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  • My annual angry appraisal blog

    Spuds's comment 17 Dec 2016 5:03pm

    Can you claim points for time spent on Pulse "reflecting" on how crap the Appraisal system is? In fact I claim impact points for showing the pro-appraisal loons the error of their ways.

  • My annual angry appraisal blog

    Spuds's comment 16 Dec 2016 10:11am

    Dr B 15/12 1115

    Thanks for beautifully illustrating the "I know best" attitude of the pseudointellectuals who feel they are able to tell the rest of us what is good for us.

    Maybe you learn best by chugging over old notes but that does not necessarily mean we are all the same. Also doesn't mean we all are able to get any value from the nonsensical waste of 2 GP's time that an appraisal takes. Some of us don't need validation from someone we don't know to feel that we are learning and developing.

  • GMC to freeze all fees next year

    Spuds's comment 16 Dec 2016 9:46am

    A frozen rip-off is still a rip-off. Halve the fee and I will be impressed. Pay for it from the public purse and I would be actually satisfied. Empire-building, wasteful institution. Why do I have to pay for my own potential firing squad?

  • My annual angry appraisal blog

    Spuds's comment 15 Dec 2016 11:32am

    @Knowledge is porridge - thanks - that a really helpful illustration.

    Susannah Harris - sorry, but I disagree with you on this. Appraisal is definitely part of the problem with healthcare morale and workload. As you say, surgeries are closing and GPs are desperate to leave. In many cases, they saying that this is because of, or partly because of, appraisal. It is not seen by many GPs in the warm and cuddly way that you see it, as a bit of time to "talk about me", or as "time off from the daily grind". It IS the daily grind. It is stressful, timeconsuming and unhelpful to many.

    I fully advocate voluntary appraisal for people like yourself who gets some satisfaction from it, but it absolutely should not be mandatory. It is ineffective, inefficient, and destructive to many GPs

  • 'Significant rise' in informal GP list closures prompts crackdown

    Spuds's comment 15 Dec 2016 10:14am

    The phrase "...without consideration of the impact on patient access generally" is very inflammatory.

    It is not for individual practices to consider the wider problems of inadeqaute healthcare provision. We must consider our own pratcice's patients, our staff morale and mental health and so on. Whetehr there is adequate provision of GP is a POLITICAL question and should be answered by the health boards.

    Listen to BMA, not these bully-boys.

  • A day filming with Sir David Attenborough

    Spuds's comment 14 Dec 2016 7:12am

    Wow. I want to do your job.

  • Heavy workloads impacting patient care, say GPs

    Spuds's comment 09 Dec 2016 2:20pm

    Who are the 7% that think 10mins is enough? You people must be ruthless!

  • #GPnews: Capita plots to replace staff with robots

    Spuds's comment 09 Dec 2016 12:32pm

    Nice payrise for the dedicated paramedics Mr Hunt. Can the dedicated GPs have the same percentage please?

  • Half of adults shun the dentist, newborn care under scrutiny and why whiskey makers are being blamed for Scots' boozing

    Spuds's comment 21 Aug 2015 11:44am

    Tsk, tsk Pulse. There are no Scotch Whiskey makers. There are only whisky makers here. I think whiskey is a slightly similar drink produced and consumed by less discerning people in a land far, far away, but I'm not entirely sure.

  • GPs to be interviewed to measure their compassion, says CQC lead

    Spuds's comment 14 Jun 2013 12:50pm

    What a load of utter garbage. Is the venerable Prof really paid to come up with this stuff?

    Any they wonder why morale is low and people are desperate to find a way out of General Practice. What a waste of time and what an unnecessary increase in stress to prepare for yet more scrutiny, this time regarding something which is completely unprovable one way or the other.

    It's all so so depressing.

  • The customer may always be right, but only if you run a business

    Spuds's comment 11 Feb 2013 10:32am

    James Jones you have missed the point entirely.

    The article is not blaming the patients at Mid Staffs, he is blaming the managers and the paymasters for the culture of consumerism they are allowing to flourish, and the excessive amounts of administration that take up so much time these days. He is bemoaning the lack of respect for professional integrity and suggesting that the workforce is demoralised because of it.

    It's difficult to argue against any of that isn't it?