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Andrew Walker

  • Furious GPC negotiator predicts revalidation 'revolt' as GPs spend more than 40 hours preparing for appraisals

    Andrew Walker's comment 27 Nov 2013 8:28am

    Thank you Dr Holden, that was very well said.
    I for one entirely agree and you have my vote.
    We need someone to stand up for grassroot GPs -as the article suggests, there may not be many left for too much longer, if current demands and Dr bashing continue.
    BTW it's difficult for grassroot GPs to understand -- even in the current economic conditions, no new money etc -- given the dearth of doctors entering general practice, does that not give us a stronger hand in negotiations to try and obtain a sustainable contract that will take general practice forward?
    Surely, as striking is not an option, other options should be weighed up with regard to what the profession and GPC can do to protest meaningfully, if we keep being handed unacceptable contracts by the government?