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  • The stormy night that shaped my views on death verification

    Anonymousgp's comment 16 May 2020 1:33pm

    I agree with all the ideas expressed
    I just find it nonsense that for years locally in Derby the coroner insisted that SRN s needed to go on a course and be certified so that they can verify death
    I tried years ago to talk sensibly to a senior person in BUPA homes who would have none of it
    At least I’m future we can presumably insist that a nurse can verify death or tell us there is no respiration no heart sounds and fixed dilated pupils so we can verify remotely
    However, in residential homes or in the community if no HCP it is our job to go to verify ensuring we visit Or carry any urgent medical assessment first

  • GPs must review flu vaccine orders ‘urgently’, says PHE

    Anonymousgp's comment 15 May 2020 9:06pm

    Glad to be an OOH locum
    Much less stress
    Much less responsibility
    Much less remuneration variability
    More medicine less admin

  • GPs to be able to access coronavirus testing without experiencing symptoms

    Anonymousgp's comment 30 Apr 2020 4:32pm

    It’s not a game of numbers
    Mr Hancock rather access to appropriate

  • Coroners clash with BMA over death verification during coronavirus pandemic

    Anonymousgp's comment 29 Apr 2020 2:58pm

    Common sense needs applying here
    Nurses and nurse practitioners should not need to go on a course to be judged competent to verify death
    Expected deaths in residential homes can be managed with a phone call to a HCP
    For too long coroners have over reached on this
    However for a death at home with no HCP present it can be very supportive of relatives for a HCP to visit and support and empathise at this sad time
    Although death is familiar to us it is a huge and sad emotional experience for relatives meriting support

  • Families of all frontline NHS staff who die with Covid to get £60k payout

    Anonymousgp's comment 28 Apr 2020 3:17pm

    £60k is better than nothing and realistically nothing can compensate for the death of a loved one

  • One in four GPs has seen Covid-positive patients with no PPE

    Anonymousgp's comment 27 Apr 2020 8:36pm

    Time to make GPs an entirely salaried service
    BMA contract
    Some one else’s problem if the right PPE is not
    Billions of overspend written off in secondary care
    GP just lose income in difficult circumstances and go bankrupt if they get overwhelmed
    Wake up
    The partnership model is dead unless we run a truly private independent primary care system
    However I guess the dentists wish they were salaried not private now ?

  • Half of GP consultations could be remote after Covid-19, says RCGP chair

    Anonymousgp's comment 17 Apr 2020 8:24pm

    As a semi retired GP who worked for nearly 35 years in a very deprived practice and now work half time OOH I think total triage is a good idea. However, we tried this some years ago and it fell flat on its face as the volume of calls was too great.
    More resources are needed to achieve total triage on an ongoing basis but would give fair access in relation to priority of clinical need
    I can’t see the government being prepared to fund it post pandemic
    Meanwhile I assume all GPs and especially partners are working very hard in these unusual times
    At least this government has at last “got it” and realise the value of the NHS
    Perhaps the US may “get it” except for President Trump

  • GPs told to avoid 'looping' Covid-19-symptomatic patients back to NHS 111

    Anonymousgp's comment 09 Apr 2020 5:53pm

    Basically if we are to avoid crashing secondary care many patients need assessing f2f
    A and E, 111 and OOH primary care can not achieve this alone
    We need hot clinics, hot visiting facilities, and seeing patients who have a cough / URTI but may or may not have Covid19 the bottom line being use/ availability of appropriate PPE

  • NHS England: GPs will be funded to meet 'all extra costs' for Easter opening

    Anonymousgp's comment 06 Apr 2020 8:33pm

    Perhaps we should remember that many people are suffering huge financial and personal losses including colleagues
    It is clearly a great public service and indeed an honour for GPs to open on the two bank holidays which should be embraced willingly
    Needs to be funded adequately as more exposure and risk

  • ​The virus that is set to change general practice forever

    Anonymousgp's comment 27 Mar 2020 11:38am

    Will the low grade and drawn out review of clinicians by the NMC and GMC possibly be dealt with in a prompt and humane manner closing spurious and dubious complaints and alleged whistle blowing but suspiciously malicious colleague referrals or are they going to bumble on with the major stress to clinicians
    I know of a colleague who is more fearful of the NMC than Corona virus as he has a protracted investigation by the NMC which has gone on over a year without any interim restrictions on his practice
    Not sure how the GMC compares but I suggest all these should be dealt with and concluded promptly !!!

  • UK GPs more stressed and dissatisfied than international colleagues

    Anonymousgp's comment 05 Mar 2020 12:24pm

    Hard to see how things can improve without more GPs
    The number of consultants seems to increase steadily but not GPs
    This imbalance must change or the only way is (melt)down

  • We need to tell the time wasters to bugger off

    Anonymousgp's comment 29 Feb 2020 7:41pm

    After 42 years of practice I still enjoy seeing and often helping patients with hopefully kindness, patience and skill
    The problem in primary care is that it is potentially unlimited work causing stress and tension and being unfair to patients and clinicians
    The best way forward in my view is for all GPs to be salaried and to work to the BMA contract with 20 minute appointments
    If some
    Gate keeping by way of charges are necessary let the managers and NHSE promote this idea

  • Pulse’s contract verdict: As good as it could have been

    Anonymousgp's comment 09 Feb 2020 9:10am

    If you have to be paid 20k to agree to being a GP partner that says it all !??

  • The GP workforce's faulty production line

    Anonymousgp's comment 05 Feb 2020 9:52am

    Maybe the government needs to pay GPs more for the time being instead of less - (either by grinding down pay, making GPs work longer hours, increasing stress with CQC meetings of limited value etc, removing money from pensions by increasing contributions and capping them etc)
    The removal of seniority pay is a clear trigger for senior GPs to leave as they are not rewarded for their experience.
    The laws of economics would work to tide the country over until enough doctors are trained.
    Flexible working, salaried well paid service, support, paid training and less ‘extended hours’ would all help.

    I think GPs rather like marathon runners hit ‘ the wall’ and become worn out and dejected but this could be reversed
    All is not lost, just the political will to act

  • Pulse 2019 review: Practices closing in record numbers

    Anonymousgp's comment 01 Jan 2020 10:53am

    A sad situation caused by lack of the 5 Ps by governments
    I am ashamed to be British

  • How the CQC stole Christmas

    Anonymousgp's comment 19 Dec 2019 3:02pm

    An excellent summary
    Now about 111?

  • Are there too many posh doctors?

    Anonymousgp's comment 04 Dec 2019 8:40pm

    Thank the Good Lord Boris J did not take up medicine !

  • Are there too many posh doctors?

    Anonymousgp's comment 04 Dec 2019 8:37pm

    An excellent evidence based article ( or maybe not)
    The Carr Hill formula and greater numbers of establishment / medico politically involved GPs in leafy suburbs ensure funding for practices in deprived areas is grossly inadequate and remains so !!
    After 34.5 years working in the second most deprived area of a city I remain frustrated by this unethical situation
    I now work as a half time Locum OOH
    Doctors would flock to and work hard for and with deprived populations but the pay is less, workload more, recruitment stymied by cash and all this is hard to cope with
    Please let’s have genuine fairer funding and more support staff and allied clinicians poorer areas
    Let’s deal with this equitably and honestly

  • High Court rejects appeal from family of locum GP who died on day off

    Anonymousgp's comment 04 Dec 2019 8:08pm

    The rules quite simply need changing

  • Only one in 20 GP trainees will work full-time in general practice in ten years

    Anonymousgp's comment 02 Dec 2019 11:01am

    Is this a surprise to politicians?
    You reap what you sow