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  • What GPs need to log for Pulse’s workload survey

    Bagpus's comment 08 Feb 2019 6:30pm

    What about those of us who aren't in work on 11th Feb?

  • Chief GP inspector admits practices have received unfair CQC ratings

    Bagpus's comment 20 Oct 2017 5:11pm

    I’ll just leave this here

  • GPs to manage millions more patients on statins as NICE halves primary prevention threshold to 10%

    Bagpus's comment 12 Feb 2014 8:04am

    Whilst I can see that from a population based point of view the numbers work, have they actually asked patients what they think is reasonable? Persuading a generally healthy person with a 20% 10 year risk to take statins is difficult enough. With a 10 year risk of 10% taking a statin reduces the 10 year risk to something like 8-9% ie makes little difference overall. And with around 2-3 % risk of either GI or muscular side effects, who would choose a statin? (apart from those with a cardiovascular specialist interest of course!). Can we make those who write such guidelines do a morning surgery with 10 minutes per patient to convince people with 10% risk to take a statin...?. Then they might, along with me, question the practicality and public acceptance of this new guidance.
    Taking a statin allows a patient with some risk to think they're doing something, without having to make an effort to modify other risk factors that are harder to change eg high BMI, smoking. Surely NICE would be better writing a recommendation that would allow/encourage the commissioning of physical activity on a population level eg proper safe separate cycle lanes, work places allowing staff time off to exercise.... Think outside the box NICE please!