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A faulty production line

Jonathan Neylon

  • Whole town 'could be left with no general practice'

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 15 Nov 2016 3:21pm

    Where are you Da Vinci Ho!?
    I retired 2 yrs ago, and still miss GP
    I felt my independence being eroded, and being forced to participate in inane ativities, most of which have been shown to have been a waste of time.
    It is about time for some body with the guts and leadership to mobilize GPs to try and force CQC and similar bodies, but the big problem is that GPs will have funding, i.e. salaries further curtailed. Why not get some Patients to start mobilizing protest marches, to save their local sugeries, and to save their local A/Es and Hospitals due to shut down in the next few months. Are patients, the General Public aware of all this ?

  • Third of practices in town could close within 18 months

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 27 Sep 2016 3:46pm

    Governments have been warned about this for the past 15 years or longer. They promised more GPs, they promised more midwives, they promised more CPNs and more district nurses. All these promises over the years and nothing is done. Collapse. Such a shame. In the late 1980's when I entered GP. we had poor remuneration compared to Consultants, be we had great teams, of midwives, D.N.s and CPNs and Psychiatric services. Where are these services now ?

  • GPs will need certification to carry out spirometry by 2021

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 23 Sep 2016 4:11pm

    Absolutely awful. I do not have much to add except that I agree to all of the above comments, especially Sanjeev Juneja's comment about P.R. examinations. I presume GPs will be attending Medical School next, and having to pay for it. So why don't GPs do something about this nonsense,? Because of blackmail. The micromanagers mantra, is do this or else you do not get paid. Maybe they need a P.R. exam using several fingers.

  • Obscure diagnosis - oesophageal spasm

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 06 Sep 2016 2:49pm

    I get it myself , occasionally, especially if I feel really hungry, it wares off after about 20 seconds,but feels much longer than 20 seconds.

  • Embracing island life as a GP in Shetland

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 29 Jun 2016 4:31pm

    Congratulations, sounds idyllic.

  • 'Fitness-to-practise process could become not fit for purpose'

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 20 Apr 2016 5:30pm

    Why do you most of you chaps, go anonymous?
    I was a GP. had FTP in Feb 2012, after receiving complaint in Aug 2011. Behaviour of GMC was disgraceful. During my hearing I was called a liar by the GMC prosecutor. The FTP were extremely considerate, I was deemed not to be in breach on 5 counts. I then got a letter from GMC, no apology, but a letter implying "we know you may have been in breach, so just watch out " . I think GMC, which is government run, should be disbanded. If Dr. Anonymous of 19 apr 747pm wants to get in touch with me , then e-mail

  • Trainee's portfolio 'used as evidence against them' in legal case

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 15 Apr 2016 3:31pm

    This is a truly sad situation. I entered GP in 1987, and during 1990, Kenneth Clarke accused GPs of feeling the thickness of their wallets,after dissenting about proposed changes. and things deteriorated after that, and exponentially in the last few years.
    It seems that GP is heading for complete disaster. Please younger GPs do something and fight back before it is too late. I retired 18 months ago as I could not stand the nonsense we were being forced to do, but I still miss doing the proper Doctoring stuff.

  • Unplanned admissions DES is failing to reduce emergency activity

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 05 Apr 2016 3:45pm

    Well batted Pankaj,they won't sort it out until they get rid of so called GP experts who work only half a day in General Practice, and spend the rest of the week pontificating in meetings, on ego trips. From Jon.(hope things are splendid)

  • Mr Osborne, GPs need crown indemnity

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 15 Mar 2016 3:11pm

    One factor that agravates the situation, and hence fees, are certain law firms, advertising for no win no fee cases. Also spurious specialist GPs employed by GMC to fish out possible Bad GPs. Blame Sipman for that. GMC are acting so they look good in survelling Doctors behaviour for the good of the patient. How about protection from spurious complaints.. my MDU fee for 1985 which I paid in July was £294 for working over 80 hrs per week in Orthopaedics, and my fees in 2014 for GP, 4 days per week i.e .40 hrs per week were over £10,000.
    I do not think , such increase in fees, is a reason for early retirement. I retired early , because of the stupidity of revalidation, and the pointless tasks we were being asked to do such as keeping elderly patients out of Hospital, with a care plan. And the Liverpool care plan ? this is a typical example of ill thought out, bureaucracy, thought out by idiots, not on the coal face. I think GP should be totally revamped, and it is up to the LMC's and BMA to start kicking instead of stamping up and down. If things were more favourable , even I might come back part time.! I'm only 60 yrs old, and my valuable experience is just being wasted.

  • GPs retiring early due to pension pots limits, says NHS England official

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 01 Mar 2016 4:05pm

    Awful situation. What are the politicians up to ? They have been warned for over ten years of the 60 yr old GPs retiring, which they have done, some even younger. It seems they want to actually force them to, to save money on paying out pensions. I retired in 2015 , having taken my pension in Sept 2013, because I was unsure how much was in my pension pot, as it would take 12 months or even longer to find out an exact figure from accountants who blamed it on HMRC. So another incentive to take pension, probably too early , or else a trap if I had lingered, and been forced to pay extra tax if I had exceeded my contributions making pension pot over 1.5 million.
    I retired for most of the reasons I have read in above comments. One big big bear was being asked to re-train for a charge in order to continue performing minor ops, insertion/ removal of IUCDs and performing smears, all three procedures I had done for over 35 yrs. !
    Politicians were also advised by us Professions , years ago about shortages of nurses, and midwives and District nurses ( as I call them ) We had numerous promises of increased training spaces to increase these Professionals by various governments, both Labour and Tory , over the last 15 yrs or so. Where are they ? Politicians of both colours, red and white, are grinding the NHS to a standstill, by every which way, they can think of. I feel wasted sitting here typing this.

  • Schools require GP's note for pupils to skip PE lessons

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 22 Jan 2016 3:22pm

    I think the GMC should sort this out. Niall, Dear Leader could start the (his) ball(s) rolling before he leaves and demand tribunals for P.E. Teachers. I suppose GPs would be charged for this.

  • GMC chief executive Niall Dickson to step down

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 20 Jan 2016 3:49pm

    Can Doctors on the front line nominate a new leader? NO. It will be another Government decision. Why do Doctors have to pay to belong to GMC? It's like paying a fee to a firing squad. Yes, it's goodbye to a zealot, but who will be the next zealot. I think Doctors are threatening strikes for the wrong reason. Get rid of the GMC and make it Governance more locally controlled.

  • Too many doctors are investigated by the GMC, claims review lead

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 15 Jan 2016 6:23pm

    My name is Jon Neylon, thankfully retired GP. Had awful FTP in Manc. 34 yrs ago now, still occasionally wake up with bad dreams. Was deemed innocent, or rather not guilty by the panel. GMC is Government run, out to show Gen Pub. they are doing their job, protecting them from vicious Shipmans.

  • GPs face 'double jeopardy' under new GMC power to appeal tribunal decisions

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 08 Jan 2016 4:42pm

    I am not anonymous. I feel very sad on reading most of the above comments. The BMA will do nothing as they are all left wing goody goodies.
    It is time for Doctors to act!

  • A cardiac arrest made me realise the importance of doctors' sixth sense

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 04 Jan 2016 3:46pm

    Look up Bayes' Theorem, it looks at conditional probability.
    Your false negative result of 7% , if converted to Bayes' may have given you a clearer, understandable probability of you having a heart attack, but 50% of statisticians disregard Bayes.
    I agree with with you mentioning sixth sense. I have heard many stories from fellow GP's about cases where they have gone against specialist advice about negative investigations and ordered further tests, it is a grey border. It has happened to me on several occasions , gut feeling, "there is something wrong here!" Cannot put my finger on it, order this, and yes, diagnosis, but then often another -ve test. What a lot of so called experts cannot grasp that humans are individual and cannot be pigeon holed. The NICE guidlines advocated a CXR for any person over age 35 yrs with cough of 3/52. Another problem is that guidelines gradually become accepted and interpreted as rules, especially lawyers, whom we want to avoid.
    I am so glad that you were "fortunate" to have your cardiac event where you did. Supposing you were on your own on a lovely country walk, which somewhat worries me, as I do a lot of bird watching, and have several risk factors.
    Good luck to you. JON.

  • Niall Dickson: ‘We want doctors to feel protected’

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 20 Dec 2015 4:25pm

    Is Niall Dickson actually a Doctor of Medicine, if he is where is there mention of his Hospital experience and Medical Practice?
    Is anybody going to act on these numerous comments?
    Why are most comments made anonymously ?
    These poor guys who committed suicide, I believe prior to their FTP interrogations and persecutions, were probably more conscientious, and probably gave the extra mile than most of us Doctors, that they were devastated after being accused.
    Two problems. I think there should be a local body or person, to which accused doctors could turn to for personal support to help them through. I also think that the Defence organisations should do more if they feel there has been some unjust accusation. I know this may have happened in my case but have had no feed-back. Mind you all cases for legal bodies is lucrative and self perpetuating, so why should they kill their Golden Goose.
    Is Pulse Magazine going to do anything about this ? I have offered my services before, but no answer. Is it because GMC is Government run ?
    Anybody interested informing a fighting group. ? Vinci Ho , John Glasspool. ?
    My e-mail is Don't be scared, I am not a GMC stooge, far from it.

  • Half of GPs willing to resign NHS contracts in protest at state of general practice

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 10 Dec 2015 5:05pm

    Good man/woman VINCI HO.. I think you should take over N.H.S. Clearly, like the other commentators on this screen, you are coal face workers and understand what's going on.
    I should be working as a G.P. but gave up , mainly at the pointless hoops, and the disgraceful attitudes of the hospital junior doctors in refusing admissions, the hospital administrators, redirecting urgent referrals, to delay things for patients, and to improve their waiting lists. When is a time , measured in weeks acceptable for start of cancer treatment ? I think I read earlier this evening on screen, that it was 62 days ! Most malignant tumours have a doubling time of 30 days, so a particularly amelanotic melanoma will double in size in that time , the chances increase that it will metastasize. The only way round this is for private insurance, and strip the NHS of needless clerics and button punchers, and overpaid managers. I retired from General Pratice 15 months ago.
    Perhaps Pulse Magazine should form a fighting group to represent G.P.s , so G.P.s could resign from BMA. Notice I am not anonymous.
    Long live Vinci Ho

  • 13 doctors died while GMC 'failed to act' on suicides risk, review finds

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 02 Dec 2015 5:19pm

    In answer to Anonymous/02 Dec 2015 4:05 pm. I completely agree with your posting. However, why are you anonymous, as most of all these postings are ? Scared of a witch hunt by the G.M.C. who are draconian and trying to prove, they have complete control over conscientious doctors trying their best against the odds, to do the best for their patients. The gmc are trying to justify their existence. Complaints should be handed over to an elected body, acting in a neutral position between patient and doctor, because gmc are totally biased against doctors.

  • 13 doctors died while GMC 'failed to act' on suicides risk, review finds

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 01 Dec 2015 3:47pm

    Snap !to the above..My Father was a G.P. I retired last year. I have 3 children. None of them wanted to enter Medicine as "We do not want to turn into grumpy old gits, like you Dad!". One is doing psychiatric nursing, the other two are studying Physics.

  • 13 doctors died while GMC 'failed to act' on suicides risk, review finds

    Jonathan Neylon's comment 01 Dec 2015 3:47pm

    Snap !to the above..My Father was a G.P. I retired last year. I have 3 children. None of them wanted to enter Medicine as "We do not want to turn into grumpy old gits, like you Dad!". One is doing psychiatric nursing, the other two are studying Physics.