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Tatiana Nikolova

  • PPE problems 'completely resolved' for hospitals 'and other care workers'

    Tatiana Nikolova's comment 23 Mar 2020 1:28pm

    Can not agree more with all of you, it looks like General Practice is an afterthought for the Government and NHS England. What they don’t seem to understand, or pretending not to, that we are the barrier between the sick and the Hospitals. Yes people are laying to get face to face appointment putting us and other patients at risk, and we are not protected adequately, we will 1) get sick and have to isolate and 2) ideal vector for spreading the illness among even more vulnerable, which we are asked to visit. How many of us need to self isolate, without any hope to be tested, so we can resume work ASAP if negative ?! Anyway guys the virus is here to stay for time been, so stay well and may be the Force be with you :)

  • GP patient data 'sold to US pharma firms' by Government service

    Tatiana Nikolova's comment 09 Dec 2019 11:27am

    If a Doctor breach Confidentiality, we all know what happens, however if a Government does it, most of us would not even know ?! Double standards suck big time!

  • The grim reality of a very grim story

    Tatiana Nikolova's comment 21 Aug 2019 6:42pm

    Bullseye as usual!

  • Should NICE lower blood pressure thresholds for hypertension?

    Tatiana Nikolova's comment 08 Dec 2018 12:23pm

    And more money for the Big Pharma. I am very sceptical about the strong sponsorship of all this trials, pretty much like the statins, none of them could be branded independent! All staff and researchers salaries are payed by Pharmaceutical “grants” How non biased this is ?!

  • When I grow up, I’ll be a worse GP

    Tatiana Nikolova's comment 15 Sep 2018 10:15am

    Go girl ! You are not alone:))

  • New health secretary says he is a patient of Babylon's NHS GP app

    Tatiana Nikolova's comment 11 Jul 2018 1:07pm

    Good luck to him !

  • Plug the NHS cash sinkhole before pouring more funds in

    Tatiana Nikolova's comment 16 Feb 2018 3:39pm

    Of course there is a scope for cutting good money going after bad. Years ago Hospitals had own maintenance, catering, sterilisation and cleaning in house services. Little by little through the back door, all this was handed over to private providers, large faceless organisations, difficult to take to account. Same applies to in house Locum agency’s responsible to provide Locum cover when needed at reasonable prices. This went to tender too. I personally am aware of one such provider, which owners earned millions out of the NHS, without paying much more to the staff they have been providing. So instead of closing beds and cutting much needed staff, isn’t it time to look where money are leaking to line pockets without any benefit to the NHS. And not to forget the millions, which went to pay for the ambitious IT development project, which went nowhere, overpriced “generics” and compounds. Until all this is addressed, we are going to have this discussion after many winter crises.