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Shaun Meehan

  • NHS England's top GP resigns following Pulse comments

    Shaun Meehan's comment 05 Aug 2018 10:57pm

    Are you having a laff! The Tory appointed NHS lead GP has alledgedly been doing a Trump/brexit/Russia on GP partners who are collapsing in droves due to the Tory govt.Please demand from Hunt and other ministers what they knew,directed and sanctioned.I am a real just retired GP but is the next comment you read a government propaganda agent?Am I being targeted as an agitator? Are you as worried as me? What other organisations are this govt using cybertactics on? to go now and unplug my router...where's a teenager when you need someone to counter MI5.

  • Close to four in 10 GP practices set for CQC reinspection within a year

    Shaun Meehan's comment 12 Apr 2017 6:38pm

    CQC= Constant Questioning Constantly=GGP=Goodbye General Practice=JDBT= Job done by Tories

  • GP experts slam 'weak' and 'watered down' DH obesity strategy

    Shaun Meehan's comment 18 Aug 2016 2:04pm

    So upsetting for our country that those in power neglect their duty to improve our health. I Know that if they tax sugar in all products it will save more lives than anything I will ever do. Trust the NHS with this government? Trust them to help the poorest in our society? Please remember this when they spout meaningless pledges about ambitious targets delivering a holistic agenda for action. Heres mine : 1tax all sugar in all products until they are banished for ever. 2 Make all council leisure centres free for all. 3 All schools, all ages and universities must have a whole afternoon devoted to sport each week as a minimum.4 Appoint a minister for health who is not a politician but a doctor or nurse in the NHS. Anyone else got other suggestions?

  • GPs told to identify ghost patients every year in 'disgraceful' list cleansing drive

    Shaun Meehan's comment 20 Jul 2016 6:27am

    Whilst the NHS collapses our government want to employ hundreds of lawyers to argue the tariff price of garden peas with Europe and also kill off our greatest NHS asset the wonderful patient centred GP.It's time to tell our patients the truth...You cannot trust the Tories with NHS..Wake up everyone before it's gone for good.I think now it's time to walk to London and we go with the 80% tolerant fabric of UK who were too busy working whilst haters were shouting their lies for months.