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Matthew Burkes

  • Lesser-used skills

    Matthew Burkes's comment 21 Mar 2014 1:02pm

    Great piece Tim, really enjoyed it... but don't dispair, your old friend will stay with you. Like a mate from medical school, you won't be as close as once you were but they will be there when you need them. And it will be like you were never apart!

    I last cannulated a patient in our treatment room, waiting for the ambulance. The time before that was on a home visit.

    Little scope for quiet contemplation in these acute settings but the skills has not deserted me.

    Best of luck with the rest of your rotation, look forward to seeing you 'on the other side'.

    Matt Burkes
    Langley House

    Ps when one of your psych patients collapses, make sure you know where they keep the cannulas -
    the rest of the team will be looking at you to lead the way!