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Christopher Ho

  • Statin the bleeding obvious

    Christopher Ho's comment 17 Sep 2019 12:04pm

    "delinks scientific medicine from political propaganda"

    And how do you propose that? I know the answer for the only way to do so... but I wonder if you do...

  • How we are promoting 'pure' self-care

    Christopher Ho's comment 17 Sep 2019 11:00am

    |WhoamI | Locum GP|13 Sep 2019 12:12pm

    Oh not just pay for their care, but have less/no legal aid for complaints, and allowing for counter-suing for malicious complaints.

  • A radical solution for NHS pensions

    Christopher Ho's comment 12 Sep 2019 11:05am

    Just to add, since when was the 'rational/sensible solution' opted for by the state? :) Oh no, simplifying the tax/pension code might mean having to downsize HMRC.... and we can't do that, obviously......

  • GP's defection leaves the Government without a working majority

    Christopher Ho's comment 10 Sep 2019 9:53am

    "Dr Lee's voters elected him om the ticket his party stood on, at the time."

    - oh you mean on delivering brexit? Has the Tory party changed on this???

    The Lib Dems want a 2nd referendum or to cancel brexit altogether... if you think that is closest to voter intentions, bring on a GE then... oh wait, the Lib Dems just joined Labour in voting down a GE.....
    Who's guilty of sloppy thinking?

  • Just say no to drug (shortage)s

    Christopher Ho's comment 05 Sep 2019 3:48pm

    1. Anti-trust law should apply, i.e companies can't legally or openly corroborate and withhold stock to drive prices up. hopefully that limits profiteering.

    2. |The cavalry isn't coming | Hospital Doctor|04 Sep 2019 2:32pm
    What is very bizarre is that there has been no rational explanation for why there are shortages. And no one seemingly authoritative enough to ask and find out the answer.

    - What do you expect when the 'procurer' is not spending their own money but taxpayers....

  • GP's defection leaves the Government without a working majority

    Christopher Ho's comment 05 Sep 2019 10:34am

    Principled is 1 thing, whether these principles are 'right'/'moral', are another.

    If I have a 'principle' that I should have the right to be a cannibal and eat anyone I want, you're not going to put up with my 'principle' are you.

    The whole thing is a publicity stunt that backfired -

    'He also blamed how the Brexit process has ‘increasingly become infected’ with the ‘twin diseases of populism and English nationalism’.' - i.e. out of touch, smearing the other side as diseases, yeah keep going Phil, you're hurting the Lib Dems, and you're clearly not for conservatism/sovereignty.

  • How artificial intelligence is changing the GP-patient relationship

    Christopher Ho's comment 03 Sep 2019 9:50am

    |DT | GP Partner/Principal|02 Sep 2019 5:13pm
    I like Sensible Doc's idea, and we should take it further.

    Pft, would you be willing to be taxed more to pay for all that??? Or for more workers to be moved from the private sector/wealth generator to run the bureaucracy of AI regulation??? That's the exact opposite of the solution - which is smaller state, greater individual responsibility AND freedom. Let the individual strive to meet their responsibilities in life, be able to make their own healthcare decisions directly, and pay for their own use.

  • Is there a problem with representation in GP leadership?

    Christopher Ho's comment 30 Aug 2019 3:38pm

    Can I clarify again, Jaimie, how are the Power 50 decided on? Total number of nominations by readership?

  • The sinister parallels between the NHS and the airline industry

    Christopher Ho's comment 29 Aug 2019 4:55pm

    Been debating whether to comment but to shy away from calling out BS would be cowardice...

    1. Do your research. 4 passengers randomly selected. 1 refused to leave despite UA having the right to remove overbooked passengers in the terms of booking. Airport security staff were the ones to attempt to remove him, and his injuries were the result of a fall.

    "One airline changed its policy after it emerged that a BME doctor’s offer to assist in a medical situation was turned down by the crew. " - The result of that case was to stop asking people who offer help for their credentials. I.e, ANYONE who claims to be a doctor offering help, would be allowed to help. I'm not sure that's an improvement.

    2. Vox and the Guardian are hardly objective news outlets, many class them far-left, identitarian, RACE-BAITING, etc.

    3. And then to group representation in any field/sector/position: As Thomas Sowell said, and I paraphrase, there is no evidence that any specific field is better for being exactly representative of the population at large. E.g, Just because M:F is 50:50 in the population, does not mean that it is better for the ratio to be 50:50 in all subgroups. Do you want 50:50 in coal miners? Oil rig workers? Bricklayers? Nurses? Doctors? Frontline armed forces personnel? Prisoners? So you now want proportional representation at every level or just at the top? Would you now want to preferably train doctors by gender then to make it 50:50, i.e. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION?
    Are you happy to pay for such a state bureaucracy to regulate this?

    And then we come to the disparities you mentioned, clearly the reasons are multi-variant, but an easy scapegoat is race isn't it? How about merit, communication skills, language, culture, work practices, beliefs, behaviour, personality traits, even intelligence? And it has been illegal to discriminate purely by race/gender/etc for decades. It's easy to scream racism, its harder to prove in court, as shown by the CSA fiasco. And I'm one of the few who still believes in 'innocent until proven guilty'.

    Finally, and I say this as someone who is also BME, but values truth/evidence/merit above all else, there is strong evidence that a 'preference for the familiar' is evolutionary/biological/tribal in origin, read Richard Dawkins. Now that might no longer be entirely 'preferable', but it might go some way to explaining it for you.

  • Do fit notes benefit patients stuck with their benefits?

    Christopher Ho's comment 29 Aug 2019 4:15pm

    |copernicus | GP Partner/Principal|28 Aug 2019 7:40pm
    Never understood why there isnt an Occ Health doc/nurse at the job centre which would close this loophole, and free up valuable appts

    - Seriously? You'd want them to spend more of our taxes to pay someone to take on that responsibility? You couldn't pay me enough to want to do that job....

    Get to the root of the issue - if you subsidise something, you would get misuse and abuse of it.

  • We need to be more positive about general practice, says new RCGP chair

    Christopher Ho's comment 29 Aug 2019 10:26am

    |Ivan Benett | Salaried GP|29 Aug 2019 7:03am

    Lol, its clearly easier to point fingers and yell ideologue than try and formulate a rational counter-argument. Being rationally oppositional to bad ideas is a good thing, would you not agree? I have listened and researched the other side aplenty. I know and would agree that there is UTILITY to GENEROSITY. I simply am opposed to distribution being COERCED via the state, instead of voluntary. I've also waxed positive plenty of times about responsibility, fairness, democracy, etc.

    What you're doing Ivan, is simply spewing BS, in the hope that something sticks. Don't worry, its not just you, its most of the Left, that has given up rational debate, and is all about calling names now.

  • The grim reality of a very grim story

    Christopher Ho's comment 27 Aug 2019 10:56am

    Truth finder is not me, by the way... And I'm glad I'm not alone :)

  • We need to be more positive about general practice, says new RCGP chair

    Christopher Ho's comment 27 Aug 2019 10:53am

    |Ivan Benett | Salaried GP|27 Aug 2019 10:25am

    "Properly" resourced? You mean a more expensive 24/7 service nobody wanted and we can't staff properly? How about Personal Health Budgets? Now state subsidies of apps/tech with no evidence of benefit?

    You don't get it, do you, Ivan..... "properly"/more resources = more irresponsible use by the state/more regulation.

    Fundamental facts:
    1. It's always easier to spend someone else's money
    2. Money = power, and power corrupts.
    Therefore, socialism = doomed to failure.

    Change my mind, go! :)

  • Don't demean the NHS's concerns over Brexit as 'mind over matter'

    Christopher Ho's comment 23 Aug 2019 10:07am

    Do your home work Kailash, nobody from project fear comes out the better, especially when its FAKE news.

    Which THIS "By this logic, it appears that NHS GPs or nurses who are EU nationals and happen to be on holiday on the time won’t be able to get back into the UK." is.

    Ignore the demand side of the equation, ignore the democratic mandate, ignore the fact that we should be training our own staff....

    Doesn't seem like you read your comments anyways, but maybe the readers actually care about objectivity.

  • GPs told to stop closing for half-days or risk losing £40k in funding

    Christopher Ho's comment 22 Aug 2019 9:27am

    |Tired person | Salaried GP|22 Aug 2019 8:37am

    1. What happened to continuity
    2. What happened to autonomy
    3. You assume we can't vote for our own protections, or that we're even protected NOW....
    4. Unless the value is determined by the free market, nobody wants to be salaried.

    Your 'solution' is not a solution.

  • Coroner urges revision of mental health referral form after 15-year-old boy dies

    Christopher Ho's comment 22 Aug 2019 9:24am

    |LazyGP | GP Partner/Principal|21 Aug 2019 8:22pm

    Interesting. Did CAMHS take it further?

  • Coroner urges revision of mental health referral form after 15-year-old boy dies

    Christopher Ho's comment 21 Aug 2019 9:47am

    |MonkeyTyping | Locum GP|21 Aug 2019 8:32am

    Christopher Ho | GP Partner/Principal21 Aug 2019 1:30am
    for gods sake Christopher shut up

    LOL An excellent, concise, reasoned argument made there. I'm glad I got a rise out of you.

  • GPs told to stop closing for half-days or risk losing £40k in funding

    Christopher Ho's comment 21 Aug 2019 9:39am

    Monkey - And you assume I don't know the difference? That I've never debated anyone who's disagreed with me? Clearly winning people over is not easy, that's why I was encouraging Curious not to give up or get frustrated. Especially when it comes to 'meta' issues like the direction society is going.

    Just because nobody might be listening, doesn't mean I stop stating the facts. My kids futures mean enough for me to keep me going.

  • Coroner urges revision of mental health referral form after 15-year-old boy dies

    Christopher Ho's comment 21 Aug 2019 1:30am

    Trefor roscoe | Locum GP20 Aug 2019 10:27pm

    There is nothing stopping YOU from donating all your money to 'solve' this. That is, if you're happy to trust a middle man/the state, to effectively solve this for you.

  • GPs told to stop closing for half-days or risk losing £40k in funding

    Christopher Ho's comment 21 Aug 2019 1:25am

    Monkey, that was exactly what I was saying, if you didn't understand that. So what's your point? I don't need to convince myself, the evidence and facts have done so already.