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Christopher Ho

  • Who has the right to decide who lives or dies?

    Christopher Ho's comment 02 Apr 2020 5:44pm

    Fail lol attachment_data/file/644968/UK_National_Risk_Register_2017.pdf

  • Who has the right to decide who lives or dies?

    Christopher Ho's comment 02 Apr 2020 5:38pm

    W J Douglas Deans | GP02 Apr 2020 5:28pm

    Oh I am not for 1 moment saying we were 'well prepared' or otherwise, I just read the 2017 edition and it heavily relies on WHO advice, which now appears to be anything but objective.

    The proper link is here:

  • Who has the right to decide who lives or dies?

    Christopher Ho's comment 02 Apr 2020 5:23pm

    And the answer Dr Hoenderkamp, is surely if no one else, then oneself. And the full responsibility for that, should be borne along with that liberty. I should be able to decide if I want to pay for my healthcare needs, to take the risks involved, and also to help family/friends/even strangers in need, or otherwise.

    The alternative, is what we have, socialised healthcare, and rationing. Where some govt official/s do the decision making for you.

  • Who has the right to decide who lives or dies?

    Christopher Ho's comment 02 Apr 2020 5:05pm

    KeepThe RedFlagFlying | Locum GP02 Apr 2020 1:09pm
    "The world knew of the dangers of a new pandemic infection"

    - No it didn't.

    Why? The WHO is led by a Director-General, who was lobbied for by China, and is a communist (ex-Ethiopian health minister). Just look at his wikipedia page.

    Now, you're ringing the climate-alarmist and nuclear war bell? If you're so worried about that, and the 'threat' to democracy, then surely you would be looking at the world's biggest polluter, and most authoritarian regime, i.e. the CCP, to criticise. Something about your pseudonym makes me suspect you won't though, and instead direct your ire at the liberal democracies of the West.

  • GPs trying to access NHS England’s ‘emergency’ PPE told to buy their own

    Christopher Ho's comment 02 Apr 2020 4:48pm

    Lol @ Nikolas and Up the Irons - moaning about Brexit and the UK state, and thinking the EU is any BETTER? The EU is but a supra-national state, even further removed from the base, even more corruptible and unaccountable. Your conflation of Brexit & Covid-19 is not gonna wash...

  • Government formally launches 'NHS needs you' campaign for retired GPs

    Christopher Ho's comment 20 Mar 2020 3:04pm

    Dr Chand, first name on the list? :)

  • NHS England tells GPs to prepare for 'significant increase in home visiting'

    Christopher Ho's comment 20 Mar 2020 2:59pm

    |d in vadar | Locum GP|20 Mar 2020 2:34pm

    - Some, like Dr Chand, would say "muh muh good of humanity...." :)

  • NHS England tells GPs to prepare for 'significant increase in home visiting'

    Christopher Ho's comment 20 Mar 2020 10:42am

    |policenthieves | GP|19 Mar 2020 2:53pm
    And btw perhaps it wasn't a good idea to destroy General Practice was it?

    - It was destroyed the moment you gave the decision-making power to the state. And you're surprised that some sections of the state don't have your best interests at heart? As Thomas Sowell said - It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

    |Patrufinito | Manager|19 Mar 2020 10:02pm
    Just to be that benevolent, altruistic and gullible member of society/social care.

    - There will always be those like a certain Dr Kailash Chand...

  • Retired GPs who return to tackle coronavirus will get free indemnity

    Christopher Ho's comment 13 Mar 2020 10:38am

    ObiOne | GP Partner/Principal12 Mar 2020 10:34pm

    - Well ObiOne, if you haven't read, a certain Dr Kailash Chand would be happy to return... He mentioned emergency GMC registration, as if that mattered, and state indemnity. Nothing about pensions/dying on the job, etc. There's altruism, and then there's... foolishness?

  • Mildly sick people should stay home as coronavirus public risk set to ‘high’

    Christopher Ho's comment 13 Mar 2020 10:26am

    Patrufinito | Manager12 Mar 2020 5:43pm
    China would have commanded our country forward, not sideways.

    - I'm sorry, do you mean to say China would do a better job?? Explain yourself, before I have a go at China :)

  • I would interrupt retirement to help with coronavirus - if procedures were in place

    Christopher Ho's comment 13 Mar 2020 10:22am

    The kind of worker that a socialist/communist state loves :) Work until you die for no pay...

  • GPs must treat any flu-like illness needing hospitalisation as coronavirus

    Christopher Ho's comment 13 Mar 2020 10:14am

    |Angus Podgorny | GP Partner/Principal|11 Mar 2020 8:59pm

    Nice, Angus, You totally addressed all my points there. Bet you didn't even bother to check the Office of National Statistics figures of our debt/deficit. Guess that's the difference between you and me, I do my homework, you put forth arguments and opinions based on ideology and emotion

  • GPs must treat any flu-like illness needing hospitalisation as coronavirus

    Christopher Ho's comment 11 Mar 2020 6:05pm

    |Angus Podgorny | GP Partner/Principal|11 Mar 2020 2:59pm

    Blaming airlines before it was known or made public? You're not looking deep enough. How about the Chinese govt trying to keep the whole thing under wraps? Persecuting the 'whistleblowers'? If the healthcare sector and WHO were truly independent and objective, it would have been made public much sooner, by opportunists. And there is plenty of vaccine development going on now... Show me evidence of a 'missed opportunity' due to lack of funding...

    We're not broke? The Office of National Statistics:

  • GPs must treat any flu-like illness needing hospitalisation as coronavirus

    Christopher Ho's comment 11 Mar 2020 10:33am

    |Dr MSC | GP Partner/Principal|11 Mar 2020 9:19am
    Previous cuts to public health is problem, resulting in poor capacity. What they should have invested in earlier is better technology in identifying viral infections.

    - You do know we are broke... So investing millions in 'better technology to identify viral infections' when nobody saw it coming, is not top of the 'how to spend taxpayer funds' list. A private company seeking profit in this situation, might have done... You as a patient might have received better quality from your insurer for what you spend on healthcare, and as an employee, better protection from your employer, in a private system, as you're better enabled to sue them...

  • DHSC to 'lift all appropriate bureaucracy' to free up GPs for coronavirus effort

    Christopher Ho's comment 11 Mar 2020 10:15am

    Well my friends, either she has no clue (ignorant), or she's too drunk with the power to give it up (corruptible). And that's what you get with socialised healthcare :)

  • Is general practice really at its lowest point?

    Christopher Ho's comment 05 Mar 2020 12:06pm

    |KeepThe RedFlagFlying | Locum GP|03 Mar 2020 4:51pm

    Believe me, I'm not in favour of the bank bailouts either, but austerity is a myth. Our deficit has grown every year. Go check your facts, well that's if you care about objectivity.

    "from capitalism to social democracy"

    - Ya, cos that worked well for Venezuela, didn't it? What's undemocratic about our democracy/capitalism exactly? And how did the socialist Labour party do at the last elections?

    - Even if the NHS was being turned into a cash cow, if you the average punter gets better quality and affordability of care, with no rationing, what do you care about others' making money? The mask has slipped, and you betray your true motives - jealousy/envy of the 'rich'/entrepreneurial class. The irony is that the anonymous socialists on here want to tax the 'big businesses and corporations more', thereby reducing/harming the entrepreneurial drive whilst enjoying the affordability and quality of 'such endeavours', e.g. your mobile phone, your pc and its software, laser eye surgery, new and effective drugs, etc.

    - Angus, "evidence free" system? Are you seriously claiming there's no evidence that capitalism works?

  • This has been a lost decade for tackling health inequalities

    Christopher Ho's comment 05 Mar 2020 9:27am

    Yes. Go look at the Treasury figures. And here's a BBC article no less.

    Why the sharp jump in those middle years you might ask? Well, it was a Blair govt, and he relaxed immigration. MAYBE that's contributing to the increase in demand? I see you fail to address it. It's certainly not coming from the below-replacement population of native Brits. And yes, big state leads to poverty! For every govt employee, that's 1 less person who could be working in the private sector generating wealth/taxes. Everything you see around you is paid for by the private sector... How's Venezuela under Maduro? So yes you don't understand economics. Laugh all you like, I only care if you are willing to address truth/facts.

  • This has been a lost decade for tackling health inequalities

    Christopher Ho's comment 02 Mar 2020 10:57am

    Austerity my arse, Ivan. Fake news alert: spending has been increasing, debt and deficit growing, population growing despite increasing concerns about it and a below replacement rate for 'native' British i.e demand. You seriously don't know your economics. The bigger the state, the poorer you are, simples.

  • We need to tell the time wasters to bugger off

    Christopher Ho's comment 29 Feb 2020 8:24pm

    Nick Mann | Salaried GP29 Feb 2020 4:04pm

    - you fail to see the bigger picture and your fundamental context and assumptions are wrong. EVERYONE pays for healthcare, taxpayers through taxes, and non-taxpayers through the expanding size (and inefficiency) of the state and the shrinking size of the private sector that follows.

    The basic charge for a professional's time that you pay to a lawyer, a plumber, a mechanic etc, forces you to balance whether you actually need that time for minutiae, or for actual needs. And thus, every individual, rich or poor, is then more invested in that decision, and some, might even result to alternate, more cost-effective means of getting their answers, e.g. getting advice about hair dye, from somewhere more appropriate.

    It is the FALSELY perceived notion that our time is free, ESPECIALLY to non-taxpayers, that results in minutiae, and UNNECESSARY demand. I can't help but notice that you have no alternative suggestions, whilst mine, is not simply to bring in charges (as it is only a superficial solution), but to devolve healthcare to a large extent, from socialised provision.

  • GP reinstated onto medical register after having name cleared of sexual assault

    Christopher Ho's comment 28 Feb 2020 9:56am

    |Ninjadoc | Doctor in Training|28 Feb 2020 9:22am

    - Fantasyland used to be "common sense" before the leftists took over everything. The shiftback can happen, it's just a long hard slog to fix it