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Gold, incentives and meh

Bonnie Mitchell

  • GPs face tighter prescribing rules on tramadol and temazepam

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 16 Jun 2014 12:49pm

    Sorry, I hit return before finishing the comment.
    Tramadol is going to be tightly controlled yet DHC is not?
    And why, then, is it almost impossible to get TD opiate patches?

  • Private hospital to charge patients £95 for GP appointment

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 04 Jun 2014 11:57am

    A patient will pay £95 for a private consultation but will not pay an extra 1% Nat Ins Contribution?

    Maths teachers need to up their game.

  • RCGP hits back at claim that GPs are 'overpaid' and 'whingeing'

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 04 Jun 2014 11:51am

    "Yes I'm sure I earn a lot more than you - but rightly so and it should be much more than it is.
    And yes, it is about the money.
    That's because doctors make massive sacrifice over many years to study, pass multiple difficult exams and earn a good reputation over many years of practise, while coping with high levels of daily pressures far in excess of what you have likely experienced."
    Dear God in Heaven, are you the only one of us that went to school? You do not know what I do for a living, how much study that entails or how much responsibility I carry. I hope you are less judgemental when dealing with the public or you aren't worth as much as you think you are. At the end of the day, you are providing a service. If you don't like the terms & conditions, get a job you can actually do without sobbing into your beer.

  • RCGP hits back at claim that GPs are 'overpaid' and 'whingeing'

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 04 Jun 2014 11:47am

    Anonymous | Salaried GP | 03 June 2014 1:41pm
    Thanks for your comment, thoughtful and considered. It does no service to the profession to take an arrogant , defensive stand. You only have to look at the Police Federation's campaign in recent years to defend policing: shouted down as greedy and corrupt.
    I will have a look at the article you recommend, thanks.
    As for Noddy Holder | GP Partner | 04 June 2014 7:59am; just because you don't agree with what I say doesn't deny me the right to have an opinion. You not wanting to listen speaks volumes.
    Of course GPs have a valuable role in healthcare but you really do need to get over yourselves and visit with us mortals occasionally.
    If I really wanted to understand the stresses of being a GP, I'd have gone to med school. I'd like to see GPs work cohesively to express their concerns, which I believe are genuine and pressing. However, you reinforce the image of the arrogant, self entitled doctor who lives in an ivory tower.
    You can't complain about the dark if you won't light a lamp.
    As for "other health professionals" not being worthy to comment, see how far you would get without us. Aren't we supposed to be on the same side?

  • NHS 'will really be up against it' in 2015, says minister

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 03 Jun 2014 11:15am

    I have sympathy with Anonymous | GP Partner | 14 May 2014 11:50am.

    I'd like to remind anyone who may have forgotten that this "privatisation by the back door" started under Labour, so Andy Burnham's current claim to the moral high ground is deeply flawed.

    This is a corollary of TTIP and the free trade agenda, bought into by Blair, furthered by Cameron and never opened for debate by either party.

    Our NHS (and a raft of other public services) have been sold down the river.

    Looking at PFI, Serco & G4S contracts of recent years, when it comes to contracting, our government is at best naive, at worst corrupt. Of course, there's always the possibility they are simply incompetent and feckless.

  • RCGP hits back at claim that GPs are 'overpaid' and 'whingeing'

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 03 Jun 2014 11:08am

    I'm still hearing "We draw in excess of £75K p.a. from the public purse and the beggars are making me work really hard for it. Not only do I have to spend time with the sick but I've got paperwork and have to justify my actions to get paid".

    I work in the NHS and that is all I hear from these comments. No wonder the public get stuck at "They earn HOW MUCH??!!"

    GPs (like nurses) are no longer granted automatic hero status. Times are hard and we are seen as a) too well off, b) a drain on public resources.

    At a time when your patients rarely have two ha'pennies to rub together, your remuneration seems like a lottery win. They do not see or understand the level of training, amount of work, unsocial hours, draconian professional standards and continuing pressure from unrealistic patient expectations that we are required to comply with.

    Take it as read that public support is a thing of the past. That means you (as a group) have to organise and provide your own mandate before the DH.

  • RCGP hits back at claim that GPs are 'overpaid' and 'whingeing'

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 02 Jun 2014 2:48pm

    It's not that I don't think that GPs have a valid point, it's just that I can't hear it.

    Take all of the bile and bluster out, leave the facts in a "for Dummies" format and keep saying it consistently, if you want Joe Public to "get it".

    Remember, the average reading age of the average person in England is reputed to be 9yrs.

  • RCGP hits back at claim that GPs are 'overpaid' and 'whingeing'

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 02 Jun 2014 12:29pm

    If GPs want sympathy from the public, use language the public understands to make your points.
    Einstein famously said, if you can't explain it to a child, you don't understand it yourself.

    To the average Joe, £85K is a King's Ransom. Hell, to your average band 6 nurse, it's more than twice our pay. The reason that Gps get the big money is for the hard work, big decisions and, yes, the political pressure you come under.

    Until you change the tone of your communication, to lesser mortals, it will sound like the whining of an indulged toddler.

  • Most ethnic minority doctors think fitness-to-practise proceedings are unfair

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 02 Jun 2014 11:22am

    Anonymous | GP Partner | 01 June 2014 9:39am

    If you are as pedantic in relation to your professional practice as you are in relation to the grammar of others, we are truly blessed with an outstanding practitioner.

    Let us hope that your post is recognised for the genius it represents, rather than it being perceived as a pettifogging rant by someone who has completely missed the point of the article and related comments, to defend the indefensible, as the public so often sees doctors trying to do.

    My English grammar is probably sub-par but I think you will get the general drift...

  • 48-hour appointment target will need more GPs, Labour admits

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 21 May 2014 5:53pm

    To: Anonymous | GP Partner | 21 May 2014 3:01pm

    You're right, you know. A lot of people working in the NHS do not understand the circumstances GPs find themselves in and it is tempting to have a whipping boy when morale is as low across the board as it is.

    Lip service is paid to consultation of the workforce in design of services and the increased expectation of patients is untenable in the current climate.

    GPs being the "sat nav" for patients accessing the NHS get a disproportionate amount of pressure from all sides.

  • 48-hour appointment target will need more GPs, Labour admits

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 21 May 2014 2:12pm

    FAO Anonymous | GP Partner | 21 May 2014 12:35pm

    If all existing GPs were as judgmental & intolerant, it's little wonder you have a recruitment problem, current workloads, unreasonable expectations and political pressure notwithstanding.

  • 48-hour appointment target will need more GPs, Labour admits

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 21 May 2014 1:32pm

    Incredible! Where can the Labour Party (or anyone else) magically produce a cadre of GPs from at the drop of a hat?

    Has anybody seriously considered expectation management as part of the patient choice agenda?

    As long as patients have unrealistic expectations of the NHS and consult Google BEFORE seeing their medical professional, we will have patient management problems.

    Mind you, I could be wrong.

  • Labour pledges £100m to reintroduce 48-hour target to see GP

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 13 May 2014 3:15pm

    Nobody mentions the role of NHS 111 in sending the worried well in their droves to UCCs and A&Es.
    Assessment by algorithm causes more problems than it solves.
    That is why there is a need for more timely access to a GP.
    I agree with the Anon. NHS Manager above, there is no requirement for it to be your preferred choice of GP. A truly sick person will see any doctor who can help, so, built in triage!

  • Labour pledges £100m to reintroduce 48-hour target to see GP

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 13 May 2014 2:54pm

    Perhaps Mr Miliband wonders what all of the Health Visitors, Specialist Nurse Consultants in diabetes/cardiology/respiratory care, Assistant Nurse Practitioners and District Nurses, Mental Health teams, Drug and Substance Abuse teams, Smoking Cessation Advisors to be found in Community Healthcare Trusts are being paid for if the GPs do all of that single handedly.
    The GP may well be the main point of contact and treatment for primary care but he/she is not the only one.

    Also, to the GP who advised me to get a med. degree: why? It's hardly made you a cheery, well-balanced individual, now, has it? Perhaps my ignorance is bliss.

  • Labour pledges £100m to reintroduce 48-hour target to see GP

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 13 May 2014 2:43pm

    "I wonder if Bonnie is registered at a nice Rural, Dispensing, PMS practice with £130 per pat per year? Can we be told please?"
    As it happens, I am registered at just such a practice. My mother is registered with a practice nearby, in a borough which ranks 17th in England for deprivation and negative health outcomes but she can also see a GP within 48 hrs, enjoys a full OOH service and is able to take minor ailments to a practice nurse.
    So, your point was?

  • Labour pledges £100m to reintroduce 48-hour target to see GP

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 13 May 2014 2:40pm

    Hi all, thanks for taking the time to really hear what I was saying, rather than launch into a defensive rant.
    I understand that there are problems with the way that primary care is structured and funded, as I work for NHS England in Operations & Delivery.
    However, the rush to restructure (always remembering that the Labour Party gave us the TCS agenda, the Coalition only finished in undue haste a job started before their tenure), has left community services depleted by the acute trusts who administer them to bolster A&E and other acute functions, leaving the GPs to pick up 90% of the first contact business with less than 10% of the overall NHS budget.
    So, I DO get it. I just can't believe some of the bitter, twisted, angry stuff that passes for comment on here, when there are GPs working like the devil to provide for their patients who go unsung.
    GPs are not the only part of the NHS suffering under the vaunted restructure. Stop complaining and start making a change. You have the political power to do so, if it could be agreed as to what you need and how that should be provided.
    For those of us who are not GPs but are trying hard to make this new system work, I can say that the bellyaching is just grating.

  • Labour pledges £100m to reintroduce 48-hour target to see GP

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 13 May 2014 1:17pm

    My GP practice has already done this for years. Don't see what the problem is, except (yet again!) GPs feel the need to tell us what they can't do and don't want when faced with patient need.
    For those who don't like us mere mortals presenting with crappy strep throats and the sniffles, pay a practice nurse to deal with this traffic for you, preferably a nurse prescriber, someone who does not mind the company of sick people. My practice does just that. Then pay for a Health Promotion Specialist to manage things like smoking/drinking/obese patients, someone who does not discriminate against those too stupid to look after their health without some assistance. Once again, my practice does just that.
    When you have drilled down to the genuinely sick among us (and I'm surprised that some of the folk posting on here can see patients around the coronae of their immense egos!), try listening to us or looking up from the paperwork/computer screen just long enough to make the patient feel you may be listening. MY PRACTICE DOES ALL OF THESE THINGS! What is the problem for everyone else???

  • GP training should involve psychiatry placement, BMA says

    Bonnie Mitchell's comment 08 May 2014 2:01pm

    I used to work with people with learning disabilities.
    To serve an entire community, a GP should learn from an entire community.