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GPs go forth

J Smith

  • RCGP issues 'gratitude journal' for GPs to write down positive aspects of their lives

    J Smith's comment 27 Sep 2016 11:53pm

    At least Nye Bevan had the sense to stuff our mouths with real gold.Still, in times of austerity.

  • Why I'm glad to be back in the UK

    J Smith's comment 20 Apr 2015 7:21am

    I've worked in Sydney for 8yrs, just received my annual MRCGP invoice. I'm considering not rejoining because they can't do anything for me. I only carried on because I was told it would help if I came back to practice in the UK- however that doesn't appear to be the case. What have other overseas GPs done?

  • Wanted: new GPs to work for the NHS

    J Smith's comment 09 Feb 2015 1:38am

    Before Xmas ,NHS England had an advert in our Australian equivalent of Pulse magazine advising UK GPs that the UK would like them to come back & how they could help..
    I've replied twice, expressing an interest.
    However they never got back to me.
    Not good first impressions.
    I have elderly parents back in UK & I'd love to be near them in their remaining years
    However, comments from Pulse & its readers over the past few years make me concerned that nothing has changed in the UK, that it has become worse.

  • RCGP pushes for overseas GPs to remain on UK performers list to combat recruitment crisis

    J Smith's comment 15 Aug 2014 12:18pm

    I'm British, a UK graduate, MRCGP trained & 9yrs in UK as GP. I left UK 8yrs & work 10hr days,5-6 days a week in a busy Sydney City practice.
    My parents back in UK are getting older & I'd be keen to come back. Yet revalidation , trying to get onto a performers list ,being told I may be assessed as if I'd not been practicing is disheartening.