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Laura S

  • GPC criticises 'misguided' plan for all-or-nothing diabetes QOF target

    Laura S's comment 10 Jan 2014 1:08pm

    i am absolutely disgusted at everyone who said free prescriptions should be withdrawn from diabetics who dont attend appointments.
    given that type 1's dont produce insulin, you are happy to withdraw insulin from them when they dont attend appointments & let them become so high with their blood sugars from your "dont attend GP appointment get no insulin state" who will then develop ketones which do kill
    the word Hilter springs to mind.
    type 1's are under the care of specialists at hospital as GP's dont have a clue about type 1 management & as we know hospitals do mess up & not send out letters with your appointment date.
    maybe if the govt invested money in research for diabetes & the cause & a treatment then you can pat yourself on the back as you'll of saved some money!!

    lets hope none of you ever have to have a love one or yourselves face the prospect of a life filled with type 1 diabetes.