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Gold, incentives and meh

Inner City GP

  • GP suspended after secretly filming CQC inspections

    Inner City GP's comment 16 Dec 2018 11:00am

    CQC seem to have an awful lot of power. Filming them was not a bad idea. Who do we complain to if they behave or say things inappropriately or can they do whatever they want.

  • Chief GP inspector set to leave CQC in March 2019

    Inner City GP's comment 25 Sep 2018 7:13pm

    Inspection is important but not in the heavy handed way brought about by cqc and their tick boxing processes. They take the opportunity to bully when they find minor errors that are easily correctable. Our adrenaline should be diverted towards patient care and not towards the day of inspection resulting in mountains of paperwork. I thought at one time it was going to be light touch but was disappointed it didn't become the case.

  • Government to ease red tape for Australian GPs to work in the NHS

    Inner City GP's comment 24 Aug 2018 5:51pm

    After observing the unfair way we are being treated in general by the ccg, cqc etc as we are a small practice, there is no way my relatives who are doctors in Australia would want to return here.
    Life is very different there and there is a lot more motivation to work, less red tape and less bashing of GPS.

  • Does size matter?

    Inner City GP's comment 06 Aug 2018 7:04pm

    Very well written article.
    Sadly the views of Dr Madan are shared by individual leaders. within BMA and LMC where we turn for help but the opposite happens. Cqc have also shown bias.
    It is of no wander that many practices are closing.

  • More than 8,000 individual GPs warned over their antibiotics prescribing

    Inner City GP's comment 08 Apr 2018 12:07pm

    I work in a small practice. I believe there is a discrepancy in how the figures are interpreted. When we had just one patient given minocycline by the locum GP, data from the CCG graph suddenly showed the curve going from below average to way above the threshold.
    We are doing everything possible in this toxic environment to reduce antibiotic prescribing, but i mistrust the way data is analysed. A&E doctors don't help either, telling patients "your doctor should have given you antibiotics," even when a delayed prescription was given.
    We are damned if we prescribe and we are damned if we don't prescribe.

  • Mr Cameron, the NHS is not safe in your hands

    Inner City GP's comment 05 Feb 2016 6:02pm

    Well written. Agree with all what's said.

    Sheena Kulshrestha
    GP inner city Birmingham