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Jeremy Thribb

  • Recruitment crisis leaves 60% of out-of-hours providers unable to fill gaps in GP rotas

    Jeremy Thribb's comment 11 Jul 2014 12:27pm

    When I in GP, till I left having seen the light, I also did some OOH sessions but stopped because I simply could not get to the start of a session on time because of GP workload, the MDU also worried me by loading my premium if I did OOH, and physical exhaustion of working most days of the week just to keep up. OOH is very unpleasant and not at all the way medicine should be run. Going from one patient to the next with no thinking break, completing your notes on a computer in a moving car and being harassed if you take your time and try to do things the way you know they ought to be done. I am now re validated and working in a completely different area and now like going to work. In your face Jeremby Bunt.

  • GP training figures are a complete car crash

    Jeremy Thribb's comment 17 Jun 2014 11:08pm

    I am so glad that I have left GP. Years ago it was the norm that GPs had to be encouraged to retire. Now colleagues are leaving well before retirement age. It's a consequence of years and years of harassment of GPs by government of every shade. The rot started with Kennneth Clarke and the joke of fund holding. Labour were not much better with the bean counting culture. Now we have a Jeremy Hunt who has made it clear in the past that he wants to demolish the NHS. I am distressed that GP recruitment is apparently collapsing but am not in the least surprised. In my opinion (and for the benefit of the lawyers I could be wrong) the Nasty party agenda is to run down the NHS so that Group 4, Stobarts or Virgin can make a financial killing.

  • When GPs burn out, why does the medical profession continue to let down its own?

    Jeremy Thribb's comment 23 Jan 2014 1:10am

    I agree with the comment that we are regarded as components rather than humans. Medicine is a great subject but the way we are made to work makes it intolerable. My advice is to leave the NHS as soon as you can or at least commence a medium to long term plan to escape. Would this be a new syndrome "Count of Monte Cristo Syndrome?" I am just off to buy a vaulting horse for my consulting room! In your face jeremy hunt.