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Independents' Day

How depressing

  • GMC review finds revalidation 'may not improve practice'

    How depressing 's comment 02 May 2018 7:26pm

    I seem to remember being told on day 1 at medical school that first we must do no harm?? Perhaps they missed that talk

  • Scottish Government recruitment campaign to target GPs from rest of UK

    How depressing 's comment 02 May 2018 4:51pm

    This vision of general practice where GPs oversee a multidisciplinary team is all well and good when there are enough GPs 🤔🤔🤔

  • No one likes us – and we don’t care

    How depressing 's comment 11 Apr 2018 12:55pm

    The majority of the public have no understanding of the crisis that primary care is facing. Their concern is primarily that they want to see a GP when they want and to be able to see their 'regular' dr.
    They actually blame those of us actually still working in the system if they can't have what they want and seem oblivious to what we as a country are facing.
    Be rude to us often enough and more will leave then they will not be able to say 'I'm not seeing the ANP or paramedic or whoever because it's my right to see a GP'
    The level of ignorance is incredible.

  • Minister blames 'counsel of despair' GPs for poor training uptake

    How depressing 's comment 30 Mar 2018 3:45pm

    Must be blissful to be so ignorant

  • GMC calls for doctors' reflections to be legally protected

    How depressing 's comment 27 Mar 2018 11:11pm

    It is extremely disappointing that the legal position on Drs professional reflections for revalidation purposes was not considered appropriately before it was made a component of the compulsory appraisal process.

    The leadership of the GMC etc must reflect and feedback on the damage that had been done to the standing of the medical profession and the fact that the profession is feeling so victimised.

    It' is incredulous that only now the legal vulnerability that has been placed on Drs is being considered given that the appraisal process has been in place for years.

    How can this have been allowed to happen?

    I don't think any clinician disagrees with the need to do our upmost to protect patients to the best of our ability and thankfully the Shipmans are a rare breed.

    There is also an equally pressing need to take care of the professionals who work extremely hard in often inhumane working environments. Considering Dr BG - where was the heath and safety at work?

    The GMC question as to why so few cases are against the organisation compared to the individual surely doesn't need an expensive review process to find the answer. It is far easier to scapegoat one individual and close the case.

    In this era of blame and compensation there is no excuse for this to have been allowed to pass without proper legal consultation.

    I guess what we have to think now is better late than never.

  • GMC successful in High Court bid to strike off junior doctor

    How depressing 's comment 25 Jan 2018 11:02pm

    Reading the letter from the consultants above is distressing. This situation could happen to any dr no matter how capable given the ridiculous pressure she would have been under with that degree of understaffing and IT failure.

    It's incredulous that this was not taken into account and in fact this is a reflection of the state of the pressure within the NHS so good luck to the profession and the patients. Seems luck is what we are counting on if this is something to go by as No one outside of the people on the frontline is listening.

    Are we living in a parallel universe to the powers that be? Either that or we are missing something massive that the GMC was party to about this case???????

    How depressing says it all!

  • NHS England paid GP leaders to ‘promote and sell’ GP Forward View

    How depressing 's comment 22 Nov 2017 9:49pm

    Working on the frontline I have not felt any benefit of the forward view - It is a phrase that has no substance. How long have we been hearing it and what exactly has changed???

    The reality is that the funding remains wholly inadequate to provide for the demands on the service, Workload is ridiculous, patient expectation ridiculous and driven by consumer culture, Noone who is not already shackled would want to commit to a partnership because there is no incentive.
    The powers that be may think they could run GP as a salaried service, that would be fun to see when everyone is paid by the hour and works to rule not the abusive level of work we have to cram in now!
    I expect they would put in a clause to exclude GPs from having employment rights.

    The only solution is proper funding and appropriate numbers of GPs for the practice populations anything short of this is to do something to make you feel you are helping. If you can't provide this then be honest with the general population so we do not have to answer complaints about access when patients cannot see a GP. Apparently they have been led to believe there is patient choice about who they get to see.

    I could go on but better stop, I'm depressing myself

  • GP winter access to be audited using 'third next available appointment'

    How depressing 's comment 29 Sep 2017 10:36pm

    What a waste of resources!!!

  • NHS England to collect GP appointment data through winter

    How depressing 's comment 08 Sep 2017 5:56pm

    The other day we had 2 clinicians go off sick on the same day resulting in 4 cancelled clinics on that day. No locum cover was available at short notice. From good appointment capacity we were down to trying to cover urgent requests on the day plus all the endless paperwork, visits etc

    Wondering how counting appointments would analyse and take into account these situations or would we just be advised that we didn't provide adequate capacity in case it had escaped our attention.

    Let's hope there is more detail to this other than just counting appointments and that they are not expecting us to be the ones collecting the detail needed to properly understand the pressures on primary care as we have not got the capacity to do their job as well as ours.

    Perhaps the people behind the scheme could shadow a frontline GP. My day starts at 7am and I could keep going long after I sign of 12-13 hours later having had enough for the day.

  • CQC threatens criminal prosecution of practices who fail to register a manager

    How depressing 's comment 09 Aug 2017 7:23pm

    CQC really need to sweep before their own door first!!
    On the basis that it is a criminal offence not to have the correct person on the paperwork named as manager within 12 weeks of the change (I hope I remember that correctly) How much can practices fine them for the difficulty we seem to have in registering the change with them and the amount of time it takes to keep finding out the changes still have not been registered.
    Who is responsible for the fine and the criminal record if we have tried and tried to do our bit. I expect they retain the privilege of saying they will put it right and the ability to say we forgive you because we can see you tried. Patronising?????

  • Online GP consultations don’t save time or money, finds study

    How depressing 's comment 09 Aug 2017 7:13pm

    It's obvious without doing a study that this will not save anytime. Someone has to read and action the emails!! Things can very easily be lost in translation. There is no replacement for actual dr/ patient contact so stop wasting resources.
    This is more about convenience for the 'consumer' and I can't see any real benefit. Even people wanting endless sicknotes need to have a consultation or why don't we just give them the blank med 3 pad
    We already have online prescription and appointment booking most other queries need human interaction in health care surely or do we ditch what we were taught about dr/patient communication

  • Two new GPs needed for every retiree, warns report

    How depressing 's comment 01 Aug 2017 0:06am

    ANPs and pharmacists have a role in general practice but are not a replacement for GPs. Unfortunately due to the pressures of the unrelenting workload gps are having to vote with their feet and develop their own portfolio careers. As a result Allied professionals are taking positions within practices to try and plug a gaping void. Although independent practitioners the fallback position is always to ask the GP. Everyone else can say we haven't got capacity but GPs have no such luxury. And who is going to cover the Duty Rota with fewer GPs wanting regular positions.
    If primary care was properly funded the right people would be in the right roles supporting each other which is how it should be.
    It's ridiculous to think that GPs can be replaced. It's only holding up because there are still GPs out there propping up the system.
    I agree with proud cardigan re needing partners for equity of workload within the practice but there's not many people out there wanting the position .........can't think why🤔

  • RCGP reviewing whether MRCGP exam is ‘fit for purpose’

    How depressing 's comment 30 Jul 2017 11:38am

    Another concern is that when it comes to medical defence relating to practice of non GP professionals the responsibility comes back to the partners to respond to the complaint. So we are responsible for our own practice but also for supervision of allied professionals who should be working independently. All this at a time when workload is already unmanageable and there are fewer and fewer GPs to carry the burden

  • GMC pledges to simplify revalidation and reduce doctor workload

    How depressing 's comment 22 Jul 2017 10:56pm

    I can't see anything in this article that will reduce workload burden for Drs. Gathering patient feedback is entirely one sided and with no regulation. Just look at NHS choices website. It's a sounding board for anyone who is disgruntled with the service. Drs on the frontline work incredibly hard and long hours propping up an underfunded and falling system. Patients complaints about the failing system influence their comments which wrongly imply that the blame lies with the individual surgery or Drs.
    Again the people in power seem to have no knowledge of how things are on the frontline. Making pointless changes to a pointless revalidation system is not going to save anyone any time. Making the changes will waste more money and time and will certainly not find the next shipman!

  • PAs and physios could study medicine part-time to boost doctor numbers

    How depressing 's comment 19 Jul 2017 12:16pm

    I can't imagine wanting to do a five year medical degree course part time, to do the full course would take forever and that's before house jobs etc.
    There are not enough GPs to do the job let alone have time to train people who have not had the right level of training in the first place
    If working conditions were improved then more people who are actually trained for the job would want to do it. Is anyone in actually listening to those of us at the coal certainly doesn't feel like it!

  • Another 27 hospitals receive DH funding to 'build GP practices'

    How depressing 's comment 20 Jun 2017 10:40pm

    Seems crazy to me. The problem with primary care is wholly inadequate funding resulting in problems with recruitment. Nobody wants to be salaried or in partnership because of the lack of funding, unacceptable workload pressures, unrealistic expectations from the service users, insulting and inaccurate coverage in the mainstream media propagated and encouraged by the powers that be, ridiculous litigation and ever increasing indemnity, the list goes on!No support for practices struggling under these pressures the implication being they must be doing something wrong.
    So while there is a recruitment crisis some bright spark or other has come up with the great idea of setting up yet another service to provide the service that is failing because it needs funding and GPs.
    Where is the common sense?
    What a waste of resources.
    Somebody or group of bodies are being paid to come up with these ideas 💡

  • GPs working in new A&E 'streaming' centres to have pay capped at £80

    How depressing 's comment 20 Jun 2017 6:37am

    Where are all the GPs coming from?? There are not enough to keep surgeries functioning, they want 7day opening and GPs in A+E anywhere else???

  • GPs asked to save £1m by skyping pensioners in care homes

    How depressing 's comment 05 Apr 2017 7:27pm

    Another ridiculous idea!

  • PM to end 'injustice' of GPs charging ill patients for protection from debt agencies

    How depressing 's comment 10 Jan 2017 11:21am

    Sorry that last sentence should read 'should be funded'

  • PM to end 'injustice' of GPs charging ill patients for protection from debt agencies

    How depressing 's comment 10 Jan 2017 11:19am

    Completely agree with last comment.

    Someone has to pay for the work to be done. Does mrs May work for free???

    If the patient cannot pay for a private service but they need it for health reasons then it shouldn't be funded