means IT IS NOT TO BE GIVEN!!!! So how is the Dr to blame when it is given???? I don't get it!!!!! Please explain !!!!

  • ​GMC accused of ‘inherent bias’ against BME doctors following Bawa-Garba case

    David Thompson's comment 30 Jan 2018 5:38pm

    I have just returned from spending time in Aust and read about this sad story....


    As one Dr wrote in a post relating to this... How come robbers, child sex offenders, and even murderers and rapists get let out of gaol ... yet this Dr has been sentenced for life. ie these criminals are rehabilitatable yet apparently this Dr is not!!! ... I don't get it.


    All I can say is there but for the grace of God go I!! No human can never not make a mistake.

    Medicine and illness is inherently risky business ... people do die. That is a fact. No-one lives forever. We are there to help.... but we ARE HUMAN!!!

    My parents once told me this story: (they were country GPs in the 60's and 70's in the bush in NSW) "A parent of a v sick child said to Dad (as he was rushing him to theatre) that he will be praying for Dad. When patients did die... my parents were still thanked as the parents/relatives knew they had done his best."

    How can the public expect us to be perfect??? No human is!!!

    I work in both Aust and UK.. The UK expects Drs to work quicker with less support. The public seriously is brain-washed as to how wonderful their beloved NHS is... GPs working seeing pts in 10 minute consults, and also 12.5 minute OOH slots is ludicrous... I cannot stick to that schedule ... bosses and administrators don't like that... but it is not possible in the under staffed under resourced NHS to provide appropriate safe care... and when one has to rush mistakes will happen... It is a certainty. (if i was a mathematician I'd be able to prove it!!!)

    Tell me, how long do judges get to sum up cases???... i'm sure longer than the paediatric reg got that fateful day

    I hope the case goes all the way to the Privy Council!!!!(if that still still exists!!)

  • GPs to face ban on OTC prescribing for self-limiting illnesses

    David Thompson's comment 30 Nov 2017 3:10pm

    haha!!! How much does severe malaria cost to treat?
    A strep throat is never acute, is it????
    Oral thrush is never a bother to someone with terminal cancer, is it?
    Head lice never spreads through a school, does it??
    Scabies is such a pleasant condition, isn't it... as is threadworms
    travel sickness... also a very nice way to travel...
    ***Hlth bureaucrats in UK are uncaring disgusting people.

  • GPs to wait 40 minutes for ambulances for critically ill patients under new trial

    David Thompson's comment 02 Feb 2017 9:39am

    I find taxis often better (!!!) I know not ideal, but when ambulances don't come, what can we do??...even the accepting Dr at the hosp often advises the same... The new Uber or Black Taxi Ambulance Service!!! Taxis helped in transporting French soldiers from Paris to the Front in WW1, so why not in England 100 yrs later ... in transporting pts to hospital (!!!)

  • Out-of-hours GPs subject to largest compensation claims

    David Thompson's comment 24 Jan 2017 10:41am

    I agree with 11.32pm...

    I do OOH work... Much of this is lack of time... why do they push patients thru at the same or similar time as regular GP slots??? Why is there often no hlth assitants to help by checking obs, getting urine dipsticks done, etc...

    No way is 10-12mins consults safe... It CANNOT be done safely at that speed. We need time to take a thorough Hx, do an appropriate good examn... and time to THINK!!!! Plus....discuss the patients 'ideas, concerns, expectations... Plus recording all the above!!!

    Just because it is OOH GP does not mean it can be hurried... the pts are real and have real problems...

  • GPs from EU to be guaranteed £90k salary in recruitment drive

    David Thompson's comment 10 Jan 2017 7:29pm

    6.54 Excellent point!!! That is hilarious... Lincolnshire-have your cake and eat it too!!!

  • GP guidance on UTI testing should undergo NICE review, says health minister

    David Thompson's comment 18 Nov 2016 11:30am

    5.37 and 9.12 Thank you for sharing these stories...
    It makes us remember ... that "GUIDELINES ARE NOT TRAMLINES"... we must veer off them sometimes... Good to see we still have good old specialists who think outside the box!!! I also have had patients (as I'm sure all GPs have) with equivocal MSU results whose symptoms resolve with decent courses of A/Bs Fascinating to have some back up re this.

  • Hospital recruits GPs for A&E shifts over winter

    David Thompson's comment 17 Nov 2016 1:49pm

    And for 11:02... a different (positive) way of looking at it is that we GPs can keep it "minor" .... before it gets "major"...
    Let the A&E registrars intubate and think rapidly of all the fancy tests/treatments for that very ill, critical patient- we are a TEAM ... we can help get rid of some of the GP stuff that ends up in A&E... things we can deal with much quicker than the SHOs in A&E as we've seen it many times before... No prob with that!! :)

  • Hospital recruits GPs for A&E shifts over winter

    David Thompson's comment 17 Nov 2016 1:45pm

    For 08:43:
    Pay...????? We are doing it for "God, King and Country..."

  • Working in the UK? No thanks Mr Jeremys

    David Thompson's comment 18 Jun 2016 4:28pm

    Brilliant British humour- love it!!! (from an Aussie GP working here)

  • NHS looking to bring in GPs from India to alleviate recruitment crisis

    David Thompson's comment 08 Apr 2016 1:33pm

    re recruitment crisis the system here is crazy!!!
    I concur with 4.47pm, 12.33pm and 8.58pm. I an Aussie Dr (I did my GP training in UK have the MRCGP, and worked in the NHS) but returned to Aust till family circumstances made me return.

    To work back in the UK was almost impossible with the red tape and refresher courses etc. So demeaning, and time wasting. Our Aust GP medicine is EXACTLY the same as in UK (except for usual local variances (and of course we get 15mins not 10 mins per pt). I have worked with UK, US, Canadian, Dutch Drs overseas (with military) and we get a quick 1 day induction- no problem!!! Why is that so... do we value our young soldiers less than our public?

    Why can we work in hospitals here or the private sector with no refresher course... ? Do they want the Lords and Ladies to suffer?

    The NHS system is good... but we do have the same /similar in Aust- (except those that have a job/can afford it may pay a few $ extra) It is not so unique as the Ivory tower people believe...

  • Nine in ten GP practices struggle to find locums

    David Thompson's comment 05 Apr 2016 8:51pm

    I am an Aust GP, and have been working as a locum GP in UK (due to family reasons).
    In Australia a locum is valued as they HELP OUT. Here they are often derided by the other Drs, staff and patients!!.
    Plus... how can a Locum be expected to work at at 10 minutely time slots. If the principal does that... OK... . However how as a locum can I be expected to give high quality care in 10 minutes---As a locum I do not know the patient at all, the practice protocols differ, I do not know the local referral patterns, often the computer notes do not reflect the current status of the patient (i have seen major diagnoses meds, allergies etc etc missing from the summary page, recent consultations often do not explain why a test was being done, the notes are full of flu vaccinations from the last 100 yrs,etc etc.
    How can I have the time reassuring the patient, explaining the diagnosis, treatment and management plans, safety net, address their ideas concers and expectations, etc??
    So I was initially keen to locum here..., but now I hate it. The system is dreadful. I am happy too leave it. A shame.

  • GMC makes it harder for international recruits to enter general practice

    David Thompson's comment 21 Mar 2016 12:52pm

    12.42 Hahahaha...
    yes likewise...I am a UK-trained GP and spent quite a few yrs in Aust... (really the same medicine as here except can spend more time giving advice, educating pts etc) and yes... when I wanted to return to UK was crazy... they wanted me to do all the above... unbelievable.... yet Aust is happy to accept UK GPs...
    Talk about "throwing the baby out with the bath water..."

  • Practice managers doing appraisals? No thanks - I've got another solution

    David Thompson's comment 15 Mar 2016 3:12pm

    I meant i like your article!

  • Practice managers doing appraisals? No thanks - I've got another solution

    David Thompson's comment 15 Mar 2016 3:11pm

    Funny!!!! Like it!!

  • Only one in 100 GP returners pass new fast-track induction exam

    David Thompson's comment 08 Mar 2016 11:44am

    Is it the 10-minute simulated surgery test??

    10 minute medicine is (I reckon) really the crux of the problem... In Australia the "RACGP standard" is 15mins... and the GP can get the very complex pt to return for 30 mins next wk!

    Why are UK GPs shooting themselves in the foot/feet???
    10 mins is nowhere near safe enough/good enough for the real world...

  • NHS officials to fly to Australia to persuade GPs to come back

    David Thompson's comment 07 Mar 2016 11:16am

    Funny funny (I'm an Aussie GP doing Locum work around the UK.. trying to help out :) ... Tell me: why in UK different little NHS regions are throwing me off their Performers Lists as I have not worked in their particular patch for a year... In Aust, I can work in ANY location... why does the UK have countless little areas where one can and can't work.... what ludicrous bureaucracy!! (This is just 1% of the myriad of bureaucrat hurdles for me working over here!!!... and it all costs the NHS $ (sorry, £)

  • A winning formula for the GP consultation

    David Thompson's comment 01 Mar 2016 2:06pm

    brilliant humour!!!! Love it!!

  • GP practices forced to tell NHS England if they pay over 'maximum rate' for locums

    David Thompson's comment 23 Feb 2016 1:50am

    Dear 11.15pm.... Well.. for "God, King and Country!"... every colonialist's duty is to serve our Mother Country!!

    Mmmm... Actually my German wife's mum is sick so we've come over to Berlin to help her and so I commute to UK to work (!)

    But to come and work here the bureaucrats made it so hard for me- having to do that ridiculous returner scheme thingie, sit exams, etc etc (even though I did my MRCGP here years ago and I'm fully up to date with the Aussie CPD etc-- totally ridiculous- our medicine is so much like UK's- same drugs, same referral methods... only the policies/bureaucracy/admin stuff is different- I reckon more young Aussie GPs would love to spend a year or so here in the mother country... yet you seem to have forsaken us for all those other countries across the Channel!!! But i digress....